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  1. Awkward is only when we have bad precision because we do not use a position that fits our individuality.
  2. I love underlevers! I bought some other rifles before buying my HW77. I should have bought the HW77 in the first place! I have a HW30, a daisy 953, and a crap gamo.
  3. the scope fixed on the cannon is a very smart idea. I wish I were here, I have a Weirhauch HW77 among other air ifles. Outstanding quality air rifle.
  4. PandaCheese, I advice you with pleasure (the others pilot too am sure!) . I love so much transports plane... Are you good at taxing now? at landing? The Junkers 52 is a very subtle plane to handle on the ground. we are supposed to use rudder on taxing, it helps a little bit. We have to use it anyway with brake if we have 1 axe for throttle as it cut automatically the right or left engine. So we are yawing with thrust mostly. Thus , as full thrust takes some time to be from 0% to full, we have to anticipate our turns and use braking in advance. Watching the needle (turn indicator) is a very neat practice because it is extremely sensitive and give you an early indication about when your plane is yawing so you can anticipate your turns Before the Junkers 52 came out, the devs wrote: Moving to missions, there is 3 types only in the career corresponding with the 3 modifications. PWCG has more missions type I believe, you should try it! Have you tried the users missions? you will find links on the first message of this topic. Please take a look. they are outstanding! I Fly central made videos about navigation: Have a look at them! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHfRpM_Yc8Y&t=299s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBenHtzSjYE&t=79s BOX maps are very good, easy to navigate with them, you are right! At some FNBF Friday Night Bomber Flight events, the Junkers 52 is available for very interesting missions . I TONS of fun with them! https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/23544-friday-night-bomber-flight-topic/?do=findComment&comment=721089 Have fun with the Junkers 52 and do not hesitate to ask question, share your thoughts, opinion, screens, videos... I read your messages with so much pleasure!
  5. TG1_Nil

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Hi Tip! THANKS!! Junkers 52 for me! Time to haul stuff!
  6. TG1_Nil

    Landing a crippled he-111

    It was a hard combat against those yaks
  7. TG1_Nil

    Steam yes or no

    Yeah like having to install and to use another program each time I use a program I already purchased is convenient.... I understand the anti steam in this community, Even if I do not understand it, the community has the right to willing to give 100% of their money to the dev team, Steam is good because it allows the dev to reach new customers. But the customers have the right to not use Steam. I am so grateful to the dev team to give us the choice to use Steam or not.
  8. TG1_Nil

    Ju 52 compass bug?

    ok great ! glad you found the solution
  9. TG1_Nil

    Steam yes or no

    Yes it is so great that we have the option to use Il2 without steam... I did not linked my account with steam personally bacause I love the liberty to not have to run steam.
  10. TG1_Nil

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Excellent Tip! I am so happy you used our beloved u2 for liaison and logistic. For me, that is where it shines. I would loved to use it but I was working saturday early.... Taking care of real world plane logistics at my airport ! I am glad U2 found brave pilots @216th_Cat @216th_Cathaoir Love your missions Tip! Keep it up!
  11. TG1_Nil

    Guess this aviation film I am looking for!

    Yes it is! thank you @von_Tom !! this is fantastic! I spent quite some time to find the name. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0100634/
  12. Hi, In the 90s, I saw a TV film or a movie (?) on the television, I know for sure it is a US film because it takes place in the US It is the story of 2 young people who are discovering a shiny red biplane in a barn somewhere in the countryside. One wants to go in a big city , one wants to go in the mountains They take off, but they canot agree where to go during flight so they is a dispute. They messing too much with the plane, and the engine break down They are forced to do a landing, they find a field surrounded by the forest, a community who hates technology lives in it. They fix the plane and take off again, finally they go in the big city. I might make mistakes, it is hard to remember, if anyone knows the title of this film, I will be happy! This film is special for me, because It was the first movie about aviation I saw . I enjoyed it without knowing it. Thanks!
  13. TG1_Nil

    Free Key for BO4

    Hi @DetCord12B I am interested! thank you very much! I play COD a little, so if someone who loves and play a lot COD, no problem.
  14. TG1_Nil

    Idea? Fi-156 Storch and Po-2!

    @-RR-Napoleon- That is why I believe the role of the U2 and Fi156 should be recon for tanks, with direct communication with tank crew. For example, if I fly over an enemy tank, it should appear on the map of friendly radio crewman tank. Or something similar which helps the tank crew without having to chat with them. It would be a hole new level of gameplay, fun gameplay!
  15. TG1_Nil

    Idea? Fi-156 Storch and Po-2!

    @-RR-Napoleon- are you talking about this video?