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  1. Hi, no such thing as a daft question. Although they are from the same site they are two completely different games and don’t share a launcher. You can launch CoD from Steam or the desktop icon
  2. ok so that’s bought, now the wait for the download...
  3. Ok, so first plastic model in about 30 years (thank you covid 19) and it was much easier when my eyes worked properly...
  4. That does look a lovely little aeroplane, looking forward to seeing it in one piece.
  5. Check the dev diary, there’s a constant stream of bug fixes. These guys haven’t stopped fixing and improving the delivered software so that’s an unfair comment.
  6. in vr the tracers go by very fast after an initial slow start, just like you always read about. Puts the fear in me!
  7. This is brill! I love the A7
  8. Fantastic Buglord! Really lovely to look at.
  9. The fist shot of the wellington taking off was fantastic!
  10. Nah you don’t have to read them all. But generally, commenting on how easy something must be when you’re talking about an application with hundreds of thousands of lines of code, that you have no knowledge about, is probably worth a second thought. If you think they’re lying or “emperor’s new clothes” that’s up to you but don’t pretend you’re taking that stance on anything approaching fact.
  11. Always makes me chuckle when someone says they’re not an expert but then says something that they don’t know about can’t be hard. Do you really think they would pass up a way to make some more revenue if it was easy? Or wouldn’t take long? Just because the visual look is somewhat similar doesn’t mean they’re interchangeable. They’ve explained all this before.
  12. If something or someone isn’t making you happy it’s best to change it however hard that may seem. Try looking at clubs nearby you could attend?
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