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  1. Hoots


    I think "at some point" is the key phrase here...
  2. Smart move, "there are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old, bold pilots". Competition finishes in a glider are the limit of what I mess around in close to the ground. Up high anything goes
  3. Hoots


    Anyone found out how to show only new posts?
  4. You definitely need a microsoft account and I think an xbox account (could be wrong), no need to download an App or anything.
  5. Same, not installed on C:\ no issues that I can tell. Bridges, depends on the bridge and the state of your undercarriage (fnar fnar) I think. I haven't bothered trying.
  6. Not wishing to make this harder (not true) but Luse always gives in...
  7. Andy, Tycoon, let it go now...
  8. Might take a look, I'm now after a Sea Vixen model. My dad used to fly them.
  9. https://www.fseconomy.net/ It's a way of doing flights to earn money etc, kind of like a virtual airline / cargo thing. It's pretty detailed but the UI is not the most user friendly, it is very free though. Basically you choose an airport, choose a job, choose the aircraft etc and fly. Lots of factors to influence your decisions, (eg wet or dry rental). Adds a bit of structure to the flight rather than just sight seeing.
  10. Guys, don't know if anyone is interested but FSEconomy is back up and running... Just been assigned my new account (took a couple of days as they are doing it all manually) so will be giving it a go later.
  11. That cockpit does look nice.
  12. And just as a balancing view, I had absolutely no issues installing at all. It has its faults but as most here are saying GA is good and the flying environment is fantastic. And let's not forget, this was v1. There has already been a patch and new areas of detailed world released. I'm hoping it follows a similar path to FSX so that very talented developers such as A2A can maximise the potential. We can knock it for release issues but it will only get better from now on.
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