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  1. Ha! I have not pc trouble anymore. I should be able to kill some yaks with my Junkers 52 ^^
  2. Hi! RTX 20xx nvidia cards are now shipped with a Modern Warfare video game licence for Battle.net, until November 18 If you got one of these and are not interested in modern warfare, you would make me a great favor! Thanks in advance! https://www.pcworld.com/article/3439180/nvidia-bundles-call-of-duty-modern-warfare-with-geforce-rtx-graphics-cards.html
  3. I believe , but I might be wrong that the fields are missing farms buildings.
  4. This topic is sort of wanted, because of this They know that we would make speculations! it is a long time tradition here! As for collector... C47/Li2 for sure (I hope this since years!) with new loadouts I hope: medvac, vip... And Fi156 for new gameplay: artillery spotting, which will work as well for Po2 and Flying circus planes since they have radio modification Finger crossed, but whatever they make, it is instant buy for me!
  5. hey guys thank you for your reviews, I have questions regarding Valve Index 1- Can we use it as a monitor replacement: surf, watch videos... 2-Can it work alone (without bases stations and controllers) ? 3-If working alone, do we get head tracking on Il2 to look left , right , up , down? 4- Does it require Steam to work? Thank you very much
  6. Excellent work! Finally two seaters for FC: The best comes at the end!
  7. That is so true! indeed, we need a "support" or "transport" column. Me too. Maybe they are busy remaking flying circus plane, then they will start the Li2 I really hope for this.
  8. Oh my gosh! when I see this cockpit pictures, one word come into my mind: gorgeous!!! I wish the interior cabin will be modeled as well , to see if we have cargo or paratroops. This plane is a pure gem!
  9. @kitsunelegend I share your feelings, I am not into figther or bomber (anymore) I am waiting for the Li-2 announcement. Might occur after bodenplatte, or next year... I keep my finger crossed. Tante Ju without Li-2 is a big issue on mp server, and I love the dc3 family. I hope for the best regarding transport gameplay in this sim.
  10. Excellent! many thanks for those regular updates. I admire your work, simply fantastic!
  11. Transport and Recon in the same mission! Incredible Tip! Not able to participate , sorry
  12. Another meeting! Yes! I hope you guys will have lot for fun showing your baby to the community.
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