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  1. Thank you for sharing this @LizLemon You obviously brought a nice surprise for the community who enjoy this .
  2. When Tante Ju has a cargo to drop with paras or canister, the left door is removed. I can see that you still have the door so maybe you choose the not dropable cargo as a loadout.
  3. A float Junkers 52 would be a welcome addition of course!
  4. @jollyjack We have to open the cockpit to drop paras/Canister in flight. Then we hit the bomb release key to drop them. Same thing for cargo but the plane has to be stopped on the ground. Let me know if it works for you. The pillow seen on the picture might be here because pilots do not wear parachutes I believe. @216th_LuseKofte The mission builder guy must give objectives to transport pilots. I have flown many superb missions with it thanks to the event Friday Night Bombing. It would be good to be able to use it without this requirement. For example: give bonus t
  5. Thank you very much! What a pleasure to fly Tante Ju dropping paras
  6. https://grizzly-machine.itch.io/tailgunner It is a nice little game that I like. Not as easy at it seems Try it! it is free! only 68mb
  7. I just want to thank you for this https://il2sturmovik.com/informburo/e881003da6a84aaaad174d1aae908e6c/0d6e5f4ac6d366e762e75a1fecfcb224/ Many of us are forced to stay at home , sometimes with anxiety. But in our unhappiness, you guys are standing out for giving the occasion to buy the modules we do not have yet. This gesture warms my heart deeply as a fan and supporter of your simulator Time to play carrer or multiplayer! And do not forget to buy Tante Ju and the U2 if you they are not in your hangar! We always need a transport a
  8. C47. The perfect beauty . So much useful and efficient. Made the passenger transportation profitable. Still used today. Only a DC3 replaces a DC3. When it will become flyable.... one of the best day of my life for sure!
  9. Of course we want it! Thank you @Raptorattacker We always need a Po2 in our barn! Great work!
  10. @The-Doctor Thank you so much for what you are doing from the bottom of my heart
  11. Indeed, theses are a good choice given their popularity. I am happy for most people out there enjoying flying theses birds. It has been almost 4 years the Junkers 52 was released, and 4 years without an ally counterpart witch makes some issues. Luckily, we have many missions builders who using it, but it is scarce. I lose not hope and hope for a day when Il2 get the c47 or the li2 Fingers crossed. Il will buy the new collectors planes to support our mighty dev team. Keep up the great work !
  12. Ha! I have not pc trouble anymore. I should be able to kill some yaks with my Junkers 52 ^^
  13. Hi! RTX 20xx nvidia cards are now shipped with a Modern Warfare video game licence for Battle.net, until November 18 If you got one of these and are not interested in modern warfare, you would make me a great favor! Thanks in advance! https://www.pcworld.com/article/3439180/nvidia-bundles-call-of-duty-modern-warfare-with-geforce-rtx-graphics-cards.html
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