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  1. Dear Apanos9. John Shoffner is a real - normal person and u can just ask him for his fuel. After short conversation with him I know now that P-47 in IL2 BoX is far from acceptable. Reagards Holy
  2. Dear LukeFF. Before u put any very Biiiiig answer please just insert a video sir.
  3. Gentlemen and dear dev team. This is very good video how taking off in P-47 should looks like. Pilot was able to easy take off with RPM 2550 and MP about 43" with speed about 120 mPh. This beauty was probably fueled almost to full We can not take off in that configuration in IL2BoX
  4. Wirtualny Dywizjon 303 zaprasza wszystkich, ktorzy kochaja latac. Jezeli ogladales ten dokument https://www.hbo.pl/movie/wirtualna-wojna_-72172 i chcesz latac z nami - JOIN IN!!! Zapraszamy https://discord.gg/9N2ZVXr
  5. Hello Baur. Maybe I mised something ( I could not find any clear info about it ) can I attach, plug warthog grip to this beauty warBRD base? Regards 303_HOLY
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