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  1. Indeed, I usually prefer to buy the cheaper GPU and replace it earlier. So it sounds like a 1080TI or 2070S is a good enough choice and that I don't need to rely on the 3080.
  2. I don't have DCS (at least for now). So in that case 2070S is good enough for IL2 with Reverb and I should invest on faster CPU and RAM instead of 2080S?
  3. So of course it's not a good idea to do it. But let me explain: I want to move to VR rather sooner than later. My PC is totally out-dated so I want to replace it. Available money is of course limited. So the HP Reverb G2 seems very promising, it's within my price range and I'm willing to wait for it's release in autumn. If I would need the new PC it today, I would get a RTX 2070 Super* or 2080 Super. But as I only need to replace it when the Reverb is released I have some time left ... Maybe enough time for the RTX 3080 release supposed to be in September! However it might not be possible to get my hands on a new 3080 right after the release due to limited stocks. So I might end up for a few weeks with a new Reverb and an almost completely new PC but still with the old GTX 970. Is it hopeless or is there any chance of running the sim with it at mimimum settings, low resolution and low fps? * is the RTX 2070 Super even good enough for the 2x2k of the Reverb?
  4. I'm pretty sure the Fw 190 only has a single-stage two-speed supercharger. Please correct me if I'm wrong here. Having only one speed is not inferior to a two-speed configuration at a given altitude (regadless of low, medium or high altitude) as long the single-speed is optimized for that altitude. Nevertheless, in general the Fw 190 is of course superior to the Spitfire V.
  5. Would love to have an early Spitfire F IXc with Merlin 61) as a collector! Anyway, this threat is about the Spitfire XIV: I'm very happy to see the progress and also appriciate the weapon and engine modification hints. That avoided a lot of heated discussions 😁
  6. If you fly with full difficulty settings then you will most likely fly on a server called CombatBox. They have a discord, link should be on the website https://combatbox.net/
  7. Thats awesome news! Can you give an example how to generator needs to be call with a given config file?
  8. As far as I understood the generator is written in python. Is it possible to run it on a Linux without GUI over an command line call?
  9. The Spitfire V was initially limited to +9 boost (+12 only for take-off!). The +16 boost emergency is proven to have been usable from January 1942 on.
  10. Buildings can be removed/added in the mission editor, thus fortifications won't be ab issue. Apart from that: the influence of fortifications on the pilot is almost zero, unless you fly really low and crash into it. A bigger issue will be the gap in the alllied planeset for 42/43.
  11. Your airspeed also influences when you need to switch due to RAM effect. As a general rule: switch to FS if you can't set the desired boost on MS. Ideally you switch a bit later (or lets say higher) as running the supercharger at FS will cost more engine power than the higher boost provides, e.g. if you want to set +18 and you switch to FS as soon as boost drops to +17.5 your net engine power is lower than if you would stay at MS with +16 boost. For economic flying you want to switch as late as possible, again because running the supercharger on FS costs more engine power than running MS. Of course you need to switch to FS if you can't maintain the necessary speed and altitude. But economic flying is usually not a consideration in the sim.
  12. Ideally you have separate 3 axis for: - engine RPM - throttle - turbocharger RPM While you can link them all together, it will not give you ideal performance.
  13. Most likely that, but is that even possible on every aircraft historically? Some might need to pump the external fuel into an internal tank first and not directly supply the engine.
  14. I was unable to find anything on a Luftwaffe pilot named "Dieter Herman", what's the name of the book? Can you or anyone else quote that section? Does "maximum power" mean 1.42 ATA or "ungoverned manfold pressure"? How does a Fw190 with disabled boost control work then, considering that the RPM and mixture is linked to the throttle? Anyway: no date given so could after July 1944, no A8, no operational unit, not sure if they used it or were only able to use it. Not sure if it's a good baseline for a simulation when everyone can select it's own aircraft parameter. Sounds a bit like "mods-on"? ------------------ Considering that use of EN needed some new parts produced by BMW, I wonder why they would be delivered to frontline units in any substential number if there was no authorized need for them?
  15. During climb (low RAM effect) it should actually be switched at 5,500 feet with 150 grade and 14,500 feet with 100 octane: However in my opinion 5,500 feet could be a typo and actually mean 8,500 feet. The lower altitude doesn't fit the engine power graphs below and I don't think lower RAM effect during a climb would cause such a massive drop in altitude:
  16. 1) there's an offline mode but it's very limited in features. E.g. you need online connection for career mode. Not exactly sure what's all possible in offline mode, but there is not really a point in doing so unless it's a temporary situation. 2) yes 3) no idea
  17. Sure, a documented use before July by A8 service aircraft is what I'm looking for. (Operational use, not experimental/testing and no F8/G8 using C3 of course). And production date of the A8 doesn't matter. It's pretty clear that any A8 ever built was capable of "Erhöhte Notleistung". It was only not allowed to use it before July 1944. Sure, befure using it, it certainly needed at least changes in boost control (But main limiting factor is of course the missing clearance to use it, not a technical inability). Btw text from Baubeschreinbung 284: Btw I hope you find a source for that, so I can sleep peacefully even when I encounter A8 using EN in pre-July-1944 scenarios 😁
  18. And as multiple sources state: BMW 801 D was cleared for higher boost in July 1944. BMW 801 Q was delivered in July 1944 (see post above). Not a single source was presented that show use of Erhöhte Notleistung in A8 fighters before July 1944.
  19. You mean this? It doesn't state that these parts are already in production, only that they can be delivered from March 1944 on. Sounds a bit like "If you order now, we produce it and it can be delivered in 2 weeks". Which would makes sense as the document clearly states: "Values at the moment not yet allowed by Rechelin". BMW would not mass-produce parts that are not cleared for service use. Clearance happend in July 1944 by Baubeschreibung Nr. 284. This date is even backed up by the eye -witness account posted above. Regarding the claimed earlier availablitiy of field modification kits compared to production: Aircraft in service the were cleared with Änderungsanweisung 133. Regarding 801 TU engine: was available from July 1944 on. So yes, it's save to conclude that there was no Fw 190 A8 in service that used Erhöhte Notleistung before July 1944, as it was not cleared/allowed (even if the engine was capable of doing it after minor modification, no one is denying that).
  20. Are you talking about MW50 or C3? The sources I've seen state that MW50 didn't provide enough benefits and was not introduced. There seem to be sources for introduction of C3 from June 1944 on, but only for F8. The use of C3 in A8 is not proven by any available source. Bremspropeller talks about clearance for increase of manifold pressure from 1.42 to 1.58/1.65 in July 1944. Achieved only by modification of boost control only (So basically at cost of engine durability) See: "Baubeschreibung Nr. 284" of Fw 190 A-8 https://www.deutscheluftwaffe.com/archiv/Dokumente/ABC/m/Motoren/BMW/Leistungssteigerung/BMW 801 D Leistungssteigerung.html As you can see I the following document the boost increase for fighters (A8) was certainly not cleared in March 1944 and didn't utilise C3: http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/fw190/Fw_190_A-8_15-3-44.pdf Would be great to have the higher boost settings as a mod to allow the use in pre-invasion scenarios, just like the 150 octane mods on allied fighters.
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