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  1. i made a video going over using standard triggers for what you describe. Jim’s guide also covers the topic very well. You can use this sort of mechanic for more than just AAA. This method does not use complex triggers. Check the stickied video video thread of mine for more videos. Also take a look at Jim’s guide.
  2. [Pb]Vapor

    Tactical Air War

    I keep receiving a "invalid server password" when trying to access the Teamspeak. I have verified the password is correct (the one printed in the current map briefing). Still the same error. Possibly my account is locked out or being refused? Not sure. If any TS admins have the time to look at the logs it would be helpful, thanks.
  3. Once you are in mission you can check your briefing to view metadata for the plane you are flying. In that is a listing of the "Combat Debut Date" of the aircraft. It at least tells you what date the plane was flown in combat. You can also check https://il2sturmovik.com/about/ , it lists the planes assigned to each battle series (moscow, stalingrad, kuban, etc.) Other than that, what I./ZG1_Martijnvdm posted is helpful for in depth info. EDIT: You can also check here for combat debut: Its a post with the in game Plane briefing data. Sadly it is not updated with recent releases.
  4. [Pb]Vapor

    load/save times

    Don't add template data until after you are done with your map if possible. If you are only dealing with the game objects your map uses (spawns, player planes, ai planes, objectives) handling the map is a lot easier. When you do finally add scenery objects add them inside a group so you maintain sanity. 😄
  5. Two popular ways. First, if it is a single plane you can link it to "respawn" MCU then have the plane trigger that respawn when it dies or is shot down. You would also want that death trigger to fire your waypoints and the like for that plane. That method can go on forever. Second, if you want to have multiple planes that are flying in formation you need to make a "bank" of planes. Think like a magazine for a gun. You can not have planes respawn in formation with other planes, sadly. You have to instead "activate" them. In my maps I will make a magazine/bank of 10 x 2 plane elements that will fire off the next element when they die. A picutre would probably make more sense...
  6. [Pb]Vapor

    Aircraft performance curves

    Hey guys, I am the one who wrote this. More info here: But yes essentially this was pulled from in game AI limitations. Player flown planes could operate marginally outside of these ranges (some of that discussion is had in the link above.) It's also not totally devoid of bugs, so feel free to let me know if you find any (like stated earlier in this thread.) But also keep in mind sometimes the Dev's may have placed AI limitation identical to other closely related planes. The graphs are pulled from in game AI. The tables are pulled from plane info pages (such as those found in your briefing for your plane.) So none of this content was gathered by me or others. Important to note, I am too lazy to do the science of gathering this stuff on my own. 😄
  7. It does have limitations based on where I pulled the data from. The reason I used the AI values is that they had data pairs (8+ per plane) put there by the Devs. I think if you are looking for optimal corner speed you may want to look outside of this resource. Your right a player plane may corner better than these numbers show. This was meant more as a quick way to compare different planes and see for example when a 190 might outrun an La-5 (in the case of these graphs the 190 surpasses the la-5 somewhere around ~4.5km. When you start using it to see just how different the 190 A-3 is from the A-5 (they are the same in the graphs) or how close all the Yak's perform you are starting to bump into to the limitations of what it can show. Others have tried to more accurately and statistically extrapolate from the few values the official plane docs in game show speed curves and other data, but truth be told those are just estimations based on two data points. At least as far as I know, if someone has more info feel free to share it with us. I could try and implement a second graph on top of this one to show the differing values from the plane reference pages. Maybe bar graph points for those values overlaid. The chart library I am using will not allow anything past that. Limitation of the tools. I could also just replace the values from the plane data pages (which only have two data points for CAS at alt.) for the datasets that you pointed out as being lower. In short these graphs are more like a hammer in terms of accuracy, not a scalpel. Powerful at a distance but inaccurate the smaller your margins gets. To trim the X axis down to >3km or >6km is very doable. I just need to sit down and write it. In fact I will probably try to place two buttons that will allow you increment up and down at will, so you can set the range at whatever you like. This is a little lower on my list so may be a while until I get to it. I do appreciate that ask, it's very true... very seldom do I find myself fighting past 5-6k.
  8. Sorry to resurrect the dead (forum thread). Any chance you have updated this Taleks? I know this was a "free time" project and so I understand if you haven't had the time. It is just such a useful tool I was hoping you had an updated copy. :D
  9. [Pb]Vapor

    Dserver Log Parser?

    Awesome, thanks coconut! I am having some trouble with your modified version of plog. I can get it to compile but get some strange null value errors during execution: plog.exe "logs\missionReport(2018-02-17_13-04-58)[0].txt" Unhandled Exception: System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: key at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentNullException(ExceptionArgument argument) at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.FindEntry(TKey key) at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.TryGetValue(TKey key, TValue& value) at ploggy.GameObjectsData.GetUnitType(String name) in C:\Users\user\Downloads\plog\plog-1\ploggy\GameObjectsData.cs:line 37 at ploggy.MissionLog.GetUnitType(String name) in C:\Users\user\Downloads\plog\plog-1\ploggy\MissionLog.cs:line 223 at ploggy.MissionLog.ProcessPlayerPlaneEntry(PlayerPlaneEntry entry) in C:\Users\user\Downloads\plog\plog-1\ploggy\MissionLog.cs:line 648 at ploggy.MissionLog.AddLogEntry(LogEntry entry) in C:\Users\user\Downloads\plog\plog-1\ploggy\MissionLog.cs:line 1089 at ploggy.MissionLog..ctor(LogFile logFile, GameObjectsData gameObjectsData, DeathSourceClassifier deathnoteProto) in C:\Users\user\Downloads\plog\plog-1\ploggy\MissionLog.cs:line 74 at plog.MainClass.Main(String[] args) in C:\Users\user\Downloads\plog\plog-1\plog\Program.cs:line 671 I admit I deal almost exclusively with interpreted languages so I don't compile code often myself. In VS nlog doesn't seem to be recognized so I end up having to update the package and roll everything back to .net 3.5 (which I assume is the correct version for all three apps) I am able to compile Taleks version and it works. Really cool tool. However, I see what you saying, BoM planes and BoK planes are not in his original Plog code. For those that stumble across this, the original version written by the Dev is here: But it is out of date and doesn't work properly for BoM and BoK planes. So try and use coconuts if you can get it to work.
  10. The Dserver logs can be produced by flipping a flag in the start.cfg. Is there any documentation or reference for the meaning of the values in the log files that are produced? I have seen some mentions of parsers for these logs. Is their an official parser or community developed one that everyone is using for this? Or does everyone end up having to write on on their own? Example of Dserver Log output: T:0 AType:15 VER:17 T:103484 AType:12 ID:315396 TYPE:Fw 190 A-3 COUNTRY:201 NAME:noname PID:-1 T:103484 AType:12 ID:384004 TYPE:BotPilot_FW190 COUNTRY:201 NAME:BotPilot_FW190 PID:315396 T:103484 AType:10 PLID:315396 PID:384004 BUL:2480 SH:0 BOMB:0 RCT:0 (135396.625,47.184,252525.563) IDS:629b4301-fc5f LOGIN:f9242e5f-96c8-404d-b71a NAME:Pilot_Name TYPE:Fw 190 A-3 COUNTRY:201 FORM:0 FIELD:18432 INAIR:1 PARENT:-1 PAYLOAD:5 FUEL:0.600 SKIN:fw190a3/fw190a3_skin_04.dds WM:33 This appears to be Initial pilot identification? Still uncertain of what is being declared here and what I need to reference in other logs.
  11. [Pb]Vapor

    Camera Views in COOP MP

    Thanks, good to know. Humm, wish I could have external views for spectators but not for flying folks. Oh well. What I mean is it would be nice to allow someone to hop into the available slot of another AI. That is different than the dogfight servers. Example you are your friends take off with a flight of il2's being escorted by AI yaks. If one of your friends botches his take off and crashes he is out the whole mission. Would be nice to allow him to jump into one of the AI escort planes. But I get that isn't possible now, maybe in the future
  12. One of the limitations to coop seems to be you can't spawn into another play once mission starts. Kinda of sad. With that said I would like to allow others to camera follow those in their unit if and when they die to watch the action. Has anyone pulled this off? Is it possible?
  13. It's pulled from in game files which appear to be limitations set on AI. That's why I give the disclaimer that player controlled planes could operate outside the ranges specified. I would treat it as what IL2 AI vs AI would show.
  14. Posted a new interactive graph system to comparing different traits of the planes, you can now compare: Time to Climb to Altitude, Time to Turn at Altitude, Optimal Turn Calibrated Air Speed at Altitude, and True Air Speed at Altitude. Check the post above for more info or go to squadronffs.com and click on the info dropdown.
  15. I will see if I can pull some of that data out and display it in a useful way because I agree with you. Roll rate is very important. Posted a new interactive graph system to comparing different traits of the planes, you can now compare: Time to Climb to Altitude, Time to Turn at Altitude, Optimal Turn Calibrated Air Speed at Altitude, and True Air Speed at Altitude. Check the post above OP for more info or go to squadronffs.com and click on the info dropdown.