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  1. Thats terrible news, my condolences to all of his family. He made some great mods for the old il2, and was heavily involved in the fm's of many of the mod planes, did an excellent job with the western front fm's. He was also very helpful and friendly whenever we conversed about stuff, from time to time over the years. Very sad indeed.
  2. P47, P40 and P39. Shame as well, used to really enjoy flying the P40 and to a lesser extent the P39 in il2 1946. Never liked the P47 in any sim though.
  3. I think sometimes people get confused by assuming the tightest turn is the fastest turn, when it isn't. The fastest turn time is never achieved by yanking back as hard as you can, but by maintaining the corner speed for that particular plane, in a sustained turn. Nothing will be able to follow a 262 in a sustained turn at 500kph, that said any prop will be able to turn inside a 262 going at 500kph, becauses of having a smaller turn radius, but that isn't going to likely achieve a gun solution....
  4. None of which are better, low to mid altitude than the tempest...
  5. Thanks! The ai can be somewhat of a menace taxing sometimes, we have found!
  6. Looking forward to the kuban 😎 One question, would it be at all possible to add an option to have all planes spawn on the runways, or is that not possible?
  7. Understandable. It has just occurred to me that I should be able to change the season myself with a simple bit of editing shouldn't I?
  8. Thanks for version 5 already. I am guessing that adding in new maps is a major undertaking, but would it be very difficult to add Stalingrad summer and winter with the same template, for a quick and easier variation in scenery/weather to fly over? Thanks for your work on this, it's very much appreciated!
  9. Thank you so much for this. We've just flown version 4 as a squad, and it was fantastic, just like flying old 1946 co-ops, which was the staple flying of our squad, but in beautiful BoX goodness. On behalf of the Dangerdogz, many many thanks, this is awesome.
  10. That is completely wrong.
  11. I very much doubt you've even played 46 after the relevant patch. Even though the Ai doesn't use the exact same fm as the player, it gives a much better representation of humans, and displays the usage of a variety of combat manuvers which are no where to be seen in this sim ever. It also has the benefit of being able to field more than 20 online without a cray computer.
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