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  1. Definitely getting these. The Hurricane because it's fun and the Yaks to support the cause!
  2. I actually miss playing CloD quite a bit. The only reason I don't is no VR support and I sold my TrackIR. Otherwise, it's aging quite gracefully and still being worked on.
  3. Nothing was mentioned, was this campaign included in today's update?
  4. So much goodness in one update.... my mind can't take it! Where to start? That's so much to the dev team. I know results like this don't happen without serious effort and dedication. Hats off to you, good sirs!!
  5. BoB stuff sounds great, but mostly waiting to be able to play Achtung Spitfire! 😄
  6. This sounds fantastic. 20 missions! My wife is going to kill me. 🤓
  7. This! VR is incomplete and just a little weird without tactile feedback. Buttkicker adds a whole new dimension to flight sims and to even non-vr games.
  8. On it, but they're surprisingly hard to find. Ordered one on amazon, but it will take a month to arrive from China!
  9. I was only able to justify getting the Rift S because I quickly sold my CV1 for a good price. However, CV1 always felt borderline unacceptable to me because of heavy screen door effect making everything look kind of obscured. This is so drastically improved with Rift S that I'm finally enjoying VR without reservation and it feels great! The only thing I dislike about Rift S is it doesn't work in a dark room, so no flying after the Missus goes to bed. BTW, my IPD is 67 and I get excellent clarity.
  10. I was also surprised just how happy I am with the Rift S. SDE in CV1 drove me nuts so I figured I'd get Rift S as a stop gap until Index comes to Canada. After 6 weeks with the Rift S I think I'll probably stick with it. Visuals are a drastic improvement over CV1 and even the audio isn't really that bad since the last software update.
  11. Man, thanks for that. That was frustrating for a while!
  12. Clickable cockpits was the first nail in that coffin, and not by Oleg's choice.
  13. Keep making those campaigns and I'll keep buying them! For me they're quickly becoming the heart and soul of Great Battles.
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