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  1. purchased all and crowfunded v5.
  2. Type of improvement: Add posibilty of selecting which rounds have phosphorus added at the bottom of the bullet (or at least how many of them in rounds belt) Explanation: it seems that in curent version of il2 all the bullets have phosphorus and they are just smoking too much. do you see any smoke here?
  3. hey devs, look at this high-quality gun cam compilation from D-Day. Would it be too difficult to incorporate some of the action in your newest title? Some of the suggestions have already been posted in proper thread.
  4. I know they are passionate. I collaborated with Oleg Maddox and the passion continued with the new devs. My criticism is constructive, I hope you understand that. There are some fundamental flaws with this series, that just gets copied from one itteration to another and nothing changes. There are many other changes, true, but my point is, that it would be nice to fix some old things and bring the sim to another level and THEN make new set of planes, new battlefield, new terrain, new game (I suspect this is slowly turning into world of planes/tanks/ship...thing). I will continue to support them by purchasing almost everything in the IL2 series at full price, don't get me wrong.
  5. it seems nobody cares, this is slowly becoming just another money making operation.....
  6. I love the series, I truly do. I'm on board from Blue Byte and Oleg Maddox times. But when I saw devs announcing yet another battlefield series I was disapointed. IL2 seriously lacks more gameplay, more substance, more ground and airborne activities, there is lenghty thread about small improvements we are asking for some time, but little seems to change. Instead devs have opted to broaden the offering, by adding tank crew and wwI planes and terrain. I can understand that. But I strongly believe that there should be significant content improvement before making new battlefiled. Some of the content in this series is many years old and obsolete (railways, roads, empty airports, unrealistic bridges etc...the list is long).
  7. Type of improvement: explosions on ground correspoinding to what exploded Explanation: Hitting a fuel truck or fuel train, should produce massive explosion with fireball and realy long lasting dark fumes. Other things that were set on fire should also fume much longer, but with correct intensity.. Benefits: better immersion Type of improvement: less tree protected roads Explanation: almost all roads now are fully obstructed by trees on both sides, sometimes making ground straffing too difficult for no apparent reason. Populate them instead. Benefits: less frustration
  8. Type of Improvement: Longer trains and full railyards Explanation of Proposal: add longer trains and add more trains at railway stations and railyards (they are ususaly target rich environment, but not in IL2) Benefits: Obvious
  9. Type of improvement: Correct visibilty of tracers Explanation: Currently, tracers are depicted as they are seen on film. But this is not how they behaive in real life. When I was flying in the military, our Soko Galeb G-2 was equipped with Browning M3 12.7 machine gun, simmilar to M2 which was in the P-51 for instance, even the Gunsight was K-14c, quite simmilar to P-51 one. We were firing live ammo, with every 6th or so bullet with its bottom part filled with phosphorous, so you could see where the bullets are going. There was some light smoke emmited from the gun, but barely visible, as the air washed behind the aircraft quickly. There were NO laser-like tracers like they are now in IL-2. There were only dots travelling in front of the airplane. You can see this clearly even in the old gun camera videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dgL2ZWWAhw Please, correct this already. Benefits: Tracers will be depiced correctly. Type of improvement: Enable possibilty to switch off radio chatter. Explanation: Radio chatter is sometimes annoying. Benefits: obvious.
  10. Type of improvement: enable photo recce, taking pre and post strike photos Explanation: would be nice to have unarmed recce airplane, with possibility of taking photos. Benefits: It could reveal position of the enemy forces on the map for certain ammount of time. Would be interesting to have that option in multiplayer environment.
  11. Type of improvement: More moving objects on the ground Explanation of benefit: currently there are only some vehicles on ground. Airports need to be more populated. There must be some life going on on ground. More vehicles, people moving arround, aircraft parked on in the shelters, maintainence going on, fuel being poured into aircraft, some battles going on somewhere, more river/sea traffic. More trains. Benefits: Greater immersion, as now there is almost no life on the ground. Type of improvement: Realistic rain conditions Explanation of benefit: currently rain will pour from very thin clouds. Rain should pour from dark, thick clouds. Benefits: Greater immersion, Type of improvement: Rain pouring only from thick and dark clouds Explanation of benefit: currently rain drops from very thin clouds and sometimes out of the blue. Benefits: Greater immersion
  12. hi, can we expect some female pilots for U-2, Yak-3, Il-2? It was high time we get some ladies. Like Budanova, Litvak and others... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_Witches http://www.ctie.monash.edu.au/hargrave/soviet_women_pilots.html
  13. neither. The stars were all red with white outline and the cowling was red. Your skin is mix of old and latest P39 Alexander was flying. but depending which period your skin is representing... good job so far btw! https://www.agapemodels.com/2015/12/16/build-report-eduard-148-p-39n-alexander-pokryshkin/ http://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/board/index.php?topic=1367.15
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