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  1. I was just thinking how beautiful and graceful it looked and then that front tyre came into view and it was ehhhhh... no. One only to be seen in the sky... STN, maybe to get the right incidence on the ground? Lack of elevator control to rotate maybe. Totally guessing here
  2. Exactly this. The feeling of light flak coming up at you is pretty overpowering and for the first time I get the description you read in books, slow at first then impossibly fast when it gets near you. It’s impressive. I don’t fly MP anymore and just have icons on to help with spotting. Works for me.
  3. Sorry, did you just say “if something better comes along...”?! Nothing could be better, it’s truly amazing work!
  4. Is it mainly Elite but with added walking around? What’s the difference in gameplay?
  5. Stole the words right out of my mouth Sallee!
  6. Yeah that was a tough old game to watch. I don’t trust the all blacks not to win until the final whistle.
  7. Which they’ve said they’re working on. Why not enjoy all the other great things rather than whinging about one thing that’s still being investigated? People can be very strange...
  8. Another vote for OpenComposite, works a treat and has improved frame rates considerably.
  9. Don’t worry, you’re not. And it very much is
  10. Crash to desktop. That picture is obvs a flux capacitor.
  11. Yeah, one of the things that annoys me is the extension of the ruck back foot to a ridiculous level, just watched Tonga have four or five players lined up behind to extend it.
  12. How many of those have been unstable, high power aircraft? With no one on the ground helping? I’d wager none. Remember the cub quote? “It’s the safest aircraft, it can only just kill you”. Many times in an aircraft things are ok right up to the exact moment they’re not, the design of the aircraft pretty much dictates how those situations end up. WW2 aircraft are not designed to help you when it goes a bit wrong. I don’t think you can equate a few situations in basic trainers to sitting in a fighter.
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