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  1. Yes check mixture before starting the engine. Had some issues with that yesterday too (was set to 0% by default). Not sure if related to the recent updates. But really, that is a pilot error, you are supposed to check your control before flight. Can't blame the game/devs for that.
  2. She has an incredible service records. Is there any confirmation that she will be included?
  3. Not the car analogy again Anyway, the question was not about propeller pitch but elevator trim.
  4. "one Gruppe in France after the invasion was underway and then were in France for about 2 weeks" Technically the AS could be difficult to create as a mod: the skin would need to contain 2 different engine cowlings. I'm not going further into this, there is no point discussing it as numbers used is not an important factor for inclusion in the sim.
  5. The late 44 "bubble canopy" version of P47 and P51 are slighlty slower than the early 1944 "Razorback" version due to higher drag. Spitfire XIV is obviously better than Spitfire IX. Typhoon is not really the earlier counterpart of Tempest, as Typhoon was a pure fighter bomber at that time and Tempest didn't carry bombs until May 1945. And Tempest was already available prior D-Day. Today 150 octane is often unavailable as it was only available later on the continent. It was however available for squadrons based in UK in mid 1944, so basically the 150 octane situation is the same for Normandy and Bodenplatte scenarios: Sometimes it's available, sometimes not. So a slightly better performance in the earlier scenario because of the "Razorback" and the fact that the Spitfire XIV is not yet available in the later scenario. Luftwaffe has no K-4, no D-9 and no G-14 available in the earlier scenario, so they certainly have a only lower performing aircraft available in the first half of 1944 compared to the second half of 1944. Bf 109G-6 ~5000+ 1943 February-1943 August - October Bf 109G-6 with Erla Hood ~2000+ 1943 August-October - 1944 January Bf 109G-6 with Erla Hood, larger tail, and MW-50 ~5,000+ 1944 January - 1944 July Bf 109G-6/AS with MW-50 226 produced + 460 converted 1944 April - 1944 August https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Messerschmitt_Bf_109 10% of G-6 "Late" received AS engine and 5% of all G-6 Early and Late combined.
  6. https://books.google.de/books?id=3cMIAQAAIAAJ&hl=de&pg=PP5#v=onepage&q&f=false
  7. I assume the "whining" for AS/ASM engine is mainly caused by the "average" performance that the Bf 106 G6 with a regular DB605 engine will have compared to the relatively strong opposition in early/mid 1944. The allied fighters in early/mid 1944 have mostly the same - or even slightly more - performance compared to what we have now in end 1944/1945.
  8. Maybe devs will include AS engine as a mod? But honestly strange problem if you are a Bf 109 enthusiast. I'd love to pay 10-20 € for each possible Spitfire Mark. Even if they have only "tiny" differences, like a early Spitfire F IX and a Spitfire LF IXc, a Spitfire LF Vc or a Spitfire XVI with tear-drop canopy. All these changes could as well be a mod.
  9. Please be aware that you need to copy it before you start the next mission and also before you start a new quick mission or it will be overwritten.
  10. I can't speak for the latest version, but I had this situation before but that was only for a transfer flight where the squadron moved to another airfield. So maybe your current mission is a transfer?
  11. Interestingly increasing the RPM above the allowed limit will also increase the the available manifold pressure, so when simply looking at the performance it certainly is an beneficial approach. But as you say it rarely matters, we are not talking about maximum performance situations, but rather "cruise" or "economic" power settings. Having a slightly lower boost than "optimal" is not crucial in this case, and in my opinion doesn't justify to increase the chance of engine damage.
  12. Sorry didn't meant to be rude and changed it to "preference". I understood that you prefer to fly by ATA and ignore RPM (and intentionally exceed the RPM limit above FTH). Which I strongly disagree with, as a general guideline for pilots. As long as the pilot is aware of the dangers of that method it's of course fine.
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