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  1. Only been in it for a few minutes to check it out but it sure is pretty Where I can I like to help out these kind of titles so don't mind chucking £20 their way.
  2. Yah, I'm so suggestible, I've bought it.
  3. ooohhh that sounds interesting Yeah Elite is a funny old game, once you have the controls set up to be just like an aircraft it's not so bad.
  4. Like I said "to many I'm sure it's nothing", so to you it's nothing, thanks for confirming. But to me an aircraft not reacting correctly to a fully displaced control surface is hardly trivial, or the same as a misplaced rivet. An odd response but thanks for your input.
  5. Finally got round to checking the video on the steam page and pretty much the first shot is an AI aircraft with the rudder full over. To many I'm sure this is nothing but I just can't get past how wrong it looks. I thought they were working on fixing this. Other than that it looks like a good job so it's a shame that this little thing has been allowed to go unfixed.
  6. It's not my cup of tea but I have no connection to the area at all, so count for nothing here.
  7. Good deal. And if you don't like it you can totally blame me for the $20 lost (limited sympathy offered, no monetary value attached..)
  8. $10?! you won't regret getting it for that.
  9. Elite is a joy to look at and play but the grind to get a decent ship is a long one. I have a love / bored relationship with it. There's not so much of the planet obliterating either.
  10. Hoots


    That thing looks like 1000 accidents waiting to happen... helicopters really are an attempt to beat physics into submission. Dangerous, unnatural things.
  11. Sorry, I meant no flyable fighters. You're right, it absolutely needs a fighter threat.
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