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  1. Looks very impressive, well done. To get some of the civilian sim crowd in maybe you put up sign "Taildragger Pilots Wanted". Good Luck with the event. Cheers, Lfox
  2. Found a fix here. Merci Blue de Checksix forum http://www.checksix-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=451&t=199883 Cheers, Lfox
  3. Hi, have just download IL2 onto a brand new machine Alienware Aurora with GTX1080. The first error was D3DCompiler.dll missing. I found it a windows directory and pasted it into il2 with the other dlls are found. Now I get the 0xc0007b error. Has any had this problem and resolved it ? (Nvidia driver 382.66) Many thanks
  4. Hi same problem for me. Brand new Alienware Aurora with GTX1080. First problem was that D3Dcomplier.dll was not found, so I found it in a window directory and pasted it in game directory. Now I have the same launcher crash as you. Can anyone help out please ? Cheers, Lfox
  5. Excellent news and just what we need for the upcoming carrier ops ;-)
  6. I have basically bought everthing since the release of RoF. I will continue as long as we move away from the eastern front for the next episode and would greatly welcome carrier ops where I think this sim can excel. Cheers, Lfox
  7. Can't wait for the first screens of Battle of Korea- Mig Alley
  8. Carrier ops would get my money. Another eastern theatre (far east excepted of course) would not get much enthusiasm from me. Cheers, Lfox
  9. Lfox

    My Son

    Bob - has a certain symmetric appeal
  10. Tanks with 3dvision Hi the tanks are a great addition. The driver station is well rendered in 3D. The gunner station however is not unfortunately. i hope this is addressed in next patch. Thanks
  11. Dear devs, Please considefr providing your fans with a summer video for the next DD. Many thanks. Cheers Lfox
  12. Hi, from the latest stills it looks like summer is coming along well. I personally would really appreciate it (and I suspect that I am not alone). In any case please keep up the great work. Cheers, Lfox
  13. Perhaps try 3D vision to get an idea. Personally I can't see myself every going back to 2D. The cockpits paricularly in certain ligjhting conditions are fantastic. Ok it doesn t have the immersion of closed goggles but I can see the keyboard. Cheers, Lfox
  14. Good on ya mate ! Now by definition you are a RL pilot. First solo is something you never forget. Looking forward to the Gopro footage. Cheers Lfox
  15. I see that Zeus is on line so a special thanks to you and the team for the excellent work on the new map. Cheers
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