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  1. That's my favourite spit, seen it many times, sounds like a mk9, but with the volume turned up to 11😎
  2. Some people here probably fly the game to 'escape' there wives, or at least putting the garbage out, now why do want to remind them of that....
  3. Does anyone know who exactly came up with the suggestion of the Merlin in the p51? would be very interested to know the story behind its implementation. Any recommended reading on its development appreciated
  4. Great patch. Love the new planes, love 150 octane fuel, love the increased visibility options.
  5. Go to apps on your phone, and download E6B pathfinder flight computer. (Many other flight computer apps are available) Put the relevant info in and voila, you'll get your TAS. Really useful for plotting legs and doing blind navigation flying, remember first using it with the dangerdogz, doing an operation Jericho mission in hsfx6 1946, where we flew mosquitos tree top height across the channel all the way to target in blind visibility (heavy snow) using legs created on an earlier veversion of this app and a stopwatch. Very satisfying indeed. Oh, and top speed of an plane will always be TAS at a givern altitude which will be fairly high.
  6. Are you suggesting that, meaning in all theatre's, the pto, or carrier based planes? I can go with carrier based planes, and would probably agree with the pto with the planes in theatre in 1942. However, overall, definitely not, fw 190 a3/a4 is clearly a better combat plane in 42, as is the 109 g2, and the early spit mk 9's with the merlin 60 iirc, which entered service in 42, just to mention a few of the top of my head.
  7. Wildcat and zero was always one of my favourite match ups in 1946 in multi plane engagements. However, I think solely midway/ Corel sea would be a terrible next expansion. The battles whilst historically significant, are just far to short to have longevity. It will get stale very quickly. Far better to do early Guadalcanal, but obviously far more difficult asset wise. It would then also be relatively easy to add midway certainly coral sea as most assets already developed. Also Guadalcanal map can be used for many other planes as the campaign progressed.
  8. Would prefer that, than seeing fields with tramlines in, if people reference more modern images. As someone that drives 4 different sprayers for a agricultural contracting business amongst other things, i am well aware that in the 40's fields didn't have them!
  9. Typhoon and a late griffon spit would fill the 2 most obvious holes in aircraft that were in theatre, but it won't be 2 raf planes i am sure.
  10. I got a rift s a couple of weeks ago, my first vr headset. If by 3rd party you mean steam vr then yes, otherwise it was very simple to set up. I haven't flown on my screen since, but i haven't flown that much due to work at the moment, and one thing I do thind, is that being tired and vr flying is much harder than flying on a flat screen tired...
  11. You should see what fruitbat crap does to cars, a lesson i learnt during the year i lived in Sydney, Australia!!!!🤣
  12. I'm confused by this thread. I never knew that birds exclusively fly near woods and towns.
  13. I thought it finished production around feb/march 44, although could well be mistaken. I was mainly musing about eastern front with that one, i would hazard a guess there were a few still in service late 44 there, but i doubt any still in service on the western front late 44.
  14. Well, i suppose that would make sense, maybe with an A9 as well. What were the service dates for the G6 AS? Could also possibly fit for either scenario?
  15. This. For me the Spitfire MK XIV, Typhoon Ib and Bf109 G10 much more important, due to actual numbers that actually flew on a daily basis during the campaign, rather than exotics, which had a minimal involvement despite being quite interesting. Would love a mossie though that said!!
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