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  1. Same here. I have wanted to purchase FC for a while now. With the thank you sale I finally bought it. I have installed syn_vanders Kaisersklacht campaign and am just about to start the spring offensive. THANK YOU 1C for the sale. SD
  2. So does this only work one way? The stuff I buy in store here is playable on the steam version, but anything bought on steam is unplayable on the version I bought from here? is that right? SD
  3. I have linked my 1c account with my steam account which only had BOS installed on it. but I am running into a bit of an issue. I have bought 2 collectors aircraft (ju52 and mc202) with a steam gift card but when I run my steam account everything from my 1c account appears and I can fly all planes in all theatres. But if I run my 1c install the 2 steam bought aircraft do not show up so I can't fly them. so can you explain why please. SD
  4. Lovely gesture Requiem. I would like to be put in the hat for a copy of Flying Circus if possible. Thanks SD
  5. Nice job. Looking forward to trying this mod out. SD
  6. Ah ok. so I went into my profile and clicked the button "Get a steam Key" and I get this. I qualify as I bought BoS in Early access. So if I submit a support ticket I will get a steam key sent to me which I can activate on Steam. But nothing actually changes to my store version is that right? I can then activate the aircraft here using the key activation thingy. Is this right? Im a bit confused SD [edit]OK. Ive sent a support ticket. lets see what happens Thanks for the help Silk [/edit] SD
  7. But thats the thing. Steam won't allow me to purchase the aircraft because I havent bought Battle of Stalingrad on steam. The image above show what I see when I click the purchase button in Steam. I assumed you would just get a key which you could activate on Steam or on my account here. but it doesnt work like that at all. I would heve to convert my store bought version of BoS to a steam version. And I am not prepared to do that just to buy 2 aircraft. SD
  8. Cheers mate. sounds like a load of faff. I think i'll pass on this one then lol. SD
  9. Looks like I can't buy aircraft on steam without purchasing il-2 Battle of Stalingrad on Steam. This is what I get when I try to buy the MC-202. Oh well.. SD
  10. I know that and it is unfortunate, but this was a gift and iL-2 aircraft are the only thing I want to purchase from steam with them. SD
  11. Look at the size of teh prop on that thing. Its enormous. SD
  12. I have been given some steam wallet funds as a gift. I would like to use them to purchase some aircraft namely the MC-202 and the P-40. All of my other purchases have been made through the store here. If I buy these aircraft is it possible to activate them on a non steam install? Cheers SD
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