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  1. Just in time for me to get home from work :D :D SD
  2. Normalmap not avilable mediafire keeps telling me that the file is no longer shared. Any chance of a re-up? Cheers SD
  3. Looks great. But how do we find the coordinates to put in to the Mapview program? SD
  4. Thanks Luny. It was a good match we were lucky to win. tomorrows match will be massive. looking forward to watching it as an impartial supporter *cough* C'mon Ireland *cough* :D SD
  5. Yeah. I got it all working now. AI flights a very squirrelly and wobble and dodge their way across the sky jockeying for position until invariably one or two collide and go down in flames lol. SD
  6. The waypoint is activated through the OnTookOff thing. I followed an RoF tutorial by Vander. regarding waypoints. Surely a mission this simple would be hard to get wrong. Im only taking off and landing for Jeez sake SD
  7. Yeah. But it's a bit like brain surgery SD
  8. Swallow this is not just a short simple circuit. I made sure there was plenty of time for the aircraft to turn etc. here is a pic of the flight plan. Plenty of room for maneuver. yet all the aircraft does is circle the airfield. Does an aircraft really need over 10Km to do a circuit of an airfield? SD
  9. LOL Thanks Luny I asssumed as the editor had assimilated the Ctrl-c/Ctrl-v conventions from every other program ever made, I also assumed that Ctrl-Z would take you back a step or two. hopefully this can be shoe horned into the editor at some point. Diolch yn Fawr iawn (Thanks very much) good luck tomorrow (if you are French) but not really I hope we beat you well :D SD
  10. Hmmm I dunno but I think the FME is bugged. I have created a mission with just 1 aircraft in it to do a circuit of the airfield and land. but as soon as it takes of it does exactly as Viperrm64 has described. I just takes off and circles the airfield. I have followed the online tutorials to the letter and as this is such a simple mission I have to think something is wrong with the mission editor. Has anyone actually created a working mission with it? If so post it up so I can see what I am doing wrong. SD
  11. Really need one. would be great to step back through the last few things you did in case it all goes tits up. (as it just did can't you tell.....GRRRRRRRR) It really is a bad omission in a mission editor. SD
  12. Never mind I figured it out. Just in case anyone else needs to do this all you need to do is to delete the object and target associations between any 2 way-points and add the new way-points in between these way-points. then re-do the object and target associations for the new way-points and re-assign any way-point commands (land/attack.etc) as necessary. Hope this makes some sense lol SD
  13. I am just playing around in the editor and have created a simple mission but I want to edit one of the flightplans. but I can find no way to add more waypoints to an existing flightplan. Is this possible. SD
  14. I still don't get it? Are you saying you flew the mission in map view? SD
  15. Sallee "Gannet One. Winds in the East"? would be " Gannet un gwyntoedd yn y dwyrain " SD
  16. Oi! atal hynny os gwelwch yn dda! (it means stop that please! to all you non welshys) SD
  17. But the issue is a custom option was available in the game just before release. SD
  18. yep great game. I have just bought the Hanriot HD.1 to complete my plane set.. It's a shame BoS can't live up to it. SD
  19. Geez. How dare they not buy the game just in case the devs turn this game into a sim in a few years. HOW DARE THEY! SD
  20. Why is pointing out a few flaws in the mission irritating? if it don't work it should be reported. SD
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