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  1. Darkowl


    A Dr1 and a D7 with mirrors. I think the Gunner's place has a mirror as well. http://www.deutscheluftwaffe.com/instrumente/katalog 1WK/beobachtungsgerate/beobachtungsgerate.htm
  2. It is slightly irritating that your own voice is not to hear. Thanks for posting Cheers, Stephan
  3. What server did you fly on? At the coconut server the enemy AI fighters are pretty up high. The high is marked on the map. It is about 2500-3000m.
  4. That does not reflect the opinion of everyone here. Everyone speaks for his own and everyone is a little strange in his own way. I say: I'm glad I got in contact with you. I had a lot of fun with you and I'm looking foreward to have some more. Your friend, Stephan
  5. I ever had a fascination for that Lozenge camouflage. Well done Cheers, Stephan
  6. Darkowl

    Auto update the GCF skin folder

    If you need any further help or been stuck somewhere in the instruction drop me a note and I'll improve it.
  7. It was a bit of time consuming to copy new files to my game directory so I thought about a solution to make it automatically. Theory of Operation 1. download and install the google drive app https://www.google.com/drive/download/ 2. open Pauls Master Skin folder link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xWuEKDhc7nKwmrjxNEixI6x1pPKULGTy?usp=sharing 3. navigate to the skin folder and add it to your drive 4. Go to the settings of backup and sync from google app on your computer and choose a folder to sync against. Mine is called "syncrodrive" Every time Paul is changing something in the Master folder it will be changed in this syncrodrive. If you change something in this syncrodrive it will not sync to Pauls Google-Drive because you don't have a write permission to it. If for some reason the google drive is corrupt or Paul is deleting it by accident the data is gone in the syncrodrive. Therefor i would not recommend to sync directly into your game folder. 5. Copy everything to your game folder I do that with xcopy. It is part of Windows and it only copies new files or newer versions of files into the game folder. It is not syncing. It does not delete anything in your game folder. it is used like: xcopy Source Destination option full options can be read here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/administration/windows-commands/xcopy in my case it is: xcopy F:\SyncroDrive\skins "E:\Programme (x86)\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\data\skins" /s /e /d /y Be aware: The quotations are needed in path names with spaces in between. You can save that to a text file and rename it to like xcopyil2.bat so you only have to double-click that batch file to trigger an update from your syncrodrive to the game folder. It can be done by right click on the desktop choose new - textfile than insert the command line save the text file and rename it. The "syncrodrive" will sync on the fly if your pc is running and paul is changing something. I don't claim that this is a perfect solution but it works for me. If you have a better one feel free to post it here see you in the sky Stephan
  8. Me too, thanks a lot ...
  9. Darkowl

    Excuse the noob question...

    Just hit the link above and you are in. That is not a unique invitation link. See you there and welcome. Stephan
  10. Darkowl

    looking for a mentor

    At the moment where all is about furballs you ain't need any formation skills. Just give it a go. Everyone will welcome you.
  11. Me and some others had problems with the volume level of Discord. In some cases the volume level of Discord will be tuned automatically quieter. LeChiffre pointed me to the system sound settings and that it is all about. The picture shows how to get to the settings. To whom it may concern. Cheers Stephan
  12. Darkowl

    Parachutes as a Loadout option

    I don't know which ones are modelled in the game, but here is a short summary of German WWI Scopes. http://www.deutscheluftwaffe.com/instrumente/katalog 1WK/beobachtungsgerate/beobachtungsgerate.htm
  13. London is six hours ahead of US central 1 pm in London is 7 am CST I will be there...
  14. Darkowl

    When to stop shooting?

    On most servers it is simply a server rule not to shoot parachutes. The persons who have a passion for shooting parachutes may do that on serves that allow it. Everyone can make his own decision about that. If people stick to server rules I will never see that.
  15. Darkowl

    When to stop shooting?

    Stuart, I think you are absolutely right to bring up that topic. A couple of years ago I tried RoF in Multiplayer and was shot to pieces even before I could get off the airfield. I was so frustrated that I quit and never tried again. Everyone who doesn't come back to multiplayer because he had bad feelings about his treatment thru other players is a loss to the community. Maybe it could be helpful to post some nettiquette guidelines as a subline to the server rules. I didn't know about the meaning of a white flare. But It's a good way to say I'm done and I will be fine to adopt that. Cheers Stephan