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  1. My dude, YOU made the magic happen. I feel such a fool for not bothering to try that. I unbound the non-mouse axes for head movement and it worked. I had pondered doing so, but figured it would have been futile given that the y-axis was working fine with the exact same respective bindings. Cheers, and god bless you for dropping the line here with the solution. O7
  2. I agree, very strange. The other keybindings wouldn't override the input would they? If that were the case, I would think that other axes would be affected in turn.
  3. Sorry for the delay, I haven't had time to work on flying for the last week or so. When I switched 'old_trackir' to 1 it fails to have any of the axes respond. (I adjusted show trackir and hide freetrack to be sure). I am using the ps3 eye that came with my trackhat kit. What kind of images are you looking for from the software? if you are talking about the video feed; it is all pitch black except the little lights that it detects from my clip. I have created a new profile for IL2 called, IL2test. Moving pitch output to 180deg has resolved the pitch restriction. Further, I have tested the problem by switching the outputs of pitch and yaw to be vice versa of the inputs. Curiously, the yaw worked fluidly for pitch, but pitch input (or rather yaw output) seemed to be ignored entirely. I find it strange that it would seem that the whole thing works fine, except the game just ignores yaw.
  4. my min size is 2.5 and max is 50.0 for point extraction. The octopus moves correctly, yaw and the whole nine work in war thunder, just not IL2.
  5. I can give the pitch adjustment a shot, but what about the inability to yaw? How would I increase the pixel coverage?
  6. Thanks for getting back to me, I am using Opentrack with the Trackhat setup. I was using the Trackhat software but for some reason I moved to Opentrack. The Trackhat software is broken for me in IL2. Trackhat software gives 5-6 for the top 2 leds and 3-4 for the bottom. Open track gives 7+ for the top 2 and 4+ for the bottom. (in px). everything is mapped and functioning properly and works seemlessly for war thunder in all 6 axes. Opentrack 2.3.10 is what I am using with freetrack 2.0 enhanced. I have the mappings dialed in for war thunder and I see them moving, but no response for yaw in the game, and pitch gives about half what it should. Other than that, x,y,z, and roll are working as intended.
  7. Hey all, I am trying to get my headtracking set up in IL2 so I can fly comfortably. I have gone through the trouble of working it out in war thunder, but when I come to IL2 I have a limited range of pitch and yaw doesn't work at all. I tried switching the output even so roll is yaw and that didn't work either, which I thought was odd. I would really love some help with this, I am coming to a head on what I can think to do on my own. Much Appreciated, Doomerz
  8. I gather that (given that at this point we all have flight modules) a player can drop into another player's plane as a crew member. can people without tank crew drop in as a tank crew member when it is released? Can players who only purchased tank crew turn around and fly crew for aircraft?
  9. So I have been pondering, and without clear answers have come to question: Can someone with just one of the modules, say BoS, drop into a tank on an online multiplayer server? and vice versa, if someone has the tank crew module, can they jump into aviation servers and serve as crew in a multi-crew aircraft? What kind of limitations are there on players with only one of the BoX, tank crew, or Flying Circus in terms of multiplayer server play? Anything else interesting upon this or a closely related topic is also welcome. (also, though unrelated, I have all 3 bindings for pilot head rotation to my hat -one pure and two diagonals for a given direction, as it doesn't read as an axis- leaving me without my mouse to control the gunner's orientation. Do I have to rebind every time I want to be a gunner? This leaves me out of switching to gunner without pausing the game which is unfortunate.)
  10. tried to use my rise of flight discount and stuff and there was an error with the order, now it will not allow me to use the codes any more.
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