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  1. Which they’ve said they’re working on. Why not enjoy all the other great things rather than whinging about one thing that’s still being investigated? People can be very strange...
  2. Another vote for OpenComposite, works a treat and has improved frame rates considerably.
  3. Don’t worry, you’re not. And it very much is
  4. Crash to desktop. That picture is obvs a flux capacitor.
  5. Yeah, one of the things that annoys me is the extension of the ruck back foot to a ridiculous level, just watched Tonga have four or five players lined up behind to extend it.
  6. How many of those have been unstable, high power aircraft? With no one on the ground helping? I’d wager none. Remember the cub quote? “It’s the safest aircraft, it can only just kill you”. Many times in an aircraft things are ok right up to the exact moment they’re not, the design of the aircraft pretty much dictates how those situations end up. WW2 aircraft are not designed to help you when it goes a bit wrong. I don’t think you can equate a few situations in basic trainers to sitting in a fighter.
  7. Hoping Japan can keep up the good work from last time. England can only be better, I hope!
  8. Hoots

    DCS news

    Yeah no change for me, if anything it seemed slightly worse but nothing scientific to test it. Caucuses seems up and down with VR performance. I’ve got a pretty decent set up too.
  9. As always, simply incredible!
  10. Very interested in this, looking good!
  11. Jeez, you Americans like to overreact. There are many satisfied users of the game that are quite happy with it.
  12. Hey Karel, don’t put yourself down, you’ve managed to find the forum, reply to someone, realise that was in the wrong place, find the right place and post a message! So you have skills The fix is actually simple but may be worded in a way you don’t quite get. Bare with me as it’s been a while since I updated and may not have it exactly right. Fundamentally you need to download a file (click on it) then unzip it which is simply a right click and choose unzip, then copy and paste that file into the folder they state. If you can navigate to this forum topic it’s the same logic to navigate to there in windows file explorer. I’m sure there are others that can give a more detailed response but hopefully this takes away some of the techie feel to it. Hope you’re flying soon
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