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  1. Anything about more complex radio system ? (calling base, ground crew, rearm refuel maybe ?)
  2. Can someone make highlights ? I dont have a time now to listen 3 hours of it, but im curious :D Also, Is it correct that BoBp will come fall 2019 ? That means 2 years in development ? Just asking.
  3. I love warhammer 40k here s head of primaris captain im doing now, its a bit messy yet, but im gonna work on it more (height of the head is arround 5mm)
  4. there is Bf 109 doing barrel roll, seems pretty close to what we have in the sim, im happy with new flight model, its challenging because you just cant correct your attack angle as easily as you could before, but i think its how it should be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amcgFddG9II
  5. We need your server, its the best there is i so look forward to play your campaigns on BoK map
  6. When i tell my friends if they would like to play BoS with me, they laugh at me for being nerd and spend their money for booze and drugs... :D
  7. agreed, i wish we had advanced engine damage modelling and fuel managment (fe: fuel tanks), but im confident it will all come
  8. I just saw the trailer again, it feels a lot like Ch. Nolan Dunkirk :D
  9. It is very basic though, just general concepts without any numbers to look at, but i guess it fits "introduction" description :D Sadly i dont have enough time to translate this : http://www.palba.cz/viewtopic.php?t=3027 thats pretty exhaustive
  10. I cant find the roadmap for BoK anyone knows when map was scheduled to release ?
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