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  1. We fly for Zee Germans because we love the aircraft and not for some stupid ideology. Without teams like ours you'd have noone to fight against. I - personally - never took a single Russian aircraft for a spin here; they collect virtual rust in my hangar, so yeah, I went for premium package due to 190 being announced there. And here we are, shortly before supposed release of a product not entirely resembling the declarations regarding it. We have one fighter in two variants so far. Awesome. Constant changes of development plans, promises that end up to be just promises and nothing else plus applauding bunch of people here is a litle too much to handle. I am not gonna debate with anyone about importance of skinning for squads - obviously some don't understand the concept, including "hello kitty skin" guy somewhere above - there were polls on the subject, people spoke, devs don't care. Same with FMB, they don't care. Most of you don't care either and that's ok. But many care about it, declarations were made, dev minds got changed - i have the right to feel my expectations were not met. Because they are not, according to initial Dev statements. Oh, we understand. It's you who doesn't. DELETED Support contacted DELETED.
  2. "Adding FW 190 to early access would have been dull and even boring for you." This is a golden thought, really. And it goes great along with "we're ( obviously ) too stupid to use Full Mission Builder". I don't get it. I bought a cat in a bag for a hundred bucks, because I was promised that if my PC can handle RoF, it's capable of running BoS. Later it appeared it's not capable of doing it, so I had to rebuilt my machine completely. Processor, graphic card, ram, motherboard. That was the first bomb. Anxiuosly waited for news about promised FMB sometime in near future. Second bomb: skinning will be an issue. Third bomb: university degree education and a decade in skinning and mission building for various project as a hobby - I am surely too dumb as the rest of the flying community to do that. Now this lovely nuke. FW190, the reason for many people to cash out extra for the "founder and supporter" status - and the Development team states releasing it will be too dull... This is beyond belief. Sure it will be too dull! We have only one fighter in two variants, variety is surely not needed! Too dull, yes! Well done indeed, or just a badly expressed joke? Time to withdraw my suport for this title. It was less and less of it from the first time "alpha" was available -it slowly melted like the snow at the end of winter. Now it's gone completely. Good luck with the development, I see it's going to a great place. Time to contact 1C directly DELETED UNNECESSARY JIBE AT DEVS.. Bravo.
  3. Those who are active in 1946 know who the SAS guys are. The guys behind UP3, DBW and HSFX Mods, keeping 1946 alive. What they did recently just rocked my socks off. They have ( sort of ) combined UP3 with DBW and ( ? ) HSFX releasing The Full Monty ubermod. What it actually is, is mindblowing. They have combined all aircraft, objects and ships to one huge mod. Reworked visuals, too. Now we can not only fly all the aircraft from stock game - they made AI flyable - but they add more stuff as we speak... More maps, ground objects, vehicles, aircraft - working aircraft - with their own loadouts. Many, many, many variants of all sorts - Korean Theatre, Jet Era, Cold War Era... Migs 21, A4 Skyhawks, P4 Phantoms, jet bombers ( w00t! ). Some aircraft were not included in TFM but can be downloaded and installed as "optional" stuff. Co-operative mission building is thriving and there is a server on HyperLobby that supports TFM! And I have almost forgot - they got helicopters, too! Bell47, Mi--24 and Cobra are there amongst others. It's quite simple, really. IL-2 1946: $5 TFM412 Mod: free I am surprised they didn't announce it here - so I do it for them. check yourselves http://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php?topic=40015.0 and read the description under each package.
  4. Well it depends on a game, really. My squad actively flies 1946. When we are in one of our co-ops with members of other squads and pilots unassociated with any squad - that we see regularly, we are all usually on one teamspeak. Everyone knows everyone so they know about "the conduct". "The conduct" means no shoulder shooting, no kill thefts, no murder. You may ask what "the murder" means. It's when one of the guys flies for opposing side, receives a lot of damage and intends to put the machine down and he gets shot down nonetheless. That's "murder". All the guys we fly with use their navigation lights to indicate they yield. And it doesn't happen often. You know the drill: you're so often too low to safely bail out when you have lost a wing. You associate yourself with the sort of people who are likeminded. That's common sense. So you play with or against people who respect one another, no more to it. Games on servers though... So many people you never came across or met just once before, to realize everything goes there. Thus you're never back. This is a game, true. Chivalry was not common in WW2, true. But it doesn't mean we have to withdraw our humanity just for the sake of "internet kill". It is down to us, flying community, to prove the idea of chivalry in the skies is immortal and does pretty well. It is down to everyone to decide if they want to get back to a duel with someone who fights dirty. My 5 cents.
  5. Bumping. Our main sim is IL-2 1946 so any applicant would need that in order to feel the squad and have fun with us while BoS is under development. We intend to fly both for as long as there are people interested in 1946. As EZ mentioned: we all have lives aside from the sim. Can't fly - don't be a stranger on the forum, let us know what's up. No penalties for sticking around despite having wings "cut". We are all friends in the 9. Staffel.
  6. We fly 1946 and this. Got squad campaigns on Saturdays, keep our stats, issue awards based on them, issue skins for all aircraft we fly. No reports from a pilot are needed; the brass does it for them. On weeknights we fly co-operative missions with the public and also keep stats for those. Mainly we fly for the German side but very often we fy for the Allies in co-ops. We have over 1000 missions to choose from and more are coming on weekly basis.. The squad is international with English as squad language. One of our pilots is Finnish. We offer relaxed and friendly atmosphere, no bossing around and we are friends with two major allied squadrons - so there's always a friendly face to fly with or against. Let me know if this sounds like what you seek.
  7. the wait for FW-190 is a wee bit too long, considering it's "availability" in premium pre-order package. German side has only 2 fighters available so far - basically 1 fighter in two variants. Did you forget about us, Devs?
  8. so I bet none of you seen this
  9. I had quite a few of those from high school right up to the end of university and those long train rides home once a month... Oh the good times. Relics now collecting dust somewhere in my basement. Some day my grandkids will find those going "what the heck is that?" and I bet my walkmen will still be operational in few decades from now.
  10. Stray

    game cam

    Could you elaborate, maybe? Your request is unclear. Are you looking for the best camera for your pc in order to utilize head tracking? [ PS3 Eye camera ] Or are you looking for software to catch in-game footage in order to create videos later? [try FRAPS ]
  11. Sorry man, I disagree. It looks like IL2 spin-off, RoF style and not continuation of IL-2. So far it has NOTHING to do with any of IL2 titles except for IL2 in it's title and aircraft in-game. I do not like where it seems to be going. Many came here to see continuation of their beloved series using excellent RoF engine and so far this is RoF remade for the next war. It is, in fact, continuation of IL2 franchise and not the sim we play for over a decade. We came here because 1946 and all it's predecessors need a face lift and what we seem to get is not what we have anticipated. Well, some of us anyway, as for you it was magically clear from the start it's not IL2, but RoF2. And let's face it, our wishes, suggestions, polls and discussions like this one go ignored or unnoticed by te Dev team. No single comment from them, no Q&A on current development and plans - just new announcement, new features and that's it. Like it or realize you have misspent your cash. Every now and then Jason jumps in saying" stop it or you will be banned" or "no more CloD comments" and that's it, children. What we want or desire is not their concern and our support to the title doesn't matter. It's role ended with transferring itself from one bank to another, or so it seems. To OP: +1.
  12. @FuriousMeow: I don't think this issue is meant to attract female pilots to the sim, just give them an option to fly as one. I know personally two women that fly 1946, one of them is my squaddie. Many more in the game, I guarantee that. PS: most pretentious forum signature award is yours
  13. I somewhat agree with Bauer's arguements. Somewhat. Seeing the development of the game I am concerned with few issues. We know nothing of the Dev team's plans of game development. We post suggestions that are not addresed by the team and we don't know if they read them or discuss them ( well the Dev answers are just a drop in the ocean of unanswered questions ), same with polls - therefore I fear our "part in game development" is simply nothing else but our "support" ( $$$ to get acces to early stage and report problems with performance ). As a hard core 1946 fanatic, I would love to see dynamic campaigns in BoS, co-operative; servers released to the public so we could host our games on our machines just like we do in 1946. Even if we got only one map in BoS - it is huge; so I'd welcome dynamic front line shifting. For starters. 1946 means hundreds of flyable aircraft; here we're gonna deal with a handful of flyable aircraft. It's gonna get old real soon unless we get more aircraft. With RoF "buy a plane" system this may be truly expensive title to maintain our addiction of flight. I would be very happy to have all Russian aircraft removed from my account and added few more German planes. I haven't touched one - they will be collecting rust in my hangar. What a waste of money.Just like buying cable or satellite tv: companies force packages on you, so if you want to watch movies, you gotta pay for sports also, even though you don't want sports. It's a "package". I agree on all points regarding CLOD but won't add anything to it, as I see any form of criticism is not welcome here. 1946 lives on, that's something to think about. BoS looks great, but despite having the sun stare at us all the time, we're still in the dark. Some Q&A with the devs would help. Good looks won't cut it... We know it's only 45% ( supposedly ) done, but I do hope Multiplayer is not gonna remain the way it is and we shall not have "catch a flag" circus here. RoF still has no competition but this title will have at least a couple in near future. Having said all that, I truly hope for BoS to replace 1946. But it's gonna be bloody tough.
  14. This is simplier than many of you think. Instead of fooling around with selecting different pilot for yourself with each flight, this option should be enabled when registering with BoS: select your pilot's sex. It is a historical fact women were active pilots in WW2. It is also a fact women fly 1946 and this. We have a female in our squad, I know she'd be happy to fly here as a girl. In 1946 there is a female pilot template: easy fix applying your face on and voila, job done. Many men fly 1946 wth their faces on their pilots, too. I vote yes.
  15. Klingons should be happy for not being letf out. TS seems very popular with "0" users at the time of this post. TS tree - bad. How is one supposed to know which Channel Group to join? Based on servers available in-game, TS makes no sense. US EXPERT US NORMAL US NORMAL LIGHT etc.... Those should be divided into groups: allied and axis. Both groups should be divided into languages, provided you want them divided into languages. Just trolling - got own squad TS. Your waste of resources though.
  16. Ha! And I hope to live long enough to finally see Polish cinematographers to make a movie about Polish pilots in Battle fo Britain. The Czechs did it with "Dark Blue World" and I am not getting any younger.
  17. Hiya! great to see you back with 1946 pilots If you want to play on public servers, v 4.12.2 is a currnet version of the game. If you are interested in flying co-operative fun with co-op addicts, I recommend you get HSFX mod ( most use HSFX mod anyway ). Current HSFX mod version is 7.0.2 and it runs great with stock 4.12.2 You can get both, the mod and the skins you seek from mission4today.com. Thousands of skins there. In order to download anything from them, you gotta register with their site. If you have more questions, fire away. Edit: my 1946 is not from steam, but check this location for skin folders: C:/ Programs/Steam/steamapps/Il2 1946/Paintschemes/skins
  18. also, we understand Aussie accent. Mostly.
  19. Skinning has to be made possible in BoS, for all the squads to use their own paintscheme. In my unit, 9./JG54, we keep same camouflage for our aircraft. Each theater of war and each type of plane plus each calendar season makes our aircraft unique with same paintjob for all. We got summer and winter camo options, night fighter skin, eastern front camo variations, western front camo variations, late war camo... Every pilot of our unit has his/her own side number and own pilot skin, too. At the end of each campaign we fly, the number of air kills for each pilot is added as kill marks on the tail. If a pilot scored less kills than in previous campaign, no tail update. We do it with 1946 and hope to do it with BoS also. Keeps us on the same page as a squad in the air, allows to identify one another in the air and sends a message: we're a team, we fly same colour at all times.
  20. great suggestion also, I'd welcome this idea. Keep discussion open and keep voting guys - hopefully a Dev will stumble across this thread.
  21. QMB means we will eventually get FMB! This is the best kind of news so far. Squad mission makers will be very busy this week. Thank you, Devs! Looks like you listen to your community afterall. I am very pleased with this.
  22. Just figured that instead of the drop down menu we could issue radio commands, 1946 style.
  23. Lag party for me. Trying to look outside of a parked aircraft impossible. Chop, chop, chop... Seems like many had same issue - aircraft spawning one on top the other, driving trhough parked aircraft... I know it's a test run, yet a very disappointing one. Will wait for more advanced game version.
  24. In IL-2 series it is not possible to rearm and refuel an aircraft despite landing at home airfield; I am sure many of us were in the mission where our airfield was under attack, we have scrambled and engaged the enemy, then landed when the fight was still on, while we have already reported "winchester". I would love to see this feature in BoS: upon landing you have to taxi to a particular part of the airfield - let it be a hangar, a pen or simply technicians' tent - and stop in the area for a while for the ground crew to rearm and/or refuel the aircraft. Not to make it too simple, a pilot would have to remain in the cockipt, thus be vulnerable to enemy bombs, rockets and bullets; depending on the reason for the pit stop and the type of aircraft - different timing should apply. Maybe even depending on the type of ammunition that pilot wishes to replenish ( a drop down menu upon landing would be nice to select an option: rearm, refuel, rearm and refuel, load bombs by type, rockets by type etc ) and different timeframe - subject to any of selected tasks individually. This would be very risky for rearming pilot, but could also be very rewarding for the mission outcome. Also, rearming would not make you HAVE TO fly - you could rearm just in case if something appears on the horizon while you wait for your squad to land and finish the mission. This feature could be another "unlockable" or just a default. The poll is up, fellow pilots. Vote away and share your point of view.
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