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  1. I have the same problem as pomdeterre, customization via key combinations does not work.
  2. Stat page works fine for me, however coconut changed the port recently (http://coconutside.eu:8080).
  3. I've had the exact same issue with the Thrustmaster HOTAS X. As I had never tried another stick, I thought for a year that I was just bad at shooting, since I kept wobbling around my target when aiming. I upgraded to the T.16000M recently, and the difference is huge.
  4. Must be doing something wrong then... I'm still losing whole flights of AI 109 wingmen on supply convoy attack missions due to them diving into ground.
  5. @Jade_Monkey I can try. My wife is Russian, so you could also get a female radio operator.
  6. I am German and have experience with voice work. If you need to take some lines in German or English with accents of varying thickness, PM me.
  7. Simmilar to moosya, I built my own setup with a cheap bass amp (30€) and 2 cheap 100W Bodyshaker speakers (14€ each on amazon) mounted below my left and right buttock. That's less than 75$, and it works just fine. The added immersion is awesome.
  8. No squadron here, but I fly 109 in VR, usually on Coconut's expert server (using Coconut's discord). Your time zone might be problematic, but we could make a sortie sometime. Unfortunately, I'll be away from tomorrow until Feb 21, so we could either fly sometime tonight (around 7 pm GMT) or in 2 weeks.
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