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  1. Thanks for the mod. For those of use that might need a little more instruction. Could you please provide the steps to place your mode into the game . Thanks.
  2. Have purchased Flying Circus and would like to Link to Steam account of IL2 . How do I do this?
  3. Waited a long time to finally buy Great Battles . Just to fly the P-51 and the ME262. Spent my money and got the down load . Installed and uninstalled twice and still no new maps or planes. Already have BOS and BOM and BOK on steam . The question is " What do you do to see and use the download you just bought?" Didn't have this problem before. Developers web sight said That Bodenplatte would run as a stand alone game or through steam . The game does launch and come up ,but where is the new content I just paid for. Is there something I am missing here. Please someone I would hate to start looking for how to get my money back. I know the purchase went through.😠😕
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