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  1. Of course in the real world it wouldn't work, or in DCS if there was any wind in the mission, because I don't believe CCRP can account for wind drift. However, you would take a GBU, only need to drop one, and its almost exactly the same what you have to do, as what you have just done (in fact you can be much less precise on your approach), apart from flicking the laser switch to on, shortly before bomb release. This also means if the ship was moving you could still hit it, by placing it in a point track with the TPod.
  2. Walleye is pretty simple with the TPod, I haven't ever used it without though. Don't really like them as they are huge, and cause loads of asymmetric drag after you've dropped one and still have one left, doesn't help they can only go on the outside pylons. Turn the Walleye on, then make TPod SOI, move your TPod to the target, TDC depress (this will then make the Walleye slave to this point and look for a target there once you uncage it). Then make the Walleye SOI, press uncage, it may take a little while for the Walleye camera to find the target where its been pointed to by the TPod, but once the cross has disappeared in front of the WE in the hud, it has (or at least something!) and you're ready to fire. GBU's and JDAM's are my favourite bombs. Oh, CBU's are a bundle of fun to, but the F-16 has the best CBU.
  3. I tend to make my own notes whilst watching the videos, but being able to see the process helps me. Everyone learns in different ways though, so whatever works best for an individual is best....
  4. The TPod is an incredibly powerful tool for ground attack, whether in a Hornet, Viper, A10 etc.. Used in conjunction with mark points (something I'm really looking forward to getting in the Viper in the future) in the Hornet, it means you can find targets from 20 miles plus and then use them on an attack run with Mavericks, something which is great fun, and particularly useful on targets that will fire back. In this vid, I use the TPod to find 2 targets, mark them, and then quickly slave them to 2 Mav F's at max range at 2 SAM sites, so avoiding getting to close to them. I really enjoy using the TPod, and if its available, always take it if I'm doing any type of ground attack. As an aside, I also really enjoy using the HMCS to look at a target on the ground and press a couple of buttons and have the TPod slaved there in the Hornet and A10, very cool stuff! I've never read Chucks guides, so there defiantly not required reading!!!! I prefer to watch videos for things I don't know, along with obviously talking and sharing information with other DD's.
  5. One advantage of CCIP bombing with dumb bombs, is the ability to drop multiple bombs on different targets in one attack run if they are in a line. You can still stay reasonable high CCIP bombing, although the higher you drop the less accurate it will be, If I'd dropped lower the bombs would of been closer to the pickle point, but they were close enough. l Without a Tpod, you'll never get the aim point anywhere near as accurate, so the bombing will never be as accurate. You can still use CCRP in a dive by the way.
  6. I'm afraid your probably doing something wrong then, CCRP bombing is pretty damn accurate considering they're dumb bombs. Engage barometric altitude hold, turn on the ATC (automatic throttle control), move the Tpod to the target, TDC depress to mark the target and then follow the symbology cues, and from 10000ft you can hit a truck, wind notwithstanding. Also, I would very much recommend ditching the TDC on an axis, and use a hat switch instead, its way easier imo, at least that's what I've found, I ditched it on an axis ages ago.
  7. Horses for courses.... I love the design of the F-16, and for me personally I find it by far the most logical and straightforward workflow to do anything in, much more well thought out than say the Hornet where everything is just that little bit (sometimes more than a little bit) more complicated. But I like them all in different ways. I also happen to think that the F-16 along with the MiG 29 are 2 of the most visually stunning looking jets ever made! And that would be a very quick Eindecker...... I love the lack of canopy framing!
  8. Lol, the F-16 is my favourite in DCS, but more people I fly with have the Tomcat and Hornet, so we're doing a campaign with them in!!!! I must make more effort to learn the systems in the Harrier, have it and can fly it, but haven't done weapons on it yet. Also, that was 150 miles each way, not sure I'd want to try that in a heavily laden harrier going treetop all the way..... Fuel might be an issue compared to the Bombcat!
  9. Pfffttt to 250KPH hugging trees. Get yourself a BOMBCAT On our way to bomb an airfield with 12 dumb bombs each, hiding from SAMS on our approach, while a couple of other squad mates were flying Hornets doing SEAD ahead of us for the attack run. Vid will be in 4K and better codec, whenever youtube finally gets around to finish processing it..... I have the MiG-21 and concur its lots of fun, once you accept that on take off it tries to kill you. Every time. The Jeff has never appealed to me, I guess because irl its a poor mans F-16, and I already have that!
  10. I expect I'll like it when I finally get around to getting it, but with all EA Starwars games, I expect it will be slightly disappointing in what it could of been, which is certainly the case for me in battlefront 2, and jedi order, both of which I like, but could of been so much better (I've always loved Starwars!). Personally I would of preferred something like squadrons gfx but with a much more story line based game like the masterpiece that was LucasArts x wing alliance. Now, that was a great game.
  11. It's not going to be EA games, so that's something....
  12. And Nick Grey has flown it many many times personally as an aside.
  13. You could try symlinking perhaps?
  14. Just open the mission in the editor, pick the player flight, change it to the harrier, and save into your missions folder with whatever you want it called. You'll need to make sure the loadout is what you want, but other than that, thats it. Then go to missions and fly whenever you want. I f you want any help, PM me.
  15. Its very easy to open up instant action missions for other aircraft and change them over to the Harrier if you want, takes minutes. I've done it for other aircraft in the past, where I wanted to fly the mission in something else.
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