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  1. Would you mind adding this one? http://www.mediafire.com/file/s9gi91uqqwm6l2a/CHILL31.dds/fil szelljr made it
  2. Who moved this? Put it back in FC please! I dont want to sift through all of the other stuff to find FC info...
  3. I love the way people are flying in these missions. There is a lot more group flying than I remember, and dogfights are happening with great intensity and disappearing as quickly as they began. It has a wonderful WWI feel.
  4. It should not be possible. These planes are literally made of the kinds of things you would like to have handy if you were trying to start a fire... Anyone have an account of a pilot diving and putting out the fire?
  5. For all of the WWI flight sim fans, we are organizing FOUR rotary powered Fokker Dr.Is to fly together October 2-3 at Dawn Patrol 2020! No one has seen and heard this in over 100 years! I am super excited about it!😁 As part of this journey, I am planning to take a PC setup and have Flying Circus available for people to give WWI flight simulation a shot! I should have the Camel stick sold by @vonrickenbecker by then, so people can try it with a real Camel control stick! If you are interested, it would be awesome to see you there! If you don't mind contributing, we sure could use the help covering travel expenses...We calculated it will take $10,000 dollars in travel expenses to get all four aircraft to and from the event. We should get a lot of awesome video out of the event to share with everyone! PLEASE make a tax deductible donation to this historical cause and/or join us in Dayton, OH! Any amount helps! and share this with anyone you know who loves aviation and WWI aviation history. Donate Here Thank you! Chris
  6. I have to put this on my calendar! that was a lot of fun!
  7. Richthofen said 2-seaters were a more difficult target than the fighters...
  8. Yeah, it is a handful! I don’t care what people say about MvRs flying ability. To use the plane as he did, he must have been good. It is very difficult to control a DR1 precisely enough to shoot another plane down.
  9. I am looking for a German-English speaking person who will translate the Oberursel URII manual 😁 any volunteers? It is 12 pages. With pictures!
  10. Aside from WWI planes, I've flown some high performance planes in legit dogfights, as pilot and as passenger. I've also taken several aerospace physiology courses. I'm not an expert, but I do have a well above average education in it as well as practical experience in a variety of aircraft. For a pilot withstand G forces, there are a several components that play a factor. Natural physiology, anti-G strain, G-suit, pilot position in the aircraft (for WWI and WWII aircraft, pilot position does not vary enough to make a difference). Natural physiology is that the average human sitting in a chair can sustain about 3.5 Gs without blacking out and without performing any anti-G strain. As G forces increase above that, an average person will need to perform an anti-G strain. A sustained G force of 9 Gs is an average maximum. A G-suit gives an extra G of tolerance. The WWI Fokker Dr.I could withstand about 6.5 Gs, obviously highly dependent upon construction quality. This is probably a good average for most WWI aircraft, and the reason I mention that is because we aren't going to see 10+ Gs from a WWI aircraft. We are really talking about G force physiology under 6 Gs. WwI aircraft cannot sustain 6Gs. They can't even sustain 4Gs. In a level turn, max sustained Gs is probably no more than 2, which would be a 60 degree banked turn. (I'll rig up my G meter for my next flight). Momentary (3 seconds or less) G force upto 9 Gs (indeed to double check that) wont even cause a gray out. My experience in WWI aircraft is that it is impossible to sustain 3.5 Gs for more than 180 degrees of turn. I havent entered a turn from more than about 115 mph, but the turns I have done have all been around 2Gs. My resting G tolerance is right about 3.5, and I haven't had even the slightest gray out in my vision. When I was dogfighting in high performance planes, the typical dogfight breaks down into about 4 G sustained turning. Yes, it is tiring after 5 minutes, but a modest G strain will keep the gray away. If you had a fight at 4Gs and then you had to get on it at 6 Gs or more, it could be challenging to keep the gray away. I would not hesitate to say that I could spend 10 minutes or more at 4Gs fighting though. In WWI, I'm not sure if they knew about anti-G strain. In this case, an average pilot would begin to gray out at 3.5 Gs and could black out or suffer G-LOC at anything more than that. ------ Wing vapor trails on a WWI aircraft are a bit of a stretch in my opinion. Vapor trails come from high velocity air creating low pressure vortices off the wing tips. Greatest low pressure occurs with high angles of attack on the wing. Low pressure also increases with increased airspeed. If we are going fast generate high angles of attack, we pull lots of Gs, hence the reason vertices are commonly seen on maneuvering aircraft instead of aircraft flying strained level. In my experience, I have never created vortex trails under 4 Gs...I will be shocked if I ever have the opportunity to make them in a WWI fighter.
  11. Good timing! I just made this video yesterday...I did all of this under 2Gs
  12. He original engines used about 60 octane fuel. I've found guys usa variety of fuels today: 100LL, 93 UL auto fuel, 87 auto 10% ethanol fuel. So far, I have only used 93 UL auto fuel. I will try the 87 though. Nice find! I am putting together 3 engines this year and next year if anyone wants to get some hands on with one. 120 Le Rhone, 130 Clerget, 80 Le Rhone.
  13. A nieuport 17 with 90 hp Tullin rotary engine will be flying in Switzerland soon! The Tullin is a 90 hp copy of the 80 Rhone.
  14. FWIW, I will probably have a chance to fly a 80 rhone pup this summer. So hopefully get a good data capture from that.
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