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  1. It's the radiator and the fuel is right above it. Often times you can cause a fire, cook the enemy pilot 😈 Past that, cockpit or forward fuselage (engine) with AP, from above. I stay away from the wings, the IL2 wings can take a stupid amount of damage. EDIT: Honorable mention to the elevators on the tail. (echoing others suggestion of tail/fuselage.)
  2. Worth mentioning, I changed fuel selection to a slider bar instead of number input and then also added a quick metric to standard conversion...
  3. import os from shutil import copyfile, move src_dir = "X:/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad/data/graphics/Planes" def custom_photo(): path = os.getcwd() tgt_photo = path + "/custom_photo.dds" lst_plane_dirs = os.listdir(src_dir) for line in lst_plane_dirs: plane_path = src_dir + "/" + line + "/Textures/" src_photo = plane_path + "custom_photo.dds" src_backup = plane_path + "custom_photo_backup.dds" # print(src_photo) if os.path.exists(src_photo): move(src_photo, src_backup) copyfile(tgt_photo, src_photo) custom_photo() Assuming you have python installed on your computer... Real Simple stuff if you want to push a single photo to all planes. Just update the src_dir with your IL2 Path to the Planes directory, and then place a copy of your custom_photo.dds in the same directory as this script when you run it. It backs up the original just in case. Once you have everything in place it takes a second to update when updates reset.
  4. I have used python for most of my work playing with game files (lua's and what not). I ran into some of the same problems you are describing. It's not totally clear what encoding they used, or at least it doesn't seem to be a common encoding. I remember trying latin-1, ascii, utf-8 and cp1251. I lucked out and for my use I could open with a generic encoding format in python (ignoring errors) and save as utf-8. Only the comments in the code were messed up. It might be worth checking out cp1251 and others that are Cyrillic friendly (Russian). It appears like many of the code comments/notation for IL2 are in Russian (no big surprise).
  5. I can look into it, but the way the chart library I am using operates this isn't easily done. Added a fuel calculator!!! http://deadreckon.net/calc.html
  6. Good find, thanks. Looks like the Devs named those two the same in the comments (hence the names being the same but content different.) It's fixed now.
  7. Created Cross post for another related post. I would check the other post out for more info on what is alongside this tool.
  8. This has been updated with a prettier UI and more tools and data! Check original post for more info.
  9. I created a web based knee board tool I thought I should share. I basically just scraped game data, specifically the plane info pages you find in your mission briefing. I find it handy for finding things such as: Landing and Glide slope speed Climb Rates Statistics on Weight and Limits Operational Features Optimal Engine Settings Optimal Temp Values etc. I didn't include the entire info page. I opted to instead only add the most important things (to me). Anyway, I hope this helps: http://deadreckon.net/il2.html Adding this post because the bulk of this site is now covered more in this post...
  10. The clusters of units? The quickest way to clean things up is to select them and then add them to a "group". Much like you did with "scene". Then you can step into groups and sub groups as needed. It also seems to speed up the Mission editor in general. I usually create a file like hierarchical structure for my maps. Here is an example, note the hierarchical structure in the window on the left...
  11. You can command them to via hotkeys found in your mappings in game. Second or last tab I believe. That is the preferable way. Past that you can try and issue the command to the lead (you in this case). The above has the formation command given 2 mins after the game begins. Alternately you can create a link from the lead plane to the formation command when the lead plane takes off.
  12. Yep make sure you flip them all to a Faction (Faction dropdown I believe), either German or Soviet. That white box means they are neutral. You should see them as Red or Blue.
  13. Thanks @craig2859! Pretty much what @[TWB]Sketch said with a small correction. You want to target link not object link. You should see a red line with an arrow pointing to your "Lead" aircraft. That aircraft should be set to "Player" in the AI dropdown box. You can add how ever may AI wingmen you like but make sure their AI dropdown says Low, Normal, High or Ace. You can then give commands to them via in game command keys. Make sure "Player" AI setting is your lead aircraft otherwise they won't follow. If you want to be their wingman you can define a path for you AI leader aircraft to fly but you have to introduce more complex MCU's and logic. I have been meaning to make a new video going over COOP and AI management. It's a basic example like you are describing. Hopefully I can knock that out soon.
  14. Finally! Looks like you MUST check the external box for the Dserver IP, and in my case DO NOT place an IP in the box. I didn't have to do this Pre 3.0 and was under the impression that was only for when you statically defined an IP in that box. Lesson learned. Super frustrating, I wish this was checked by default.
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