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  1. Ah ok.


    so I went into my profile and clicked the button "Get a steam Key"  and I get this.



    I qualify as I bought BoS in Early access. 

    So if I submit a support ticket I will get a steam key sent to me which I can activate on Steam.  But nothing actually changes to my store version is that right?

    I can then activate the aircraft here using the key activation thingy.

    Is this right?  Im a bit confused




    [edit]OK. Ive sent a support ticket. lets see what happens :)

    Thanks for the help Silk [/edit]



  2. But thats the thing. Steam won't allow me to purchase the aircraft because I havent bought Battle of Stalingrad on steam.   The image above show what I see when I click the purchase button in Steam.

    I assumed you would just get a key which you could activate on Steam or on my account here.  but it doesnt work like that at all.  I would heve to convert my store bought version of BoS to a steam version.  And I am not prepared to do that just to buy 2 aircraft.




  3. On 18/04/2018 at 10:39 AM, Trooper117 said:

    When you look at the size of the pilot to the aircraft in the video of the Jug, you realise what a monster it is... and I've always loved the razor back version over the bubble canopy version.

    My favourite American aircraft by far!

    Look at the  size of teh prop on that thing.  Its enormous.



  4. On 23/3/2018 at 12:19 PM, Space_Ghost said:

    Can [edited] in it?

    On 23/3/2018 at 12:34 PM, spartan85 said:

    Lol please tell me this was meant for someone but accidentally posted in the forums




    ROFLMAO :lol::lol::lol:



  5. It has certainly added a massive amout to the SP side of the game. 

    I am currently working my way through the war flying an I-16 in Stalingrad in 1941 hoping to fight my way through to Kuban in 1943.

    I fly in VR and I have to say it is just stunning.  I am using Ultra settnig and a 150km visability radius and my frames are in the mid 40's in action and can fluctuate up to 89.

    I find it to be fluid and good enough for me to fly and fight in.


    Loving it so far.  Great job Devs.



  6. Just now, BorysVorobyov said:

    What??? A three hour delay??? 


    That's it I'm done with this. I'll be staying in DCS from now on. At least you can count on ED, Belsimtek, Aviodev, Heatblur, Magnitude 3, VEAO, Polychop, Razbam and Miltech 5 to deliver when they say they will...


    LOL :lol::lol:



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