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  1. Hello, I was once a dev on the original IL-2, I built the Pe-2 cockpit. After that I built a Lancaster MK. III in regular and dambuster config to IL-2FB spec. It's currently up on TurboSquid, but I'm happy to provide the model for free, and include the references I gathered from visiting the MK. X in Ottawa to the dev team. At least the textures will surely need an update to modern spec, and it needs LODs and a damage model, but if it helps move IL2 forward I can help do that too. Here is the TS listing https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/lancaster-iii-3d-model/513311 I also have a fully built radioman cabin for the Pe-2 that was never used in IL2FB. The gameplay value is.. Limited, but it's an interesting space. Would love to see it implemented. Happy to discuss, if there is interest.
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