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  1. This is great news, it's the SP campaigns that keep me coming back ti Il-2. Thanks Gambit, I'm in!
  2. It feels like this is how simulation was always meant to be. You experience so many things in VR that are just not possible on a monitor. Complete immersion, depth and spatial perception, and with a good bass shaker, the feeling of speed and motion. Now anything outside of VR just feels like watching TV.
  3. Is there a setting I need to change so that my missions start on the runway?
  4. Unless I'm off my head, it seems to me when I'm pointing north and start turning right to the east, the magnetic compass turns in the opposite direction to show headings in the north west. Has anyone else noticed this? UPDATE: To be more specific, it occurred to me that the magnetic compass points to the heading that the aircraft is pointing, instead of continually pointing North. This is a complete departure from the early Spitfires and Hurricanes where the needle always points North and you need to turn the compass dial to line up North with the needle in order to see your actual heading. Is this intentional and in fact the design of the Spitfire VB compass?
  5. That would also be pretty disturbing. Keep it up and we'll have to start the IL-2 PTSD group... (j/k)
  6. They are both outstanding, but the slight edge in VR performance and all the new content will have me playing IL-2 almost exclusively this Winter. 😄
  7. Mine also works with an axis, but not buttons. I've now noticed the same with elevator trim; when I removed the axis mapping and set up and down trim to joystick buttons it stopped working. Just figured it out. I need to map the trim up/down buttons to the trim axis entry, not individually to the trim up and trim down entries as one would expect. If this is the case they should just get rid of the separate trim up/down/left/right entries in the key assignments. At least I'm back in business! EDIT: This is probably intentional, for aircraft that use buttons for trim instead of a rotary. i.e. Fw-190.
  8. I've tried assigning either joystick buttons or keyboard keys to Trim Rudder Left and Trim Rudder Right functions, but it seems to have no effect. The rudder trim knob to the left of the seat does not move. I can't say for sure, but I think this was working normally in V3.201.
  9. Well, I guess that takes care of all the leisure time I might have this winter. So much frickin' exciting stuff in one package!
  10. Definitely getting these. The Hurricane because it's fun and the Yaks to support the cause!
  11. I actually miss playing CloD quite a bit. The only reason I don't is no VR support and I sold my TrackIR. Otherwise, it's aging quite gracefully and still being worked on.
  12. Nothing was mentioned, was this campaign included in today's update?
  13. So much goodness in one update.... my mind can't take it! Where to start? That's so much to the dev team. I know results like this don't happen without serious effort and dedication. Hats off to you, good sirs!!
  14. BoB stuff sounds great, but mostly waiting to be able to play Achtung Spitfire! 😄
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