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  1. I have BOS in DVD...but I buy BOM from steam. Kuban and early accses Bodenplatte were purchased from the web store and some collectors planes. I look and activation seems to been fine there. I remember that I must lock in steam when I try install DVD (BOS) If I remember right... I buy that DVD when that game come in shops.But I have chance PC and thats why I install BOS from steam in new PC about january 2019 cos its in my steam liberyary and I can install that there. Everything works fine untill last uptates.But I try that ...
  2. I unistall game, install again in steam....same problem, no help? Very intresting????
  3. I have done that many times in 24h because I allway log out steam when I end gaming...? And I have restart computer many times last 24h. Other games work fine
  4. I can t say, can steam update...end of july something update BOS when I open steam and play nother game. Now when I launch BOS..steam says game running, but nothing happent. When I look "task managment" I see IL2 "no answer" So its mean game not start😌 And sorry my english...I have finnish win ,so I give that "task managment" in my hat😁 Steam says "game ready to play" when I open steam game liberyary
  5. Steam and store also..but I linket them steam about 1 year ago: BOS and BOM steam and Kuban and Bodenplatte and several planes in store here. This is first time when someting go wrong. Usually steam uptate automatic and works fine.
  6. My game not start anymore?? Am I onlyone here with this problem? I have BOS,BOM,BOK and early access Bodenplatte. I seen that game update normaly few times in summertime, but i have not time test . Now I try fly, but game not answer anymore??? I have Verify integrity of game files in steam...something load again...but not help start game?
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