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  1. Clouds (well 2.7) put back a week untill april 7th.
  2. I don't know at all, just guess work on my part. But considering how the intergration of the same pod in the A10, Viper and Harrier is different, in how its used and operated as to functionality and shortcuts, I don't imagine that a completely different pod made by a different company, is going to be laid out in a similar way as we're used to. That said, i don't think it will be anymore difficult at all, just different. We'll find out soon!
  3. Sounds like there's an ATFLIR pod video fairly imminent, should be interesting 🤔
  4. @CanadaOne Cold starting the harrier, is actually incredibly easy, for what its worth. Regarding relearning stuff on the Hornet, HARM stuff i don't mind at all, as brings it more in line with the Viper anyway, and what I've already learnt, plus gives better SEAD capabilities. I have mixed feelings on the ATFLIR pod, lol. Most of me is happy, as its what the Hornet actually had, but then theres the other part of me, that knows its going to be completely different to operate, and probably have to be learnt from scratch!!!!
  5. Well, the patch status page has been updated today....
  6. My money is on, not this week, but within 4......
  7. Wow, blast from the past!!!!! Love the screenshot Oh, I'm still here
  8. Yes, I have just tried them to see. The biggest problem is getting a decent point track on the target. In the vid above, (you'll have to forgive the few active pauses, as I had quickly changed an existing mission I had and spawned way to close to set everything up properly), I had to re jig my position to get the telegraph poles and cables away from the line of sight to get a good point track. Remember to go to white hot or black hot to get the point track, as its much better than the TV. Once you have the point track, fire laser, SSS depress twice to u
  9. So have finally, after a couple of rather half hearted vague forays, actually learnt the Harrier after having it for 6 months or so. Once the mystery of the SSS switches was unravelled, it actually wasn't as difficult transitioning as my first impressions had suggested. Its a fun plane, and having laser guided rockets on another plane other than the A10 is always a plus! Using IR Mav's to hunt tanks, The endless fun of laser guided rockets, And genuinely my first attempt at landing on the
  10. End of the month, as it stands.
  11. More new cloud pics,
  12. Bats are awesome (ahem). Flying rats that think they're submarines....
  13. Mmmm, Spitfire! Whats the cockpit like ?
  14. I'm afraid it's probably a result of his favourite curry house closing down. It's hit him hard.......
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