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  1. Good afternoon guys! For those who aren't aware, Jasta 5's Spring Offensive is now live! Every Saturday until May 1, from 1600 GMT to 2000 GMT, scores of pilots take to the skies for historical air combat with a moving front line. Unfortunately, my next few Saturdays are probably going to be full, so this is likely my only chance to participate. But WOW...am I glad I did! Iffy DMs notwithstanding, J5 put together an awesome campaign! I ended up flying SPADs in defense of the Southern sector, flying with 1PL, Tailmange, and CubanCoveRunner. We had some awesome dogfights
  2. Salute gents! Just a note; I hadn't voted on the poll earlier because I knew my next few Saturdays were going to be busy and this afternoon might be my only chance to participate. So I didn't vote on the poll because I didn't want to give team commanders a false idea of pilot numbers. After flying with @1PL-Lucas-1Esk, he mentioned that it would still be best for me to have voted on the poll. My apologies for that! I've voted now. 👍 Thank you for putting on this event, J5! It was a fantastic time. 🙂
  3. I do think some incendiary modeling is there. I recently came under attack from a particular SPAD pilot using balloon guns twice on two separate days. I got set afire both times. 🔥😬
  4. This afternoon, I had a great time on the Flugpark server winging up with @J133-BryMack and @J133-G_von_Floppa! We flew high, we flew low, we had triumphant moments, we nearly died. All in all, a pretty average day on the Flugpark server! 😁 Thanks for letting me tag along guys! Was a hoot! 😃
  5. Very excited to see the N.28! Despite her flaws in ROF, I loved toodling around in it. So happy it's coming to FC! 😄
  6. After flying in JG1's Flanders in Flames online war, I switched to Flying Circus for a livestream. I took a SPAD to even the sides. Had been some time since I'd flown in one of those! @I./JG1_Pfeil joined me shortly after I got on and we had a really good sortie together! We each bagged one kill and - thanks to Pfeil's excellent situational awareness - we managed to survive a situation that very nearly could have lead to our demise. One of the reasons I love flying in JG1; good times with awesome wingmen. 😎 As an added bonus, running chat commentary for t
  7. Woah! That was very cool! Loved seeing the Entente coordinate an airfield attack like that! J2 really cleaned house on that first pass. Now if the paper-wings DM ever gets revised, you guys will really be on a roll!
  8. Thanks Spyboy! I have not as of yet! I’ll have to look into those. 😄
  9. Good afternoon, gentlemen! Today, I finally had some time to finish off a book review on James Hamilton-Paterson's "Marked for Death: The First War in the Air." A truly fascinating look at the RFC/RAF in World War One! https://climbinghigher.wixsite.com/climbinghigher/post/marked-for-death-book-review
  10. Wow. I certainly didn’t expect to see this. Absolutely heartbreaking! He was a fantastic pilot and a worthy opponent. Whenever I saw him on a server, I felt safer... if he was on my side. If not... I knew I had to watch my six! While he wasn’t as active on these forums, he was the sort of gentleman whose contributions to the community were felt rather than seen. I can see his effects on the pilots of Jasta 5, past and present, making them a unit of formidable foes in the air. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and his squadmates. Fair winds and blue skie
  11. I seem to recall something similar while reading Hartney’s memoirs “Up and At ‘Em.” I’d love to see this report if you can find it! 😃 The way Rickenbacker writes, he seems distinctly nervous at the idea of pulling hard maneuvers of any sort in the N.28.
  12. As an N.28 lover, I’d be thrilled to see it get an accurate FM this time around. I’d also like for it to display fabric ripping off the wings in prolonged dives and high G maneuvers. I’m currently reading “Fighting the Flying Circus” by Eddie Rickenbacker, and he repeatedly mentions two things: (1) How it can outmaneuver many of the German scouts (2) How often pilots would lose the fabric on their wings due to too many Gs. This last thing was such a problem that he gladly took the SPAD when it came out. If the devs model it correctly, it will become an amazing plane to fly
  13. Thanks for saving me there! 😄 Much appreciated! 💯 The FF incident was vexing, but it all worked out in the end! 😅👍 Ahhhh... so lemme get this straight, were you also Burdohl? That dude also flew a red striped SPAD. 🤔🤷‍♂️
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