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  1. Messing around with DD_Fenrir,
  2. Since we don't have clickable cockpits, isn't this largely irrelevant, or am i missing something, granted i only skim read this thread.
  3. Fly with wingmen, 4 sets of eyes much better than 1 set, saves neck ache and you can chat rubbish at the same time.
  4. Ha, I'm obviously a man of simpler tastes, all i want is time of work, and i can't bloody wait🤣
  5. I wish they would do something. Whilst I find this game in the main incredibly pretty, this is something I really notice after I've been flying dcs (loving the f16 at the moment).
  6. E2 is a myth that doesn't seem to want to die, lol. And up until sept 1940, the E1 was still the most common 109 in the battle of Britain, but hey ho.
  7. While i can see merit in your suggestion, i'd rather get shot down more in 4k goodness than subject myself to resolutions of 10 years ago.....
  8. Are you aware of how many airfields appeared after d day on the coast.... The answer is lots and lots....
  9. Flak trap boars... Sound nasty, wouldn't want to meet one of those buggers in the woods!
  10. Probably something to do with the fact that the invasion was launched across the channel, and allied aircraft were based in England prior (obviously) and after the invasion, and air spawning and despawning sucks.
  11. Mk V has the wrong wing of course though, quite a few visible differences, not least the blister size and rads iirc. And my dream would require two new fm's, mk IX Merlin 66 with different tail and rudder (ok marginal difference, but different non the less) and the merlin 61 engine, but but but Dieppe!🤣
  12. If one is dreaming, Have a C wing on the Mk IX, with the smaller original tail as is on the Mk V before the introduction of the tall tail for the late Mk IX's, and with the option of a merlin 61 as well as the 66 we currently have for an early Mk IX, for late 42 and 43 scenarios on the map, Dieppe, i'm looking at you!
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