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  1. Midway is an incredibly limited engagement, despite being an iconic battle. Same with Coral sea. Theatres need to be selected that last for a lot longer than a couple of days, otherwise it will be incredibly repetitive, and become stale very quickly, not a sensible way to go. That's assuming they can pull carrier group ops off, with their current high cpu ai routines.
  2. Coral sea or Midway would be incredibly bad choices to do first. New Guinea, Burma or the Slot/Guadalcanal (the latter might be a problem in this engine) are by far the most obviously sensible choices.
  3. Have you seen this? https://www.worldwarbirdnews.com/2019/01/02/unexpected-first-flight-for-xp-82-twin-mustang-prototype/
  4. Some of it. Not so much Tunisia and Malta.
  5. Until you want to put lots of planes in the air at the same time. Battle of Britain in this engine, would be a laughably bad representation. As will any theatre of ops that has big air battles unfortunately.
  6. DD_fruitbat

    Who lives in London, England???

    Bah, its not a true back road unless there's grass growing in the middle of it! Do you still ever make it back to Minster Cat? If so, i'm sure a pint in the Saddlers would be in order!
  7. DD_fruitbat

    The gamer vs the sim/history buff P47

    Whilst i love the 51 and am really looking forward to it, i think i'll give the forums a miss for a month or so after release i think....
  8. DD_fruitbat

    So what's next? (talking about BoX)

    More I suspect. Good effort on your part, love the tempest, thanks!
  9. DD_fruitbat

    So what's next? (talking about BoX)

    Dora will be next, tempest is a long way off, they haven't even got the photos they need yet of the cockpit. Great news that Jason's got access to it now though.
  10. DD_fruitbat

    Kurfürst fans?

    Are you seriously saying there were 1600 K4's flying at 1.98ata, roflmao. Even for you thats a gem.
  11. DD_fruitbat

    Kurfürst fans?

    I think he's just trying out new material for his next Edinburgh show...
  12. DD_fruitbat

    [MOD] Draw distance increase (ships, stalingrad smoke)

    Not unless its a mods on server.
  13. Ignore my edit, lol, you replied as I was typing!
  14. Online with your squad mates? Either way the point remains, plane number limitation under current constraints, makes certain historical scenarios more difficult to implement successfully than others.