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  1. Same for me. I was just on 1 hour ago and no problem. This doesn't happen very often. I would say they have issues with their server.
  2. pomdeterre and Lefuneste, Thank you both for your help. I have gotten rid of the file conflicts and my zoom is restored. I'm in business. Thanks again for this great mod!
  3. Hey Guys, I have greatly enjoyed VR since this mod became available. I had been running version 11.3 until lately. A couple of weeks ago I decided that it was time to upgrade my computer (Win 7) to have a better more powerful VR capability. Once I was up and running, I found that of course there had been an update and this mod again was broken. I have been trying to get zoom to work again (Oculus Rift) but no joy. I tried the most recent 13.1 Rift preset version but trying to get convergence or divergence using the shift/end keys doesn't seem to be working for me. Another issue, trying different versions, I got a mess of shaders files that are in conflict and when I start the sim, I get about a dozen or so notices that there are file conflicts. So I'm not sure what folders/files to clean up to get rid of the conflict. I use the uninstall. bat file and I have deleted the mod folder to try and make sure that it is all clear, but even doing that I still show shader file conflicts. Can someone give me direction on what and where folders/files that need to be deleted so my conflict is resolved. Then, possibly what I can do to get the zoom feature fixed? I have only used this mod for the zoom capability so having shader file problems is ironic. One other comment: I think we who use VR in Il2 are in agreement that this mod is absolutely essential. Couldn't we enlist 1C developers to work with this mod to try and resolve these continuing conflicts when updates are made? Updates will always be made and I think that Lefuneste will pretty soon get tired of the constant attempts to fix the mod. Perhaps it might be as simple as getting 1C developers to modify their in-game VR zoom to be more powerful so that we can eliminate this constant back and forth fixing of the mod. I am sold on VR. I can't see playing this sim without it, it is that important to me.
  4. Thanks for the response . This was in quick mission and I did have realism set to normal. It doesn't show you what normal settings are. I switched to custom and verified all the squares were unchecked. That was it. The throttle responds as it should now. Appreciate the heads up. However in manual prop mode there is a disconnect between the clock and the help text. They are not in sync.
  5. No response. Nobody has experienced this behavior from the G6 when you've flown it? Perhaps one of the developers could respond?
  6. I don't know if this is a bug or not. When flying the G6 in auto prop mode, the plane will not take manual full throttle but will within a second or two decrease throttle setting to something less. When attempting to force the throttle back to full, it will again self correct by decreasing the throttle setting. It will not obey the manual input at all. If I switch to manual prop mode, then the throttle will stay as I manually input. Is this as it was programmed to be? Second, in manual prop mode, increasing to full pitch (i.e. 1230 on the clock) the text accompanying shows the exact opposite, i.e. it shows decreasing pitch. The text shows zero pitch but the clock shows 1230.
  7. I have very high speed internet. Usually the patches download very quickly. This week with the new patch, I am getting a fraction of a kilobyte, like 0.16 and sometimes less download speed. 115 meg is taking hours to download. Is there a problem with the download server? Also, every time I start the launcher, it starts the patch download all over again. Two days in a row, this has happened. I haven't heard about any mini updates to the new patch so I am not sure what's happening? Is this happening to others?
  8. Wow some controversy. As it happens I did read the BoK info but missed that part. When I purchased BoS and BoM I received the collector planes so I thought along those lines. No big deal just misunderstood the details. I am enjoying the G4 and I purchased the new Yak before so I'm happy. Basically I wanted to Support the sim.
  9. Stupid question I guess. Just purchased Battle of Kuban. Checked out the G4 in quick mission. I didn't have the Ju 52. I thought that the collector planes would be included with the purchase. So I guess I misunderstood? You have to purchase that aircraft separate?
  10. Yeah, actually with a little practice this seems easier than the old Yak.
  11. Okay, checking the specs in the game and the tail wheel is indeed controlled by the rudder. So no issue. Just need to learn how to steer without using the rudder.
  12. Didn't discover this issue until tonight although I've had the new Yak for awhile and didn't notice this before. The issue is that I have the tail wheel unlock/Lock command controlled by a button on my joystick. The new Yak tail wheel unlocks when I use the rudder to control yaw direction. Simply moving the rudder back and forth locks and unlocks the tail wheel. I changed to the old Yak and the tail wheel for that is controlled by the button on the joystick. Is this a glitch with the new big update? It's not possible to taxi with this problem?
  13. Voidhunger I use 368.81 drivers also. Based on your PC stats, I am similar to you except I have I7 3770K oc to 4.4Ghz and I'm running Win 7 64. I also play IL2 CoD and this effect does not appear in that sim. This is the only sim that this effect shows up. I use NVIDIA Inspector for settings. I have used that to set up anisotropic filtering. It has helped a little but the effect is still there. This is only when I have clouds in front of me as I fly. Clear sky, it doesn't appear so I am thinking that it has to do with the anisotropic filtering somehow. Thanks for responding. Also GIAP//SAG thanks for your comments. I'll do a search and see if I can find HerrMurf's settings.
  14. Man 147 views and nobody has this issue? I know its hard to visualize without a video. If you had it you would know it. So I guess my next request should be, if you have nothing like this, please let me know what NVIDIA drivers you are using and if possible post your in game graphics settings and your control panel or NVIDIA Inspector settings. This would be a great help so I can compare my settings to yours and see what the difference is.
  15. driftaholic, Did you sell your G940 yet? I just saw your post. I have a G940 but the cable out of the joystick broke so I can't use it.
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