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  1. Any pictures of the 109 or 190 yet?
  2. Thanks for your feedback Guys. Working on a new Bare Metal Texture for the Underside. Hope it will come out nice when its done. Greetings Paganizonda
  3. Good Day Gentlemen, maybe some of you know my Warthunder Skins. After a longer break from Skining i´m finally back in the Mood for hours and hours of Photoshop. The next Skin after my Fw190D-9 Blaue 12 : i´m working on at the Moment is the K-4 Weisse 8 of JG52. First and early W.i.P Screenshots : Historical Correct Screens: Comments and Feedback are Welcome. greetings Paganizonda
  4. Finally Done. Thanks ICDP for his wonderfll Template. Without this Skin would never been made. and Thanks to Flowbee and his Help too! There is even a Short Color Movie on Youtube , where Blue 12 gets towed by US Ground Personal after the Pilot surrendered on 8 May 1945 : Tryed to get the Skin looking real as possible. Some Details: Hope you Guys like my first Skin for Il2, maybe there could be more in the future. Download : https://www.mediafire.com/view/djksr70gseq6cpp/Fw190D9_Blaue12_JG6.dds/file comments and Feedback are welcome And Yes, i forgot to use the Blown Canopy for the Screenshots, sorry. greetings Paganizonda
  5. Had time to work on my Blaue 13 finally. Upload in the next 2 Days ! Greetings Paganizonda
  6. Sad, was hoping for a Ta-152 and a Mosquito. But the Yak-9 and Hurricane are nice Planes too.
  7. Oh please stop crying like a Baby, people like you are the problem in the modern World, getting offended by everything!
  8. Still working on Blaue 12 from JG6 in my (rare) freetime , release should be soon. Hope you Guys like what u see. greetings Pagainzonda
  9. Working on Blaue 12 from JG 6 at the Moment. Some W.i.P. Screen : Hope you Guys like it , greetings Paganizonda
  10. hello , do you know that someone on Facebook do selling your Artwork as prints on Facebook ??? https://www.facebook.com/Panzerblog/ or is this you ? greetings paganizonda
  11. Me too , same Bug and drives me nuts !
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