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  1. Why is pointing out a few flaws in the mission irritating? if it don't work it should be reported. SD
  2. I will disagree with you on both points, but as you say that's a different story. I think I'll give it a miss. Sounds like a good addition to the game and I can appreciate the hard work involved in creating missions, But its just not enough to get me to play through the unlocks to get a winter skin or a removable headrest. but that's just me.... SD
  3. do I have to have all the unlocks to play the campaign? Or in fact any unlocks. Cos I haven't unlocked anything on German side and very little on Russian side. Due to the fact I refuse to go through the unlock process. If I do need any I wont bother updating the game to test it. SD
  4. I'm not worried. I don't play the game so have no stats to look at. LOL
  5. LOL. I love the confessional reference :D SD
  6. If your on a budget stick to it. Iron should be fine. Gotta be stronger than the plastic ones. After all what are you planning to do with them? SD
  7. Pretty much what I am doing. Very rarely even fire it up any more. SD
  8. +1 Yeah this would be a pretty cool thing. SD
  9. Use the O key to bring up the map Very limited comes in this game. I really hardly use them anyway. SD
  10. Congrats to all the team. A great product overall let's hope the polishing can continue to make this game the sim it deserves to be. S! SD
  11. Feathered here is the loading screen.
  12. It's an aiming reticle. It shows you where your bombs and rockets will impact. SD
  13. Any chance of being able to change the friendly/Enemy colours? Every time I try to change the to red-friendlies/Blue-Enemies in the game options it reverts back to blue friendlies/red enemies. Can this be fixed please. For the last umpteen years I have been flying with red friendlies and find it difficult to adjust to it being opposite. Cheers SD
  14. But shouldn't this kind of thing be done by the devs as a matter of course? If I were making a WWII sim I sure as hell would be collecting flight data from as many sources as possible and corroborating it with the people on this forum who know this kind of stuff. I mean the data is out there so shouldn't you be trawling through it? SD
  15. ^^ great idea. I really like it. Would be great to get the "unlocks" unlocked in such a unassuming and logical way. SD
  16. LOL. I am an "SP'er" and as an "SP'er" I will tell you, I bloody hate these unlocks. I feel it just cheapens the game and really takes the shine off it. SD
  17. Yet another excellent post by you . Nice one EO. There speaks the voice of reason. SD
  18. A sad day indeed. Chuck you will be missed mate. Don't let the bastards grind you down. Hopefully in a few weeks you can take a deep breath and dip you toe again. S! SD
  19. Would it be possible to do this? I hate flying with that great big Flashy HUD showing but I would like to know what is being said over the radios. As I am not a native Russian speaker I have to bring up the HUD (H) in order to see what is being said. this is a MASSIVE distraction and it is also a PITA to keep doing it, so I would like to be able to just have the radio text pop up and then disappear. If this can be done in the settings I will apologise now SD
  20. the narrator sound like Jeremy Irons. It's not him though is it? SD
  21. Is that Jeremy Irons doing the voice over? Sounds like it. SD
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