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  1. Now the mission 16 Weird mission is really weird. Right after the mission start, the Yellow-1 (I think it's Hoffman's plane) taxis to crash at my plane or the truck next to me. Maybe there is something wrong with the ground taxiing logic. Is any update planned? Thanks a lot!
  2. No native support from IL-2 now, you can check this method from lefuneste:
  3. Mission 12-Santa in V1.02 is much "playable" for me. It is still very challenging but I can see the silhouette of the cargo plane against the twilight sky now. I had to fly very low to spot the cargo plane and turn to catch it on time. The mission was finally accomplished at my third attempt. Thanks for the update. πŸ‘
  4. It's great. Thank you ironk79. I have just completed Mission 08 TheRaid. It worked fine. No problem.
  5. I have completed the campaign. (In fact, I skipped Mission 12 Santa by destroying the truck. It was too hard for me to find the cargo plane in the dark without knowing its altitude.πŸ˜…) I tried three times to complete Mission 15 TheBait_II. The dogfight was very challenging to me, but I did it finally. 😁 The whole campaign was a very interesting and exciting experience. I really enjoyed it. Many thanks ironk79. πŸ˜†πŸ‘
  6. Thanks for the tip. πŸ‘ I tried one more time. This time, after the green flare fired, I only caught one La-5 and the other La-5 escaped. However, I circled above the compound and waited for about 10 minutes. The German vehicle kept parking inside the compound and no red flare. Therefore, I just RTB, destroyed the truck and moved on to the next mission. πŸ˜…
  7. Sorry. I have a problem again. In Mission 08 TheRaid, I killed an AAA Truck and bombed an Armoured Car, then saw a green flare fired from my plane and a German half-track driving in the compound. Then two La-5s dived on me. I shot them down too. After that, I circled above the compound for a while but nothing happened. Then I returned to my base and got a mission failure. I tried again and still failed. What did I miss? Any tips?
  8. Thanks for the tip! I have just completed the mission, finally! πŸ˜† It's really hard to find the way and spot the campfire in the dark. I think I have some kinds of night-blindness. πŸ˜…
  9. I have downloaded and finished the first seven missions. Very interesting and challenging campaign. Thank you. ironk79. (In fact, this Wild-West-style story reminds me of the Japanese anime "The Magnificent Kotobuki" I watched last year. πŸ˜†) However, I had difficulty to complete Mission 3 "Nightwitch". I circled around sector 0718 and nothing happened, so I had to use the alternate way (destroying the truck) to skip the mission. It's hell to fly in the dark...... πŸ˜…
  10. Hi, Andre, I purchased JetSeat SE from you for playing DCS about 3 years ago. I do love it. It's really nice to have the native JetSeat support for IL-2 GB now. I have placed an order of your SimShaker - Wing and look forward to trying it. Please remember to email me the licence key. Thanks a lot! πŸ˜‰
  11. Hi, Jason, it's great news. I'm a native Chinese speaker living in Taiwan. (Yes, we speak Chinese in Taiwan. πŸ˜‰) Please let me know if you need help with traditional Chinese.
  12. Tried Pitool 129 yesterday and found gunsight distortion caused by the propeller spinning with "smart smoothing". Too bad. Such issue was not there with Pitool 121.
  13. Thanks!! This campaign is one of my favorites. I love to play it again in the new version.
  14. Great! It works well in my Rift. Thanks again. lefuneste. Now I can continue my career in Moscow.
  15. Thanks a lot! lefuneste. It works like a charm. Now I can go back to the sky again.
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