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  1. Witam, Tygryski Jeśli, ktoś jest jeszcze na bieżąco, bym był wdzięczny za uwagi na dzień dzisiejszy. Czy coś poruszyło Wasze lodowe serce?
  2. I was looking for a game for me, wingman of mine and maybe even a couple more, and i've been skimming through different forums regarding bos, things that are of interest to me. You know what feeling you leave for someone willing to join? Check numbers, those quite comply. You just made a guy with nighly 4000 posts go away, wonder if you noticed? Some guy, who made manuals for every plane- gone. Numbers of bans you disclosed on other forum. The way some guys from management speak, that was cited somwhere. And that's just a quick gather. You're killing this game with your attitude alone. It never rose to fly.. Stop tying it. And it's not an offtopic. Attitude concerns the matter at hand as well. It looks awful from aside. Meanwile, citing the departed, "GL HF"
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