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  1. I have three devices (the mouse does not count I think). And I already used the third column in the keybinding section.
  2. Sorry guys, I have another issue. Thing is: I have two joysticks and pedals. Each work fine. Problem is: IL2 seems only to recognize the two sticks but not the peds. Joystick 1 is reckognized as joystick, joystick 2 is reckognised as joystick1 but nothing for m peds. What to do? P.S.: I Need this 2stick+ped configuration for another game that I Play regularly, so I think plugging off the 2nd stick is not a good Option for me. P.P.S: I checked in Windows, the peds work. As do the sticks.
  3. As I migrated to Win10, I re-installed everything, including TrackIR and IL2BOM. So while I can run TrackIR and it works I don't get it to couple with IL2. What I do: 1. I launch the trackir software in admin mode, the green light shines. 2. I launch IL2BOM either as user or admin. No blue light as it should be. 3. I check with the trackir software and confirms that it doesn't connect to IL2 (there's a "None" in the respective field of the interface). I could run it during the last decade for any flight sim I have ever tried on various OS. Some ideas of some of the smart
  4. Re-installation worked. Thanks, Ishtaru for trying to help!
  5. It's not there. I now deinstalled the game and re-install it :/
  6. Hi, I migrated to windows 10 and the launcher starts well after clicking on it. But when I click on "play" I get following message: Launcher no longer works. The Program is not running correctly due to a Problem. The Programm is stopped and you will be informed when a solution is available. I also get following Windows (see attached file). I should run Win10 on 64bit mode me thinks.
  7. Yee-ha! The get-rid-of-astronaut-109ers-plane is there!
  8. Have to agree on that one. You cannot blame the wobbling on the heavy handedness of the pilot or on the bad control settings when with same pilot and same setting you get different behaviour in 109 and in Yak. It is simply that the stability characteristics of the 109 on pitch is modelled differently. As simple as that and no need for pages long discussions. It IS a modellization issue. I also don't think that this issue is linked to stabilizer stuff. Afaik FW190 has it too on pitch axis but - for me - does not show this wobble behaviour. In order to prevent ANY conspiratory theory. Tr
  9. I would like to throw in my 5 cents. I agree that adjusting the controller curves indeed does reduce wobbling. However, it just patches some things together that are broken in the game engine imho and adjusting the curves comes with a price to be paid. Reducing sensibility around the center may help to avoid oversteering induced by the wobble behaviour of the planes but it increases sensibility when you need some more input and it becomes extremely sensitive at the edge accelerating unpredictable behaviour. As far as I can judge as an engineer the mechanism that were used to action the con
  10. I think it has less to do with some sort of "lightness of control" but rather with lazyness of the plane reaction or the lack of it. It does have a lack of feel of intertia to me too in some respect. The planes do feel a bit flimsy to me - like I would expect a ww1 plane to behave. It's a bit like graphically driving a mercedes but getting the responses of a Mini even though speeds are just like that of a mercedes.
  11. I made the same observation with the P40 that seems to seems to have complete lack of any stability about the yaw axis (the pitch seems fine). It seems even to wobble without any rudder input. And irrespective of fuel or bomb loading. Which seems curious because the centre of gravity should have an impact on stability - for the better or the worse depending of the aircraft and the tank layout. On a side note I always seem to lose any elevator authority as soon as I get some hits - but maybe I just had bad luck up to now.
  12. Hi Murf, of course I had an advantage. Mouce control does not generate energy or provides a good shooting position by itself. And I did not want to brag about my kill (I have shot down surely a lot over the past 10 years of flight combat simming so no need for me to prove my dogfighting skills to anybody). My point was that while I was completely neophyte in MC I was capable to score some hits on a fleeing FW (and you were gaining distance with respect to me). As I yesterday said in the chat it was purely test as I wanted to see how I perform with MC with respect to JC. I wrote my post wit
  13. I just tried the mouse control once. I did not fiddle with any other key bindings so I was not able to zoom in and out and trackir did not work for looking around (I flew in cockpit mode on normal server so don't know how it works with external views). I don't know WT (don't own it). While steering the plane was a bit difficult I am quite certain that with some exercise I will be able to steer it well. I however think that aerobatics is probably a bit difficult and mouse control won't be my first choice in a dogfight for maneuvering. However shakey my steering was I was still able to hit a fle
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