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  1. Any chance that a career mode will be included with the Arras sector?
  2. Just purchased and hopefully someone can explain what exactly is the timetable and what is the content to be included in Flying Circus Vol. 1.
  3. greywulf


    The major reason I purchased Flying Circus at the current state of the game. I hope they add the map soon and a campaign/career choice. That will make it so much better and appeal to more people. Great potential bringing the era into modern computer graphics on par with BOS.
  4. Other peripherals disconnected and IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz recognizes my Warthog Hotas right away first try bravo! Not IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad nightmare so far. It recognizes the imput for axis assignments but does nothing with it. What good is it having a awesome set up with Hotas and stands if the devs can't get it working on the Hotas side?
  5. Ok after an entire day of playing around with various settings in Oculus, Oculus Tool Tray, Steam VR and IL-2 graphic settings I have come to this conclusion for my computer. None of it matters much. Out of the box IL-2 @ 2560x1440 with almost every graphic at max in VR and default Steam VR and keeping OTT at 1.5 PD w/ASW in Auto is what I am keeping it on for now. If I change things around I don't get more or less fps. Usually 40fps when on or very close to the ground in a mission with other aircraft and 50-80 fps higher up in the clouds. From my experience with general and commercial aircraft in flight sims needs to be at least 30fps + to get the true speed of the flight. Also changing PD from 1.5 to 2.0 did nothing that was noticable to me. It may have even made it ever so slightly more blurry.
  6. Thanks for all your help still learning and just added 10ft to display port and USB to reach my playing area. All is good so far. How would I get IL2 to launch directly from "Profiles" in Oculus Tool Tray? The "exe" appears for a moment then is gone and the game doesn't launch. Isn't that the only way to really ensure the PD and other changes made to IL2 will take effect?
  7. An issue I've noticed from the beginning is that when in VR mode and the headset is adjusted properly everything looks clear only when I look through the very center of the lenses.The sides up,down,left and right seem more hazy and not as crystal clear as dead center. It's as if the entire lense is not being utilized 100% only the very center. I have my IDP set correctly.
  8. Is this what you are referring to? http://
  9. What are your settings in OTT? I like HDR on and only setting I changed in OTT was PD to 2. or 2.2 for now getting good fps.
  10. Is it ok to allow Steam VR to automatically run with OTT profile also running?
  11. DCS has an easily accessable PD slider does IL 2 Sturovik have anything like that? I can't seem to find it anywhere and some posts are older. I am running a Oculus Rift S 1080Ti, i7, 32 gb mem.
  12. Tried fiddling around didn't look so good. I'll wait since IL 2 Stalingrad is fantastic in VR and will keep me busy for a long time. Hope Devs get VR working soon it will surely increase sales since there aren't that many choices in flight sims optimized properly out there in VR.
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