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  1. I wish for a Quick Mission Builder like we had in old IL2, great for those of us with little free time to set up some quick off-line fun and practice....
  2. Thanks, will see what i can find. In Meantime i can play COD but i think they are switching to DX11 at some point as well, so I will have to try to upgrade at some point.
  3. Hello, I have recently come back and also have this error message, i assume now the game uses DX11 that having an ancient system with a GT 240 is the reason? is this the end of the road for now for me as upgrading my system isn't really an option at the moment?
  4. Oh dear. I think I hear the Katyusha's incoming.....
  5. So good it comes in biplane and monoplane editions, that's what it is!
  6. Well the Russians were unimpressed and now pork it in computer games to annoy the West I believe, and us Brits were so impressed we made the Hawker Fury, which due to the collapse of the Empire we can't get made in a (unmodded) sim
  7. Course he is, everyone knows it was the Avro Rota mk 1 that won ' teh war'
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