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  1. Forget all that did not like. The tournament was held and I am pleased to congratulate the organizers on this.
  2. dear pan, and how often have you seen taW bots?
  3. disgusting server. he cannot pull even 50 players! I am sure that the time delay schedule I was sure of was: this is unacceptable. urgently needed to redo the mission. specifically, to leave the minimum necessary entities in the game, reduce the number of icons and not use smokes and bonfires. and further. one friend of mine wrote: "If the sum of the fields and respawn points of tanks in a heavy mission is more than ten - this can be considered a "shot in the foot" to your server. "He has been programming in IL-2 for a very long time. I wish my post to be read. Maybe in a few years, when we all have quantum computers, we can really enjoy the game of IL -2, but for now, let's have a little. rgr
  4. not. you're wrong. in il2 everything is the same as in rof. the file .mission is too large and this creates difficulties when connecting a large number of players to the server. The file .msnbin is compiled and allows you to quickly download the mission. I know it so-so I created missions in IL2
  5. 1. Congratulations to the organizer of Black September. Great holiday for aviation enthusiasts WWI. 2. I have a some questions for the server host. Why was the mission file version bs4lapino.mission ???? it overloads the server! ask the developer to issue a mission file for the server bs4lapino.msnbin. version .missionis needed for debugging the card only
  6. Mission ended without result. The red team could not prevent the bombing of the city. The blue team could not hit all ground targets. Special thanks to the pilots of the squads who took part in the event. Especially the pilots of squad JG4! Good work, guys! S!
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