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  1. These might help, certainly helped me!
  2. Very much looking forward to valhalla myself, after finishing origins and oddessy. Both cracking games.
  3. Oh, this vid is great by the way, Love the comment from C W Lemoine to Wags, 'you're probably actually in jail'........
  4. lol. I was lucky, as I already owned the original, it was only 9.99 for me, and i had enough DCS miles to cover that for free! I love the ability to look at a target, and with one button press slave the Tpod to it and deploy weapons on it. And the laser guided rockets are way way to much fun.
  5. The A 10C II is awesome. Despite the original A 10C being the first module i ever bought years and years ago, I've already got way more hours in this new module. The Scorpion helmet is game changing for ground attack, and having learnt the Viper and Hornet already, was pretty easy to transition that knowledge to the Hog. The loadouts are amazing on this thing, it really is death from above.
  6. Elite is a very good game, although I'm on a year plus break from it, save the occasional trip in vr just to remind myself how beautiful it is. Thats mainly because I'm waiting for odyssey later this year and atmospheric planets to entice me back, to set myself new challenges, as have been triple elite for years now, have every ship, all fully engineered, billions in the bank and full rank with both the federation and empire. Once atmospherics come, i think i might retrace my steps to sag a and beyond, q journey i made back in the early days of the game, when it was a lot more difficult!
  7. A fast mover, and i will fire the game up again. I've learnt that ga flying in cesenas and like aircraft does absolutely nothing for me. Same for passenger big jets. Give me a proper jet or ww2 warbird and I'm back in.
  8. Anyone who has spent any time in the both the dcs editor and the Great Battles editor knows that the dcs editor is way way way more easier to use. Thats a simple undeniable fact. Anyone who says otherwise, their opinion is so clouded and blantantly false, that they are a joke.
  9. Corsair and AI zero and Lexington are being made by the same team, this vid was from, back in may, you'll probably particularly like it landing on the carrier at around the 15 min mark. It's been pretty quite ever since though.... The Marianas map is in house Eagle Dynamics, and will come in 2 flavours, 1940's and present day, and I suspect will be out much much sooner and is definitely happening, and is due to be a free upgrade, which is nice.
  10. And that is a completely valid view point. Time investment is unfortunately the biggest issue, when we can finally afford the toys necessary! But as I said, flight sims are not wives, you are under no obligation to have one...
  11. I was so excited about this initially, and no doubt will succumb at some point, but please tell me for the love of god, sometimes its in the 99.999999999% of just normal space!. You know, regular space with out ridiculous nebula and other eye candy crud!!!!
  12. I agree with you that the i16 is completely out of place, when you consider the other warbirds and maps. It exists though because a team wanted to make it. Just to clarify a couple of other things you've mentioned a few times now, one, the F16's damage model being non existent on release. That is correct. For the few weeks while it was just on the beta version it didn't have one, but first release on stable, iirc it did. It certainly wasn't very long anyway, and I can attest to that as I have died many times in it. Re the Zero, its going to be an ai only accompaniment (as far as we know now) to the corsair and lexington carrier being made, same team making them all. And separate to that is ED's own Marianas map. More generally and to all, one of the things that is being worked on, and is in closed testing right now is an extensive re working of the damage model for all planes, particularly the warbirds as the initial code was never designed with them in mind, as has been repeatedly acknowledged. It is the most anticipated feature coming, that I'm looking forward to. But most importantly, as a few people have mentioned above, all the flight sims we play are just games. I could pick faults and strengths in both il2 and DCS for hours, but truthfully, id rather just play both of them, and bitch about them to my squadmates as we're flying together. Thankfully, i'm not married to any flight sim, and therefore cheating is not a moral issue when i fly one, one day, and another the next as it appears to some people.... Combat flight sims are such a niche product, anyone think any new companies other than 1C and ED is going to be appearing soon, given the huge costs involved now to get models up to what the community demands? Microsoft will be your only hope, so probably best to enjoy what we have. I
  13. That's a straight up screenshot from my computer, I do have a fairly strong system though and play in 4k, not quite but close ish to maxed out. Don't know what setting would cause a washed out look though? Re Tunguska's, they are the most satisfying ground asset to kill, bloody hate them 😪🤣 The ironic thing for me though, is that its il2 that I suffer micro stutters in. Its not game breaking, and I am pretty sure its because I use a msffb2 stick. Always have a wry smile when I read posts about talking the other way around 🙂
  14. That shows that opinions truly are like assholes, lol I've never liked the p47 period, sims, airshows etc, until i got the DCS 47 🤣 its gorgeous...
  15. This thing really is death from above... The new laser guided rockets are awesome, lol, as is the helmet cuing system. And a close up gratuitous shot of the gun.... Going to be spending some time in this for sure now.
  16. I picked up the new A10 for free (DSC miles and already had the old one) Looking forward to using the new helmet mounted cuing system, going to be fun and very effective. As to be over complicated, your mileage will vary. I am neither unemployed (the hours I've been working lately, occasionally seems desirable!) or retired (a distant dream), but can fly the F16 and F18 and use all systems and deploy all weapons in both of them, can do air to air in the F14, have got as far as flying the harrier and the A10. Seriously, once you understand how the various systems work, most of the knowledge is transferable in what you have to do, the only real issue to keep on top of when swapping between planes, is key mappings.
  17. Mavericks and Harms for the viper now too
  18. I'm waiting patiently for any WW2 warbird to be modeled properly (not a crappy port) My hours in the game will significantly go up!
  19. What this game has taught me, is that I have no interest in doing a PPL. I find nearly all the aircraft in this game extremely boring (just a personal opinion, don't get triggered). I think the game itself is exceptional regarding flight, and particularly weather. I can't wait for more aircraft to be added, mainly warbirds. I'm not worried about shooting things (can do that in other games), but just flying around with some decent speed and being able to hoick it around the sky without having to worry about (in reality, sensible) boring structural limits. Can't wait for a Spit or a Mustang, or even better a Tomcat or Viper in this game one day hopefully!!!! Flight sim heaven for me, would be my DCS jets in this environment.
  20. Screenshot taken, think twice before pulling that trigger next time🤣🤣🤣
  21. I don't share your optimism there.... Anyway, a few vids of myself tooling around,
  22. From the inside, whilst wearing a blindfold....
  23. Now a spitfire and mustang, i would be interested in sight seeing in.
  24. I am really very interested in the look of this, but have never owned a non combat flight sim. I know literally nothing about any of the planes on the lists of the various versions in the different bundles. Somebody sell me some thing about some of those planes, otherwise I'm going to have to do a lot of googling!!!! Any ideas what the quickest plane in those listed for release is (I'm, thinking low level mountains in my head)?
  25. They're not, its not a question for debate. That isn't necessarily a bad thing as it enables il2 to have many more planes, and both games have there distinct advantages. As Andy said, choice is good.
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