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  1. I managed to get ReShade working except for this only on the menu/loading screens but not when the game is running. Any idea how to fix it? It seems to happen with the builds that actually work and load pre-sets correctly in game.
  2. For now this is probably more work than it's worth. I've tried several builds and re-named following the instructions and it loads but best I've gotten is it stops loading at file # 39 out of I guess 100. Anyhow I hope it's worth the trouble because 5.001 and Desert Wings already look pretty good on my rig maxed out.
  3. Why are profiles for T.16000M FCS HOTAS so difficult to come across with BoD?
  4. I read that ReShade_Setup 4.7.0 glitch with CoD doesn't allow for menu (either Shift F2 or Home) but it does load the shaders. I will test it tonight.
  5. FYI ReShade_Setup 4.7.0 (latest build) works fine for me 5.001 and Desert Wings.
  6. I couldn't find actual profiles to install for Cliffs of Dover (preferably not Target). Anyone have links to some profiles not just the diagrams. I was thinking of just using the diagrams for IL-2 BOS if there isn't anything out there.
  7. If ReShade doesn't improve things that much maybe I'll play it safe and not install it or until CloD uses the newer technology of the updated ReShade shaders. Maybe someone has more to add about ReShade would be appreciated.
  8. Are you using ReShade for the new 5.001 and Desert Wings? How is performance with ReShade?
  9. Are the flight characteristic improvements and plane improvements both inside the cockpit and outside the aircraft the same in COD and Desert Wings? Or are the theater and campaigns the only real differences and not the flight models and textures which are the same for both in 5.001?
  10. The great thing about DCS is they have an excellent Editor to create missions or substitute aircraft in established missions.
  11. Thanks Pat for all your hard work. Thank you!
  12. Tried a few missions out so far and very immersive.Hopefully new stuff will be added to FC soon so that PWCG FC can be even more improved. Great work Pat!
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