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  1. [RoF] Join JG1 and 103d Aero on Wargrounds

    Salute all! Had fun times on Cuban's server! Props to US103_Parsons for ending another streak of mine before it got out of its infancy lol! Oh well...live and learn. Got another streak started. Hopefully this snot-nosed recruit learned from his predecessor's experiences lol! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/252299651 We will be flying again next Thursday (10:30pm Central US time) on Wargrounds! See you then!
  2. [RoF] Join JG1 and 103d Aero on Wargrounds

    Salute all! Had an entertaining night on Wargrounds this evening! Unfortunately, my pilot died due to pulling his wings off. Evidentially, I had taken wing damage when attacking an AI bomber and lost my wings performing a diving turn on an Se5a. Ouch. (See the 28:03 mark of part I for the fateful moment) My Twitch stream is broken into two parts as the first part captured no in-game or teamspeak sound. It only captured my voice. :/ This was baffling as I had recently tested it earlier and it worked fine. Those who want to see part I can find it here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/249723409 In the second part, after a few minutes of testing, I got the sound back online. And I got to fly my beloved N.28! You can watch part II here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/249755816 I'm working on rennovating my Twitch streams as I have time, so there are a still bugs to be worked out. Eventually I'll get it where I want it. I sincerely appreciate every one of my followers and viewers. You guys are the best! :D Also, big thanks to everyone who showed up to fill the server tonight. We had 34 guys online at one point! I will catch you all again next Thursday on Cuban's server!
  3. [RoF] Join JG1 and 103d Aero on Wargrounds

    Just a reminder, we will be on Wargrounds this Thursday at 8pm Central US time. See you all in the skies! :D
  4. [RoF] Join JG1 and 103d Aero on Wargrounds

    Salute all! Had a fun time this evening running some "Big Wing" tactics with 10+ JG1 pilots! What really stood out to me is that in nearly every engagement we got into (and there were a lot!), was that the Allies gave as good as they got. Fine flying, gentlemen! Here is the archived stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/247150505 Looking forward to next Thursday!
  5. [RoF] Join JG1 and 103d Aero on Wargrounds

    Thanks for winging up - I’m elated we both survived and made it back to base on that one. Great job calling the weave! We’ve love to have you! It officially begins on Thursday evenings at 8pm Central US time (for those of you from Down Under, that’s Friday afternoons starting at 12pm Sydney time) and then goes on for about 2 hours after that. If you have any questions, just let me know!
  6. [RoF] Join JG1 and 103d Aero on Wargrounds

    Had fun times this evening! Had a few close calls where I felt lucky to be alive. Highlight of the evening? Fending off 4-5 SPADs with JG1_Shadepiece and living to tell the tale. You can see the archived livestream here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/244461581 We'll be back on Cuban's server next Thursday!
  7. [RoF] Join JG1 and 103d Aero on Wargrounds

    Just a reminder, gentlemen, that our next fly-in will be at Wargrounds at 8pm Central time. Hope to see you there!
  8. [RoF] Join JG1 and 103d Aero on Wargrounds

    Thanks Dietrich! Yes, I was wiped out at the end of that one! As as soon as I saw there were Brandenburgs on the map, I pretty much knew what you would gravitate towards. :D
  9. [RoF] Join JG1 and 103d Aero on Wargrounds

    Salute all! I've decided to start posting my weekly Twitch streams here to get the hype for Flying Circus going. (Shameless plug here: If you want to get notified when I go live on Thursdays and on my other streaming days, feel free to give me a "follow" on Twitch! ) I had a great time as usual on Wargrounds tonight! Got to give my new MFG pedals a real baptism of fire, and I was quite pleased with their performance. A highlight of the night was one of the most tense engagements of my ROF career. You can see it from beginning to end starting at the 1:23:30 mark and ending at the 1:38:30 mark. When facing superior numbers, pre-engagement positioning is key. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/239213209 We will be online next Thursday at 8pm Central time on Cuban's server! :D
  10. [RoF] Join JG1 and 103d Aero on Wargrounds

    That’s some tight formation flying there! Thanks for sharing!
  11. [RoF] Join JG1 and 103d Aero on Wargrounds

    Awesome - thanks so much! I shared it to the ROF forums. :D One note: my twitch videos auto-delete after 14 days, so soon the link you included in your write-up will be dead. If you’d like, I can highlight that particular broadcast and give you an updated link. That way, it would be permanent and not suddenly disappear.
  12. [RoF] Join JG1 and 103d Aero on Wargrounds

    Hi ShamrockOneFive! We alternate between Wargrounds and the Cuban-Syndicate server. This week, it will be on Cuban’s server. Each week, there are things to do for both multi-seater pilots and scout pilots. Multi-seaters have a variety of missions they can accomplish (such as bombing different targets and reconnaissance) that help their team win the map. Scout pilots in turn, have a steady diet of bombers and enemy scouts to feed on lol. It’s not as organized as some of the really serious campaigns such as Flanders in Flames or Black September; the main goal is to enjoy the full multiplayer skies and have fun. Allied pilots congregate on New Wings’ Teamspeak server (address below): German pilots group up on New Wings’ and JG1’s Teamspeak server. JG1’s server is semi-private, so if you want to join our Teamspeak, I can certainly private message you the info. It would be awesome if you wrote a blog article about it! I’ve been a big fan of your work and love your site. Here is the original thread on the ROF forums: https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/51030-join-us-103rd-and-jg1-flyin-thursday-evenings/ Also, for those who are interested, I’ve been live-streaming Thursday nights on Twitch. Here is my latest livestream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/224793087 (Livestreams are archived for 14 days before the system deletes them.) Finally, I create an event on the Rise of Flight Facebook community each week detailing when and where the week’s event will take place. If people prefer Facebook to the forums, that would be the place to look: https://m.facebook.com/groups/33580044099 Hope this helps! We’d love to see you there! :D S! - HotleadColdfeet
  13. Come Fly With Us! (A ROF Promo)

    Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed it!
  14. Come Fly With Us! (A ROF Promo)

    Salute all! I've been working on an unofficial promo video for Rise of Flight since last September. Today, it is finally done. Thanks to all those who helped make it possible. I hope that their passion shines through in this effort. Enjoy!
  15. [RoF] Join JG1 and 103d Aero on Wargrounds

    In the Teamspeak interview, I think Jason mentioned that they hoped to release FC 1 by the end of this year. Also, the official announcement said that a preorder should be available sometime early this year. I’m hoping they'll do some sort of early access, like they did with some of the Kuban planes.