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  1. Unfortunately, doesn't help. The red peg shows regardless of how much my flaps are deployed. EDIT: OK, I see one click of the flaps button will automatically move to combat flaps, and you need to hold the button to go further.
  2. Strange, but it works. Thanks! Any idea how I can monitor flaps angle from inside the cockpit of the P-38? How do I know when I'm at 50%?
  3. Thanks, saw that and it's a great start. I'm still not clear on how I can monitor flaps angle.
  4. I've assigned joystick buttons to rudder and elevator trim for the P-38, but they have no effect. If I use the keyboard binding, I see CTRL Z and X change the rudder trim, and I can use an axis to change elevator trim but buttons that are assigned to these do not work. Is this a known issue?
  5. So many questions about the Lightning! I'd like to know more about complex engine management, and basic things like where to find the gear and flaps indicators.
  6. Is anyone else experiencing this problem since updating to 4.006? It takes nearly a full minute for the game to load before it shows the login screen. Once I've logged in, there's a huge lag in the mouse cursor responding to mouse movements. I can barely manage to click on menu items. Any suggestions?
  7. I would love to give this a try, but there doesn't seem to be a center mount for an extended control stick a-la VKB Gunfighter.
  8. This is great! Static campaigns are the main reason I play IL-2 these days. 🤩
  9. Agreed, the drag is a huge disadvantage. You won't outrun anything in this Fokker!
  10. I quite enjoyed the Dr.1 and easily finished the campaign in a couple of days. It takes a lot of attention no doubt, but with good rudder pedals and a stick extension (VKB Gunfighter Pro) you can get some serious maneuverability out of this plane. I'm usually a below-average dogfighter, but 22 camels and 3 two-seaters fell to my guns in this campaign alone. 😵
  11. Still no luck; in the past I was able to get pitch and roll effects when they were the only ones supported, but now I get nothing. Confirmed that: - SimShaker Wings is registered/activated - Starts automatically when IL-2 is started - Correct sound card is selected and Output is set to Bass-shakers - Clicking the Test button gives a positive response in my ButtKicker at adequate volume - All effects are checked on Is there anything I'm missing? After SimShaker for Aviators and SimShaker Wheels, I can't wait to see what SimShaker Wings brings to the table.
  12. Great, thanks for the clarification. Since I'm not getting feed I probably have something configured incorrectly. Now that I know, I'll investigate further tonight.
  13. Sorry, I mean SimShaker Wings. Is it only meant to work with Jetseat?
  14. What effects are now supported when using the sound module (ButtKicker 2)? I tried recently but did not notice any effects.
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