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  1. That is indeed a very good explanation. Guess I need to read up on Soviet war birds? :-) Any links for more in-depth material would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  2. Hi aces, I'm giving IL2 BoS a try but I can't figure out how to bind the elevator trim to an axis. I always use my Saiteck Cessna trimwheel for this but the only option I seem to find in the settings is for keys, which is neither realistic nor much good. Am I missing something? Cheers, Mog
  3. Thanks for you answers guys. The problem seemeed to have self healed, possibly after restarting the game. Some memory state related issue apparently.
  4. Hi all, I just started playing IL2BOS and now I'm stuck trying to start the second (training) mission for the campaign. When I click "START" it loads for a while and then I get this message: "#10037: Weapon mod for this airplane is not available for your account (it's possible that mod-related ammunition was set while the mod itself is not available)" I have tried adjusting the airplane loadout but haven't found anything to change. The LaGG-3 is loaded with two types of ammo: UB and ShVAK. None of them are indicated as "locked". There's also a list of weapons but all are greyed out and indicated as locked. I purchased the "basic" package (I'm not interested in flying the FW-190 as it never saw combat in this theater). Has anyone else seen this? What can I do to move on?
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