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  1. So does this only work one way? The stuff I buy in store here is playable on the steam version, but anything bought on steam is unplayable on the version I bought from here? is that right? SD
  2. I have linked my 1c account with my steam account which only had BOS installed on it. but I am running into a bit of an issue. I have bought 2 collectors aircraft (ju52 and mc202) with a steam gift card but when I run my steam account everything from my 1c account appears and I can fly all planes in all theatres. But if I run my 1c install the 2 steam bought aircraft do not show up so I can't fly them. so can you explain why please. SD
  3. Lovely gesture Requiem. I would like to be put in the hat for a copy of Flying Circus if possible. Thanks SD
  4. Nice job. Looking forward to trying this mod out. SD
  5. Ah ok. so I went into my profile and clicked the button "Get a steam Key" and I get this. I qualify as I bought BoS in Early access. So if I submit a support ticket I will get a steam key sent to me which I can activate on Steam. But nothing actually changes to my store version is that right? I can then activate the aircraft here using the key activation thingy. Is this right? Im a bit confused SD [edit]OK. Ive sent a support ticket. lets see what happens Thanks for the help Silk [/edit] SD
  6. But thats the thing. Steam won't allow me to purchase the aircraft because I havent bought Battle of Stalingrad on steam. The image above show what I see when I click the purchase button in Steam. I assumed you would just get a key which you could activate on Steam or on my account here. but it doesnt work like that at all. I would heve to convert my store bought version of BoS to a steam version. And I am not prepared to do that just to buy 2 aircraft. SD
  7. Cheers mate. sounds like a load of faff. I think i'll pass on this one then lol. SD
  8. Looks like I can't buy aircraft on steam without purchasing il-2 Battle of Stalingrad on Steam. This is what I get when I try to buy the MC-202. Oh well.. SD
  9. I know that and it is unfortunate, but this was a gift and iL-2 aircraft are the only thing I want to purchase from steam with them. SD
  10. Look at the size of teh prop on that thing. Its enormous. SD
  11. I have been given some steam wallet funds as a gift. I would like to use them to purchase some aircraft namely the MC-202 and the P-40. All of my other purchases have been made through the store here. If I buy these aircraft is it possible to activate them on a non steam install? Cheers SD
  12. soupdragon

    Green Moscow map

    Sorry got mixed up. STOIKIY made the winter Moscow mod. SD
  13. soupdragon

    Green Moscow map

    Loving this mod and your winter Moscow mod too. Awsome work mate SD
  14. soupdragon

    Green Moscow map

    Looking very nice. Good work. SD
  15. Great mod. Nice work mate. I'm using all your mods at the moment. Looking forward to what else you can up with. SD
  16. I have this issue as well. Just a very quick screen flash which shows my Rift sensors, then it's back to normal. Happens when I turn off/On the technochat and also when opening the map. SD
  17. Its a start . lets hope it snowballs and we have more mods. SD
  18. It doesnt go to 45 very often stays mainly in the 70's
  19. Thanks mate It cost me a bloody fortune ( Luckily I got mine before the prices went rediculous) Last upgrade for me for a long while. The missus has warned me SD
  20. @Space_Ghost I have a Intel 8700k @5Ghz ASUS GTX1080ti with 16Gb corsair DDR4 Ram@4000Ghz SD
  21. I dont play in expert mode. I need my hand held sometimes in case I do get lost I may get there one day but not yet. I do a similar thing to @Space_ghost SD
  22. It has certainly added a massive amout to the SP side of the game. I am currently working my way through the war flying an I-16 in Stalingrad in 1941 hoping to fight my way through to Kuban in 1943. I fly in VR and I have to say it is just stunning. I am using Ultra settnig and a 150km visability radius and my frames are in the mid 40's in action and can fluctuate up to 89. I find it to be fluid and good enough for me to fly and fight in. Loving it so far. Great job Devs. SD
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