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  1. Hi guys, curious about the front line activity/density setting in the IL2 career. Is there a substantial difference between medium and heavy? I had it set to heavy for a bit but the sky seemed so full and out of control lol I'm not well read on the air war on the Russian front - is this normal/realistic ? I'm finding like 5-7 planes to shoot down per flight before I run out of ammo and just have to go home otherwise I'd still keep going. I've only flown 4 mission and have almost 20 kills already.
  2. I certainly hope that's all it is because this is getting really expensive lol This PC is a money pit. New power supply should be here Thursday. I'll check the clock speeds if I get a chance before then. Im too lazy to tear open my machine to see what the wattage is on the one I have but its at least 4-5 years old now. Its definitely not higher than 550 or 600 which is what I think I read is more optimal for Rift setups especially with a lot of USBs and heavy duty graphics cards, nevermind overclocks etc. Would also explain why I cant overclock the CPU or GPU any further without my PC rebooting. There were factory installed options for overclocking up to almost 5ghz but I can only get away with 4300-4.4ghz or so. Anything higher and it just crashes on startup and reboots. I NEED MORE POWER
  3. I think I found the problem. I unblocked some power management settings that were on my USB ports and hubs so windows wouldn't shut them down. It worked for a few minutes but then crashes entirely, forcing a hard reboot of the entire machine - so I'm guessing my power supply is overloaded which makes sense since I did overclock the CPU a little bit around the time this problem seemed to get worse. My power supply is a good 5 years old anyway, im not positive but I think its only 500w tops, maybe even 450.
  4. Well I have a USB hub that my pedals and hotas are plugged into but it has an external battery plugged into it. I hadn't considered the mobile phone aspect, it's possible I suppose.. Now im wondering if perhaps its the headset that has a problem? I keep finding HARDWARE HEALTH: BAD message lines in the dump files but apparently that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Another odd thing is - if I try to set up the rift through the oculus app, it doesn't work. The first screen where it shows all your devices plugged in are green and good to go but when I get to the sensor screen it says theres a hardware problem and to try again or skip setup, like it can't detect the sensors for some reason. EDIT: Nevermind, its not the sensors it cant detect but for some reason it's trying to locate an oculus touch that doesn't exist, I don't have, and didn't select as a setup option and won't let me configure the rift without it apparently. I'm sure this has something to do with USB boards as I had a hell of a time just getting it installed in the first place and eventually had to disable a USB controller in the device manager just to get the install to work but that has no effect anymore. I'll try the oculus forums I guess. I tried reddit and the oculus support tickets but neither have been helpful.
  5. Yeah I've uninstalled and reinstalled twice, used the repair tool - no change. Oculus tech support just flat out stopped responding to help requests and my emails. I have a real nice 1500 dollar paperweight and sleep mask. Pretty sweet. I bought a refurbished one too so I can't even return it for a refund. What I don't understand is, it worked fine for a couple weeks with no issues now it wont run for 3 minutes without crashing. Someone told me there was an update that caused problems or something but I doubt I'm the only one in the world with this problem - it has to be something else. EDIT: see above
  6. Yes, the rift doesn't work otherwise if it isn't plugged into the GPU. GFX 1080 Not sure of the brand name, no it isn't its just plugged into the motherboard. All power saving options are disabled.
  7. Hi guys, hoping someone here can help me sort this out. I've tried oculus support numerous times, reddit forums, I have no idea whats going on. My VR setup was a pain to get going but once I did get it installed successfully it ran great... for a week or two. Now I have constant CTD problems that I can't seem to resolve. I exceed all the hardware specs and the compatibility tool is fine. I changed nothing about my setup hardware , software or otherwise. Some of the crash dump logs made it seem as though there was a loss of contact with the sensor and for whatever reason, the sensor disconnects and reconnects at random and when this happens during the application im assuming is what is causing it to crash. I installed a 3.0 USB board to get the rift to work and am only guessing that there is some kind of conflict happening where the different USB boards are fighting over the port? If that makes any sense. I tried all different ports, nothing made a difference. Oculus support told me the best they could figure was that I had a faulty sensor and a couple times I was quick enough to check the oculus UI and it said there was poor tracking quality from the sensor. I bought another one foolishly, but I still have the exact same problem so it isn't the sensor causing this. Theres something wrong with my USB ports or motherboard is my best guess but Im a novice as far as this stuff goes so Im pretty lost as to how to fix this. I would really like to get it to work and start playing regularly with some online squadrons, and to get my moneys worth out of this extremely expensive toy. Any help is appreciated, hopefully this problem sounds familiar to somebody somewhere. UPDATE 1: I seem to have partly sorted out the disconnect/reconnect thing, but unfortunately IL-2 still crashes inexplicably while in game with no error messages. Just crash to desktop. No clue what is causing it yet, I really thought it was the USB thing although that couldn't have helped. It still disconnects but only for a split second and it happens far less frequently and it is just the sensor plugged into the 3.0 port. I have a second one in a 2.0 port that is stable.
  8. Happens regardless of graphic settings, my PC far exceeds recommended specs. Last time I tried to play it crashed while still browsing the career menu. Seems to happen faster and faster. update: last 2 sessions had no issues in 3 hours. This is bizarre lol oculus support staff is no help.
  9. Is there any way to determine quickly why I'm getting CTD all the time playing in VR ? It doesn't happen on monitor. There doesn't seem to be any reason for it like combat or explosions or objects spawning in etc - it seems totally random. Sometimes 2 minutes into a mission other times it can run fine for 35 minutes then crash out of nowhere. Theres no error message, nothing. Just quits to desktop. There are some logs in the oculus folders that don't make any sense to me. Was hoping someone else may have had this problem and can help me. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling everything once before - it worked for about a week and then the problem came back which leads me to think maybe theres some kind of cache or something somewhere that I should empty? I really have no idea anymore, I've tried all the usual stuff. Driver updates, windows, compatibility issues etc...
  10. In the oculus folder there are.. what I guess are crash dump logs - all it says is "renderer process crashed, shutting down". What could be causing that? It worked fine for a week or two. No clue whats going on. Reinstalled Oculus software and game, no change. EDIT: Now I can't get oculus to reinstall again. This thing makes me want to genocide the planet. I think I'm done with this. Was a fun week while it lasted but I'm spending 4x as much time troubleshooting and dealing with mind numbing issues than I am playing the game. Back to trackIR. What a waste.
  11. Does anyone know where crash dumps might be located? For no reason I can figure out, my game just decided it wants to CTD every mission nomatter what. Sometimes right after takeoff, sometimes 20 or 30 minutes in and everything in between. There doesn't seem to be any catalyst I can figure out. It just quits out of the blue with no warning. Tried re-installing and all the usual stuff. No help. Sigh EDIT: Found the crash dumps but can't make any sense of them. Is there a specific program used to view these ?
  12. Yeah those Russian pilots are hardcore lol sometimes they chase me on fire, leaking fuel and oil lol
  13. Interesting, thanks! I am finding the vanilla campaign to be a bit generic after a while. I only ever played 2 PWCG missions I think about a year or two ago whenever it was released, but it seemed much more realistic to metat the time. I'm also playing In VR now so I'm still getting used to that - much more difficult to see anything at distance though. It only works for the BoS portion of Il-2 though, correct ?
  14. Ive just been playing the new updated career mode which I like so far - but has anyone played both extensively? Which one do you find more immersive/realistic ? Thanks!
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