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  1. The HARM is very easy to use, its a slightly simplified implementation in the Hornet at the moment, although its planned i believe, to have the more realistic implementation as is in the Viper. Even in the Viper, its still a pretty easy weapon to deploy, once you understand SAMs and there various radars.
  2. Tooling around in one of my favourite parts of the country, Snowdonia, Also the white cliffs of Dover and some SE Kent,
  3. Well, why wouldn't you try this, it was just so tempting...... And I decided to try installing my first free mod to the game to fix the QE2 bridge, which turned out to be very easy indeed,
  4. Had a quick bimble over the 'new' London to see what was what, in 4k ultra settings (hence the magnificent frame rate, lol). Bit disappointed the QE bridge still isn't there, but looking around I think I can mod that in if I want to.
  5. One of my squad mates expressed a little surprise that I was excited about the A6, but I then pointed out how many bombs that thing can carry!!! There's a Forrestal carrier incoming, that coupled with the early A model Tomcat, and A6, to have a Vietnam/South China sea map would be amazing.
  6. After you have that under your belt, I can really recommend the Raven 1 campaign, only 3 missions in myself, but got to say, its so far one of, if not the best single player campaign I've ever done with regards to immersion. F/A-18 Raven One | Baltic Dragon (baltic-dragon.net)
  7. Well, you can always bypass missiles and just use guns...... 😉
  8. I do it, just took it bit of muscle memory! I have actually toyed with the idea of buying something like this, and mounting it to the right of my joystick for this purpose, they're dirt cheap, 20 pounds on amazon.
  9. That's dumb of the qualification mission! Well second tip would be to map your number pad on your keyboard to your UFC keys, makes typing in co-ordinates much quicker!!!! You can still use active pause to enter all the co-ordinates though.
  10. If its starting you to close, slow the procedure down with active pause, and do it like that while your learning, that would be my advice. You know you can slave them directly through the TPod, don't you. Yes, you can edit a lua file, although an option is coming in the gui soon, apparently already in dev versions. for now,
  11. If you have Hot trigger and the launch steering cue, he's locked on, if not he isn't. You can tell he's in TWS by the more narrow radar field of view, the wide one means he's in RWS. The number on the right of the radar contact is launch order and again, shows he's got a lock, and in which order the missiles will fire with multiple targets. Currently, there is no way to make Jester cycle them, although thankfully it is coming at some point, as its a pita when there's a few of you flying together, and all your jesters want to lock the same target as priority.
  12. Goodbye TOMCAT, Hello INTRUDER! Kidding, Still TOMCAT too. Seriously looking forward to the A6, even though its a long way away. I'm wondering if they will model a pilot moustache. Edit, Short video, with Jester making me laugh....
  13. Can't wait for these clouds.
  14. Tomcat is completely different I'm afraid. Different generation, different tech. Some stuff is transferable ish to the Viper.
  15. Nice relaxing landing, in heavy cloud, rain and at night on a carrier,
  16. Jdams are the hardest thing to deploy, If you have two on the same pylon, it gets quite complicated. I suggest starting to learn them with only one on a pylon first. However, you can do some pretty impressive boom boom when you get it right, 8 different targets in one attack run, When I learn new things, I normally make a few notes as I watch a video, nothing much, just key pointers to get me going. I had a whole page, to do the above!
  17. Poor old Lincolnshire, I've read more uplifting World War One poetry!
  18. That's only my personal opinion, take that for what its worth, your mileage may vary! One thing about the A10, is it has so many shortcuts and different ways to do the same thing and requires many more mappings, so that can add and confuse the process sometimes, but may in the long term with in depth use prove easier. Maybe. The Hornet imo appears pretty daunting at first, but its at least a fairly consistent workflow across weapon systems and as you go through them makes more and more sense. Whoever designed the Viper's workflow, deserved a large bonus and
  19. For sure the A10 is harder workflow than the Hornet, for me goes, Viper < Hornet < A10.
  20. Having used Mav's in the Viper, Hornet and the A10, the Hornets mav F's certainly do lock up further away than the other IR mavs, but the Viper has different types, can't remember if the A10 has F's, don't think it does iirc. Anyway, time for a gratuitous TOMCAT shot,
  21. Not when I last tried them a month or go a so, You probably missed this change that happened circa June last year.... watch from around 5 mins on in the vid. Basically, use TPod to find target, arm laser (this is key, switch next to the FLIR on off switch, by right thigh) , make Maverick SOI, then press weapon release twice to fire, first time to start lasing, second to fire. If the laser switch isn't armed, nothing will happen. EDIT, just tested, all is working fine.
  22. Have you downloaded something for the harbour bridge, last time I flew there it looked nothing like that, and as it should look in your front over pic of the YouTube vid.. Fun fact, in the very bottom left corner of your YouTube vid cover, is the botanical gardens, which will always remind me of a lovely Irish girl....
  23. Ha, expect the video content for me to go down rapidly from march to about november... I'm enjoying my quite period of the year, its where I spend time learning stuff for the rest of the year. However, the other part of the year allows me to buy the toys for the next winter!!!! Good luck for your new job 👍
  24. Yeah, I stuck a bit of a cross wind ( was mainly into the wind though) in there, but its the turbulence that I put in that really made it much harder. It really changes things. Have a go for yourself if you want, I'll pm you the mission if you do! Re the Viper, I too think its easier than basket refuelling, and at least on a 4k 32inch monitor I can see the lights, just wish I had a lot more fidelity on my throttle and I'm loath to put a weird curve into the throttle profile, hence the new forthcoming purchase.
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