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  1. I should bloody well hope not LOL :D
  2. WOW £15 to download this update.........That's Hardcore man SD
  3. It should be back up as it's now 22:10 GMT SD
  4. not unless you bought it from steam.
  5. Nice. Thanks. i'll give it a whirl later. Thanks for shaing. Does your profile use the default keys or have you changed any? Cheers SD
  6. I used a couple of drops of this. worked wonders on my X55. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WELDTITE-TF2-PLUS-DRY-LUBRICANT-WITH-TEFLON-SURFACE-PROTECTOR-125ml-CYCLE-LUBE-/281274449053?pt=UK_Helmets_Headwear_Helmet_Care_Cleaning&hash=item417d437c9d SD
  7. Maybe we'll get this in the next Friday update, along with the He-111 :D SD
  8. yeah. and what a bad decision that is for this battle or any other. just cannot believe there is not going to be any AI only aircraft in this game. just ridiculous. SD
  9. Its is 42 isn't it? or is that the meaning of life? I always get them mixed up SD
  10. Good. So it's not just me then
  11. Is anyone else getting this? I have quite distinct banding in the sky especially at dawn and dusk. I also see rings around the moon. I am using Ultra settings with 8xAA at 1820 x1080 and I am getting a steady 60fps. I have tried to take screenshots in Fraps but for some strange reason the banding doesn't show up in them. is anyone else seeing this? Cheers SD
  12. well I just bought the La5 anyway the wife will kill me LOL! SD
  13. I meant is it likely going to go up in price. not that it's too expensive. Its just that I don't wanna miss a bargain Cheers SD
  14. Is the price of aircraft in the store final? I am asking as I don't have the money right now (saving for holidays) but I could buy it next month, is the price likely to change? Cheers SD
  15. Just bought this sim again (I had bought it in pre-order but had to cancel (long story)) Anyway. Does anyone have an X55 profile they could let me try out. Cheers SD
  16. I am looking to upgrade my pre-order to premium but Where would I send a message too? I can't seem to find 777 email address. Help SD
  17. would love to see a Med theatre/North Africa theatre done with the edge tech SD
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