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  1. That sounds good! I hope it will be available for purchase soon, especially in Germany! 🙂
  2. Hello everybody! Has a price or a price region been named for this obviously extremely high-quality and exclusive hardware at any point in time? Greetings Andreas
  3. Geat Work!! For me, the camouflage nets are still very yellow. I think for Europe they can be much darker and greener. In any case, thank you for your work !!
  4. Hi VonWerner! I have a german edition an had to copy the info.locale=eng.txt to info.locale=ger.txt. So I guess you have to copy the info.locale=eng.txt to your info.locale=pol.txt! I copyed all xx.eng to xx.ger too and I guess you have to do the same, copying all xx.emg to xx.pol. Hope that hepls! Cheers
  5. I think that Covid-19 is a serious issue, but I assume that this topic will soon take a back seat and there will be a cure for all concerned. Therefore, I assume that your great website will be continuously updated for a very long time. Doing things to keep yourself active and happy should be a top priority at all times! 🙂 (via Google translator)🤓
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