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  1. Tried what you mentioned but no joy.Not installed through steam . Did fit a new main hard drive recently and acronised the original over from the last backup including all installed programes & the game .I shall back up inputs and missions and do a clean instal soon then let you know the results.Thanks for the help.
  2. Hi,thanks for the quck response. I placed a plane besides moving ground objects in the view port and set the ground speed for the calculation ,then traced the road route to target which gave me the eta .
  3. Request : Please would it be possible to have the time of an object reaching a waypoint included in the waypoint text or advanced properties box. Reason: To enable mission builders to co-ordinate group interactions with less need for the mission to be repeatedly tested multiple times to achieve the builders objective.Thanks Outcome :A great reduction in mission building times :ie:Time saved would enable more missions to be built .
  4. Updating the old with new when further inprovements are made is the sign of a group of guys who realy care about the work they produce .Further more ,the former products will always be refreshed and never go stale or loose their appeal. Well done guys ,give each other a slap on the back .
  5. Suggestion: Save imputs under a profile name ie:Save as :Birds Bomber. or Birds Early Fighter or Birds 109 etc etc Reason : Multiple configurations could be stored and applied for each aircraft type making controllers that do not have programmable software easier to configure for different types of aircraft as often commands set to buttons on one aircraft may not be needed on other aircraft ,this would also help FFB2 jockies and other controllers such as the Bodner.
  6. Hi,Great these forum pages ,just edited the registry and solved the same problem . Many Thanks
  7. Type of improvement:Server setup tutorial Explanation of proposals:A Server setup tutorial stage by stage with screen shots from start to launch giving full instructions on how to set up and configure missions for mutyplay on your own rig or a second rig .To include how to run from one instal and use the second account for the server and the first account to fly on the same rig.How to set up on seperate rigs on the same network to include router and port settings in both cases .How to run the server ,console,commands etc . Benefits:Would give the clueless like me a chance to run a server from home for squad mates and invited guests flying "vertual Coops".
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