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  1. Mavericks and Harms for the viper now too
  2. I'm waiting patiently for any WW2 warbird to be modeled properly (not a crappy port) My hours in the game will significantly go up!
  3. What this game has taught me, is that I have no interest in doing a PPL. I find nearly all the aircraft in this game extremely boring (just a personal opinion, don't get triggered). I think the game itself is exceptional regarding flight, and particularly weather. I can't wait for more aircraft to be added, mainly warbirds. I'm not worried about shooting things (can do that in other games), but just flying around with some decent speed and being able to hoick it around the sky without having to worry about (in reality, sensible) boring structural limits. Can't wait for a Spit or a Mustang, or even better a Tomcat or Viper in this game one day hopefully!!!! Flight sim heaven for me, would be my DCS jets in this environment.
  4. Screenshot taken, think twice before pulling that trigger next time🤣🤣🤣
  5. I don't share your optimism there.... Anyway, a few vids of myself tooling around,
  6. From the inside, whilst wearing a blindfold....
  7. Now a spitfire and mustang, i would be interested in sight seeing in.
  8. I am really very interested in the look of this, but have never owned a non combat flight sim. I know literally nothing about any of the planes on the lists of the various versions in the different bundles. Somebody sell me some thing about some of those planes, otherwise I'm going to have to do a lot of googling!!!! Any ideas what the quickest plane in those listed for release is (I'm, thinking low level mountains in my head)?
  9. They're not, its not a question for debate. That isn't necessarily a bad thing as it enables il2 to have many more planes, and both games have there distinct advantages. As Andy said, choice is good.
  10. I live in S E kent, and can tell you the clod map is rubbish compared to the new DCS channel map. The DCS map is the first channel map that actually has a correct height map, and i can fly down all the valleys that i know well, something that always bugged me in the clod map.
  11. I've never been any where near there, so i have no idea!
  12. Several Israelis on the DCS forum say otherwise....
  13. Very much looking forward to this map
  14. Some TOMCAT fun (has to be said TOMCAT, not Tomcat, see C. W. Lemoine's channel for explanation, lol). Me vs 4 Mig 25's, And then some low level dicking around cause its a lot of fun....
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