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  1. Tried Pitool 129 yesterday and found gunsight distortion caused by the propeller spinning with "smart smoothing". Too bad. Such issue was not there with Pitool 121.
  2. I'm using 20° now. It works fine with my Pimax 5K+. Thanks for the wonderful mod, lefuneste. The values for 20° are following: [Keyh] ; rotate view left ; 20° $cosView = 0.939693 $sinView = 0.342020 [Keyi] ; rotate view right ; 20° $cosView = 0.939693 $sinView = -0.342020
  3. Thanks!! This campaign is one of my favorites. I love to play it again in the new version.
  4. Great! It works well in my Rift. Thanks again. lefuneste. Now I can continue my career in Moscow.
  5. Thanks a lot! lefuneste. It works like a charm. Now I can go back to the sky again.
  6. I just downloaded this campaign and passed the first mission on my second try. (I lost my leader and direction at the first time.) As usual, really interesting and dramatic mission design. (And I love the hand-painted illustration of the mission briefing.) Thank you for the fun, samson. BTW, this campaign should be at 1941, right? The mission briefing says it's "1942".
  7. Yes. I did catch the jaegers on my way home (while I almost gave up). Very interesting and exciting mission design. Thank you!
  8. Thanks for this excellent campaign, samson. After finishing the TAMAN BRIDGEHEAD, I downloaded and challenged this COLD WINTER, Again, amazing experience. I did enjoy this campaign with VR. (And there is no turbulence causing motion sickness in this campaign. Really nice to VR player.) BTW, in mission 10. HUNTING JAGERS, the mission briefing says "The German hunters should appear at sector apx. at 7:10 - 7:15.". However, when the mission starts, the time is 8:41 already.
  9. Really nice. Can't wait. I just wonder: Can we adjust the waypoints by ourselves?
  10. This 3DMigoto mod is amazing! Thank you very much, lefuneste. Now I can identify bogey much better. This mod is definitely a must for VR player. And thank you, SCG_Fenris_Wolf. Your setting is exactly what I need for the night missions.
  11. Actually... no, I didn't land on the island because the Spitfire flight was coming.
  12. I just passed the final mission. Really nice campaign with VR. Thank you very much. samson. BTW, one thing bothered me in my playing with VR is the "turbulence". In some missions, e.g. mission 7 and 13, the turbulence was very strong and caused motion sickness in VR. Therefore I had to reduce the value of the turbulence setting by myself with the mission editor.
  13. I just tried out several taking off and landing with VR. Very nice. I do love it! Thanks a lot!
  14. I have heard Gametrix JetSeat works great for DCS. Therefore I put an order of JetSeat already. I hope IL-2 BOX will support it soon.
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