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  1. Oh, so I can select one engine, and move the throttle, and it will only affect that one?
  2. I have mappen Mixture to one of my throttle axis. (Not engine 1 and 2 mixture, but the "Main" mixture settings). But when I lower the mixture from 100%, I can see in the info panel, that only one of my engines goes down to about 80% or so, and THEN the other engine starts so go down from 100%. They both follow with this offset from there on. Is this realistic? Maybe some reason for this? Or what is wrong?
  3. Newbie here. Haven't unlocked anything. Is there any way I can get straight into the Heinkel to practice some bomb runs? I cant find any missions with the Heinkel. Or do I need to earn XPs through the campaign, and then only fly the Heinkel as part of a campaign?
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