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  1. Yep, I upgraded my pc at just the right time
  2. Surely it's all part of the same issue? As with many aviation incidents it's the "holes in the cheese" lining up that causes the incident.
  3. I'm not sure it's as simple as that. Seems like he knew his engine had been smoking for 20 minutes or so. This puts him firmly in the "he knew he shouldn't have put himself in that situation" and thus his decision to land where he did was started 20 minutes before he had to do so. So it does have something to do with what you were commenting on and I doubt the investigation will be short.
  4. I'd missed this update from Heatblur, the first pic in the post is, well, brilliant. Apologies if already posted. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/270270-heatblur-update-supersize-me-public-roadmap/
  5. Oof! That’s properly rubbish
  6. No idea what it is but you've done a brilliant job so far!
  7. Sweaty Jesus that looks amazing! Looking forward to taking the mosquito up in them.
  8. I figured it would have to be at least as good as the Huey so bought it.
  9. Running out of both reaction icons and superlatives in this thread. More astonishing work
  10. Shame really, I've had nothing but good times with my Rift S. Brilliant bit of kit.
  11. That is just astonishing! Wonderful work!
  12. I'd be happy to fly it with a sub optimal exterior whilst they work on a new one. Seems odd that they would pull it just for the exterior.
  13. Eventualities, "If I have a launch failure for any reason I will land ahead, unless there's a mahoosive rockface I might make it to"
  14. I see you’ve let your inner teenager run riot with your wallet
  15. Always liked the Y-wing and that one looks mahooooooosive!
  16. I wish I hadn’t stumbled across this thread...
  17. Realists are such downers...
  18. Ooooooooohhhhh dat’s pretty.
  19. I just find it a little bland. It’s a good map but just not terribly interesting to fly over.
  20. Accusim raised the bar so high, basically everything else is just a way of waiting for it to come to FS2020 for me. Nice waiting don’t get me wrong, but still waiting.
  21. Yeah sorry I forgot to say that it was a while after release that I played it so I think they’ve fixed them. I got the DLCs free as a Kickstarter thing, I played two of them, one where you build a village and that was really good. Also the one where you play as the girl (can’t remember her name) and that was good too.
  22. Probably worth a go, I didn’t come across any bugs as far as I can tell.
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