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  1. The great thing about DCS is they have an excellent Editor to create missions or substitute aircraft in established missions.
  2. Thanks Pat for all your hard work. Thank you!
  3. Tried a few missions out so far and very immersive.Hopefully new stuff will be added to FC soon so that PWCG FC can be even more improved. Great work Pat!
  4. It totally depends on your system (video card,cpu, memory,monitor etc.) Usually flight sims should be toned down from 3840x2160 unless you have a good set up. Just to ask if it will work on a 4k monitor @ 3840x2160 without the other information is really a shot in the dark with no real answer possible.
  5. There has to be more than just flying the WWI planes. Though they are fun there needs to be the immersion into the era with the major events that the pilots experienced on the battlefield both in the air and on the ground. Graphics should always be improved because that's what keeps many flight sim players interested. Even if a pilot career is not in the works for FC1 a Dynamic Campaign Generator by someone like Pat Wilson would make the game much better . Pat Wilson has commented that unlike RoF FC1 at present does not have that many assets to include in a campaign generator except for aerial combat which is good but it's not enough. When more assets are added into FC1 Pat has said he would add those newer assets to the Dynamic Campaign Generator.
  6. Buy it now or later if you like tank sims if tank sims are not your thing then it's an easy no. There is nothing else out there.
  7. Why hesitate if you can afford it there are really zero tank sims out there being updated and TC will only get better (also in VR ).
  8. Bought the game probably simple answer but why does TC say 10 tanks included and only 8 are in the drop down tank menu ( to come in a patch?)
  9. I probably read it wrong but I remember reading that TC included missions on the game description page not just quick mission builder (this was in addition to the coming campaign). Now it is no longer there did I get it confused with some other game?
  10. Are the campaign missions scheduled to be released later this month totally different missions than the missions presently included with TC? What I am saying is are they totally new missions in the campaign or adapted in a campaign style using some of the previous missions?
  11. Thanks Pat that is great news. If it's anything like your BOS or RoF it won't disappoint and will be great quality.
  12. Discussed here on Stormbirds Campaign coming possibly by end of month. https://stormbirds.blog/2019/10/11/il-2-dev-diary-focuses-on-clouds-new-tanks/
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