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  1. Don't like it? Don't play it. See? Cheap argument, but kinda funny that we wouldn't have this pointless discussion again if you'd followed your own line of thinking before.
  2. Because the admins stated multiple times that they will not forbid chute killing and do it themselves very openly. I mean yes, you can make that poll, but without the admins openly saying that they will bow to the majority on this, which they never did, it's pointless.
  3. The same discussion every bloody campaign. 🤮 I'm not a fan of chute killing myself but it's a reality of this server, and part of the winning strategy itself, because pilot lives are a resource. If you do not want to participate in this kind of gameplay, just don't play on the server. There's no use in having this discussion over and over again, since the admins have made their position on this very clear and it's not likely to change. Just let it go, people. It's the deadest of horses you're beating here and no amount of proclaiming your internet virtue will make an impact on that.
  4. Love the new balancing tool. A soft approach that stops the balance from spiraling out of control.
  5. I don't really have that experience you guys are all talking about. The only server I played on where you get unlimited K4's and stuff is KOTA. That's their decision to make. If they think that's acceptable, then yes, we have an imbalance in the planeset. But it makes no sense to moan about the way these planes in this !Early Access! title are released, if the true problem is not the release order but shitty mission design. Even with all planes of BoBP present it would be a ridiculous decision to put the 262 into a server without numerical limitation. It would instantly kill the meta and there would be 2 engagements: Engagement 1: Oh, this 262 pilots doesn't know his arse from his elbow and turns with my prop plane. Sweet, free kill. Engagement 2: Damn, this 262 pilot knows what's up, he keeps slash attacking me while being basically untouchable. Bugger, guess we're evading for the next 15 minutes. So a modicum of common sense will have to be present with the server admins for this plane to work anyway, regardless what's technically possible/released. The solution is simple: Don't play on badly designed mp servers and make your complaints heard in their threads in the mp subforum so they hear the public opinion and hopefully fix their servers or suffer the consequence of the server being empty. Problem solved.
  6. Yes, all the server owners will immediately put in the Me262 without hesitation or limitation and thus end all resemblance of balance and meta on their servers. The world as we know it will end in a whimper. *Dies Irae in the background*
  7. 1. There is minimal movement if you chose to switch on the option. 2. The pilot is strapped in, it's not like his body is moving all that much in his seat. 3. Please no violent shaking of the head, that's gonna make people puke and it's gonna be annoying as hell.
  8. The fact that you even try to defend this boggles my mind. This is not about rules, this is about committing [edited] or not. There might not have been a law in the olden times to not shit into the village well, but people were smart enough not to do it anyway.
  9. Monitor and graphics settings provide an excellent spotting experience in normal light conditions when you get used to it. I can reliably spot stuff at max distance for the most part. The devs have adressed the render bubble multiple times, it won't change anytime soon according to them. So there's not a whole lot to respond, really. "I can't spot well" is not really something a coherent response can be formulated for. Use the tips the guys in here gave you, they are valid and worked for me for a very long time.
  10. Goddamn, that's some quick work if I've ever seen it. I was hoping for "maybe before christmas" not "next day". Thank you Han and team! Enjoy the holidays.
  11. Nope, I talked to the guys on TAW and experienced it myself. Everything basically instantly dies right now. I really enjoyed 3.008 and I think there has been some issue with 3.009 regarding the DM or bullet modelling. This is my last sortie on TAW just now before I decided to run for my life and stop until a hotfix is out. As long as I have my life. xD The Spitfire basically immediately exploded and broke in half and rambo in the Yak, blessed be his soul, not only got insta-destroyed, but died on top of it. I know the holiday season is right on our doorstep but I would really, REALLY appreciate a hotfix for this...or just a rollback. 😆
  12. Nah, I totally get him. Must have been a frustrating experience. But a refund? After that amount of time? For the joystick, which is discontinued since forever? Come on mate. ^^ You know that's not gonna happen, which is why you're not writing their support (whis is whom you'd be adressing if you were serious), but you're writing in here. Some people will find that funny (me), some will debate possible rights and legalities or join you in your quest (possibly with outrage) and then the mods will probably close this baby right up, since "How can I get a refund I'm most def not entitled to?" is not really a topic people like on their forums for their own product. ^^
  13. Fatality... xD Nice and informative DD, keep it coming.
  14. Last thread about this was deleted, was will this be, probably. It never was just about Germany, the same problems are true in Russia to a degree and probably in a few other countries, which is why Jason was very clear about this in the past. So don't hold your breath.
  15. Goddamnit, Luke. The necromancy was totally uncalled for, some things are better left to die. ^^
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