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  1. Because these other "sims" are wrong. THe Minegsheloß ammunition did not have a time fuse. IT was a thin walled impact fuse triggered in the rear part oft he projectile.
  2. You know that science demands you to repeat the test with 3 vodkas, then 3 Whiskey at least 10 different types of beverage, otherwise yuo cannto know if its luck or not.
  3. The 10 km range is a completely different thing. There is a 10 km render limit ( at leas used to be that range.. not up to date if they changed that).
  4. Not yet.. there are still some countries not under my rulership.. but sooon... sooon mhuhuhuahuhaua
  5. The 190 can ALWAYS avoid the spitfire as long as youa re over 1200m. Just roll over and make a split S. Spitfire takes 3 extra seconds to do the same maneuver.. It cannot keep itself on 190 tail.
  6. Cannot answer this in a forum where children might be
  7. Ooo then you are shortsighted.. Pugs are the greatest of all hunters. Walk outside with a pug and within 10 minutes you will have from 3- 5 young, attractive woman around you cuddling him and asking you questions about him
  8. Unly if the 262 pilots are horrible. Making passes, specially as a bomber at speeds very high will make nearly impossible to intercept them away from the bases unless the 262 pilots get too cocky and make approaches in wrong angles.
  9. Well lets be fair. It was not only the US birds that had "quirks". Like the magical Fw190 Fuel tank that would be pierced by a shot at ANY place.. even the tip of the rudder.. and would leak the whole tank in exact 5 minutes But I do not envy him having to face legions of fanatics sending performance charts of how their loved plane was not as "INSERT RANDOM WW2 FACTOID REMARK HERE"
  10. At the end of the war light tanks were considered soft targets by some armies.. but if they were by airforces I do not know.
  11. Remove that image with the swastikas or the thread will get closed! Never said that the planes were NOT shot down. But the ROLE of the plane was not that! If the P51s had to shot down bombers they would have been mowed down ! Also the number of losses are not due to solely enemy figthters alone! ( LW had a very very high attrition level at LANDING at the end of the war due to the basically untrained rookies)
  12. I think roughly a third of us Old UBI forum folks are here.
  13. A feeling is just that a feeling. Math points on the opposite direction. The Fe 190 also had 6 guns ( the ones going against bombers) and 2 of them were a bit weaker than the .50 while the other 4 were far far more powerful. The Mustang pilots might believe whatever they want.. math still points them wrong. FOr starters they forgot to take into account that their own plane was larger and easier to hit.. second a single .50 would do SQUAT, save sheer luck, against a fw190. A single 20mm would put a mustang down. But the mustangs had weapons good enough for their role.. that was NOT to shot down the Fw.. but to scare and keep the Fws aways from the bobmers, as agressively as possible and or as long as possible. IF they had a single 30mm they would fail at that job. Just remember roll rate varies a lot with US planes from when wing empty to when fully loaded with ammunition.
  14. When you are buying from a mainstream game that doe snto need HELP, then steam is the way to go for anyoen that live outside USA or europe. The price can be asmuch as 80% cheaper.
  15. On the other hand if you were flying in a 4 engine large bomber and had to be strafed by either.. you wold prefer to be by the Jug. It is all about the mission you want to do.
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