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  1. Had the afternoon off, so finally sat down an learned how to use laser guided bombs in the F16. How much fun, 17,000 ft, just below mach 1 and bulls eyeing the target, love it 😆😆
  2. I saw a flying i16 at duxford flying legends 10 years ago this july. Was very very cool. Never heard a plan before or since, that sounded quite so 'agricultural' in the air!!!!
  3. Found them, The Spitfire taxing in, and a few pics, Me, and a few other dangerdogz, and with the pilot, Was a good day, right place, right time!
  4. I have sat i that very spitfire with the engine still ticking. The spitfire in question is in the BoB memorial flight, and a few years back a group of dangerdogz were at manston when it was still open, and said spitfire landed there to stay overnight. We helped push it back into the hanger, and the pilot then asked if any of us wanted to sit in it. You can guess the replies!!!!! I'll try to dig out the photos later.
  5. Lent my copy to someone, and i can't bloody remember who☹ Was the main reason i wanted to go to Pleiku when i was travelling in Vietnam.
  6. I've got the huey, and its good fun, bloody hard to master, and a completely different flying experience.
  7. Try it in a tomcat 😉 Connecting to the catapult is somewhat erratic!!! And i have folded, but only because of the grimm reapers super fast cold start vid for the f16, and actually made a check list🤣
  8. We've (dangerdogz) had to roll back to stable for the time being, because its killed carrier ops, killed auto starts on quite a few jets, and multiplayer frames drop massively after a few minutes. I'm still using it as well, because i've got new toys for my beloved F16 (just doing stuff offline in it with the engine already running, i may love it, but not enough to learn the coldstart!!!).
  9. Lots of bugs with this beta, its actually impressive some of the things its managed to break 🤣 The joy of betas🤣 hopefully a hotfix soon👍
  10. The speed mines filled up, buy 2🤣
  11. I'm really looking forward to the new dm changes slated for the next patch regarding ww2 content. Proof will be in the pudding, but sounds like a big step forward.
  12. Most of the single player content in the old il2, was user made, there were hundreds and hundreds of campaigns you could download. Granted there was dgen as well, and there is no equivalent in dcs. That will never happen in this version of il2 regarding user made content, because of the ME. It has more chance of happening in dcs because of their ME. Also the couple of campaigns i have bought for dcs, are very very good (and ironically created by someone who created some of my favourite old il2 campaigns).
  13. The Tomcat is easier to land than the Hornet, the Hornet's engines aren't as responsive as the Cat's. Both are very good fun and very different from each other. Using the Hornet for SAM suppression with HARM's (looking forward to getting HARM's in my F16) and Mavericks is very satisfying, as is shooting planes down with the Phoenix at ridiculous ranges with the Tomcat🤣
  14. Well, there's video of the corsair flying, video of the Essex class carrier, pics of the map, so way before we'll be doing it in il2 if ever. The map is clearly not part of a ww2 module, but will still be also clearly be able to put the Essex class carrier, corsair and ai zero into a more ideal location. Seriously, whats not to like?
  15. So messing around today, I'd already landed, so I jumped in the back seat of DD_Fenrir's Cat, bit less pressure and more ability to mess around in externals😂😂😂
  16. By fly, do you mean operating the systems? Despite not being fly by wire, actually flying it I love. The sabre is much more demanding to fly well to keep you're energy imo, and all props are more difficult than all jets to fly I think. Now, operating systems, jets are way way more work load and harder!
  17. I haven't touched my f14, since i got the f16, but there both awesome.
  18. Don't get attached to anyone in your revolving door of a unit. Your ai brethren have one mission only in them, and they are unlikely to bring their plane back.
  19. B wing 60 rounds, C wing 120 rounds, but yes LF Mk Vc, Clipped, clapped and cropped.
  20. I think you mean mk IXc.... Having it with merlin 66 covers 43 and 44, and with a merlin 61 covers 42, would be great.
  21. The Dangerdogz use Vanders excellent tool 2 times a week, in fact we are right now. I'm only typing this now, because a squad mate shot me right in the face, and i'm waiting for the next Co-op!!!! I highly recommend amongst friends and squads. We're also about to start a campaign with Patrick's excellent tool once a week as well, a P 38 co-op campaign.
  22. Open the radiator,.its manual on the mk V. Drop the rpm within limits.
  23. I wonder if the same person, see last entry, P/O D.G. Mercer of 122 Squadron recorded in his Combat Report for 31 October 1942: I was flying White 1 on starboard side of the formation. Nearing Deal, I saw a FW.190 coming from the town at 700’ heading N.E. I turned on my back, went down, and, closing to 200 yds astern, gave a 4-5 sec. mixed burst – as a result of which, I saw pieces fly the wings of the E/A. Closing further to 100 yds., I gave another 5 sec. burst and saw more pieces fall off the Hun A/C. Finally, I closed to 30 yds. dead astern, and, in spite of difficulty with the E/As slitpstream and a stoppage in my starboard cannon, I got in a last burst. The FW blew up (the flames going over my cockpit) and dived into the water at Pegwell Bay 200 yds. offshore. I claim this FW 190 as DESTROYED. The combat was witnessed by Sgt. Hulse, 122 Squadron, and by the intelligence officer at Manston. I was subjected to flak from our own guns during the entire combat. S/LDR. Hugo Armstrong D.F.C. (R.A.A.F.) of 611 Squadron recorded in his Combat Report for 2 November 1942: I was leading 611 Squadron engaged on Rodeo 107 to Abbeville area. After orbitting Abbeville twice, plots were reported over Amiens, so we withdrew to the coast over the mouth of the Somme. At this time 340 Sqdn. jumped some FW 190's over Berck so we moved north from the Somme and joined the mix-up. We went down on four FW 190's who were weaving in line astern, and then pulled up again to about 18,000 ft. when I saw eight more FW 190's flying towards France. I climbed past them and found a single FW 190 flying straight and climbing slightly. He did not see me, and I was able to get to very close range from slightly below before firing. There were strikes all over the belly and around the cockpit, and the E/A climbed very steeply to port and the pilot baled out as the A/C stalled and fell down. The remaining FW 190's then became hostile and climbed after me; however, when my second blower cut in I was able to get away without too much trouble. I kept climbing to 32,000 ft. and started for home. The FW 190's gave up and turned towards France again, but when I was about 15 miles west of Le Touquet I was bounced by three Me 109 's who must have been at a great height. The first two missed me and climbed again, but the third tried to turn with me and fired a very long burst. After a couple of turns he straightened out and climbed, and I was able to get in two bursts from 350 yds. There were several strikes on his starboard mainplane around the aileron, and on the root. The aircraft flicked a couple of times and went down falling almost horizontally and rolling slowly. I am convinced that this ME 109 was absolutely out of control from the way it fell, but was unable to see any more of it owing to the haze and the other two Me 109's who were getting a bit keen. I kept weaving and they gave up about 15 miles south of Dungeness. I claim 1 FW 190 destroyed. 1 ME 109 probably destroyed. Spitfire Mk. IX of 611 Squadron, Biggin Hill, Summer 1942 Comm. B. Duperier, D.F.C. of 340 (Free French) Squadron recorded in his Combat Report for 2 November 1942: Near le Crotoy, the leading squadron, 611 after one section had unsuccessfully chased two e/a, was turning back towards England. At this moment 340 Squadron found itself in front and up sun of the leading squadron. I turned the squadron to take position down-sun and behind, and in this turn I saw two FW.190 climbing below a cloud layer approx. 3,000 ft below the Wing, slightly N.W. of the Forest of Crecy. I dived towards these aircraft and, trying to make use of cloud cover to approach them, I dived through this cloud layer. Coming out of the cloud I saw in front of me three FW.190’s one at approx. 150 – 200 yds traveling fast in the same direction and almost in my reflector sight. The two others were approx. 6/800 yds. traveling fast, also in the same direction, and 500 ft. below and climbing. I gave a short burst at the first one, from which a large piece immediately flew away – probably a jettisonable hood – and the pilot came out with the white parachute opening. I overtook the a/c and the pilot and could see what was happening. At this time the other two e/a in front sighted our section and began to dive towards le Touquet. Estimating that I would be unable to close nearer, I gave a long burst at the nearest one, which was approx. 600 – 800 yds. and a very long trail of blue – grayish smoke came out of the machine which dived steeply towards the ground. I was still following and firing when I received a warning telling me that there were some more FW.190’s diving towards us. Unable to look behind, I took violent evasive action in which I lost sight of the smoking FW.190 for a few seconds, but later I saw in the same area, a few miles south of le Touquet aerodrome, an aircraft crashing to the ground which a large explosion. No other aircraft were destroyed in this locality. All three FW.190’s had yellow tails. I claim two FW.190’s destroyed. Adj. R. Gouby of 340 (F.F.) Squadron recorded in his Combat Report for 2 November 1942: I was Red 3 and was at 15,000 ft. near the Bale de la Somme when I saw Red 1 and 2 diving to attack 2 FW.190’s 3,000 ft. below us. Coming from behind, two other FW.190’s attacked Red 1. I made a 90 degrees beam attack on the nearest one of these e/a and fired at about 300 yds. range without observing any result. I followed him, however, and was closing up to about 300 yds. and was ready to fire when three FW.190’s attacked me from 15 degrees ahead at 500 yds. range. I made a head-on attack on the one flying in the centre and started to fire cannon and M.G. from 300 yds. I saw his top engine cowling fly away, and something else also cam away but I can not say exactly what it was. A few seconds later black smoke began to pour from the engine. I broke away between 30 and 50 yds. and saw the e/a dive at an angle of 30 degrees towards the sea. I then saw 2 FW.190’s attack me from behind and some more about 300 ft. above. I managed to evade them by diving and set course for base. On landing I found my port wing damaged by a M.G. bullet. I claim one FW.190 damaged but ask for this claim to be reviewed as a result of the note appended by my Intelligence .
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