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  1. I'm a software developer so I can understand why the mission editor is what it is. But to be honest I can't convince myself to use it: it's way to complicated to do simple missions and way to time consuming to "build" any complex logic. I my opinion you need 2 layers: A simple missions need to be easy to build so anyone can do it. More complex missions should be possible by coding triggers and actions as code in a standard programming language. But this needs to be optional. Cliffs of Dover did exacty this perfectly.
  2. In Spifire I can't even turn my head to the side without bumping in the invisible wall, dispite the partial "bubble" canopy. Also upward, forward and downward movement is way to restricted. It's very unpleasant and immersive.
  3. Farming simulators are a very popular genre. If IL2 would involve into full blown (combat) farming simulator, the player base would skyrocket. 🙃
  4. Why do they park other aircraft in front of the OLS in the case 1 instant missions of the F14? It's already hard enough to see the damn ball.
  5. Another idea: Limit attacked airfields to (interceptor-) fighters only (without the option to take any bombs/rockets). Personally I don't mind the distances, problem is only the absence of drop tanks (there's a reason 2nd TAF fighters used them on the patrols) and maybe the necessity to load a new mission regularly. Both things can't be changed.
  6. There's a little dot on the outer connector, it needs to be aligned with the frame.
  7. I had the same issue in multiplayer with the Spitfire IX a couple of times maybe 3-4 month ago. The .5 were suddenly empty after very short bursts and once even without a single shot (out of ammo message was shown during landing).
  8. @Blitzen in the WMR portal settings you can disable the display of the room limits to not see the boundary lines when you learn forward. There's also an option that solves the mouse/win+y problem, not sure how it's called (it's the last combobox on one of the setting pages) You can also change from 90Hz to 60Hz in the portal. To enable motion smoothing you need to do this in the SteamVR Room, explained here
  9. Depending on the server, the aircraft number of each type and airfield is limited, so landing on the airfield is necessary (some even have repair/rearm/refuel points). Flying with near empty internal tank + drop tank shouldn't be possible for aircraft that pump the the content of the drop tank through the internal tank.
  10. Looks really good and whole concept if just great! I don't have access to a 3d printer, so I'll have to compare the options I have. I'm mostly interested in the upcoming devices (throttle, trim, gear, flaps), so still some time to find a solution.
  11. It's the APS modification against ramming attacks. It's locked on most servers as it was only in operational use in one squadron in late April '44. It worked without flaws, but was discontinued after the war as ramming attacks were to seldom to justify the costs. Here's a video of the prototype:
  12. I was able to run all settings maxed at fullhd/1k resolution and even with 4x supersampling (via nvidia control panel) had over 70 fps. In VR it's a different story though ...
  13. Luckily there are a few aircraft in the sim without automatic systems: P40 without boost control and Hs 129 without proper constant speed propeller. Anyone who thinks the advantage of automatic systems is not modelled is free to try them for a few minutes and see if a magic octopus appears and moves the levers.
  14. Just because there's a lever for it, doesn't mean it's all manual. The majority of aircraft have a boost control, constant speed propeller and automatic mixture. Some have automatic radiator/oil cooler and automatic switch for supercharger gear. So these systems are indeed "half automatic" and once the lever is set for the desired flight condition they don't need constant adjustments "depending on speed, altitude etc". You can set the levers in a configuration that gives sub-optimal performance and this is simulated. However, some additional constraints are not modelled in th
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