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  1. Keep making those campaigns and I'll keep buying them! For me they're quickly becoming the heart and soul of Great Battles.
  2. Sounds interesting, can you post the link?
  3. The CH Fighterstick has hardware elevator and aileron trim dials built in, so you can reduce forward stick pressure for any game regardless of whether the in-game plane supports trim. Should solve your problem.
  4. D'oh! I didn't even think to compress it. Here is my dump file after the crash. Il-2_exe.11724.dmp.zip
  5. Just got the CTD in mission 5 just as we're about to engage the convoy. Bummer! How can I post my dump file? The file limit on the forum is 5MB.
  6. D'oh! yes, I totally forgot to update my signature, I'm running an I7 and 1080Ti now. Correct, I can't see my keyboard at all but for the few keys I use I'm able to find them by touch. It still breaks immersion a little so I try to map most functions to my HOTAS.
  7. It's surprisingly difficult to build the right "flight sim station" around a standard computer desk. I've gone to great pains to setup center mounted sticks over the years; it's been a must since I've started using HOTAS.
  8. I think you succeeded. Just finished today, this was really enjoyable with some seriously intense action! Thanks for putting so much into it, and Merry Christmas!
  9. My wife definitely hopes this will not come out before Xmas. Don't listen to her!
  10. Actually, I just found his Nov 25 newsletter indicating that the next batch of Gunfighters w/ MCG grip is coming "soon". I'll probably wait and see what happens in January.
  11. Given that the North American VKB web shop is constantly out of stock, I'm considering ordering directly from China at www.aliexpress.com. If anyone else has gone this route, what has your experience been getting the product shipped to Canada or US? Shipping of course will cost more, but what about import fees and duties? Did it arrive within a reasonable amount of time? I would post the same on VKB forum but I can't get them to activate my account.
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