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  1. This is great, I hate the Battery Low nags that show up even when I never use the Touch controllers.
  2. The novelty of VR gaming has worn drastically thin; I'll probably never buy another VR title. Mind you HL:Alyx was great, but once you've played it there's no point in playing anything else. IL-2 however is really what VR was made for and the experience is repeatedly exciting and breathtaking. It really is the only way to experience flight simming - no going back!
  3. Good to know, it's great that there are so many historical details packed into the campaign. Until this week I never knew there were forward air controllers in WWII!
  4. This is the best Great Battles campaign played so far. This time I really felt like I was participating in the war, the big picture. I could just imagine Easy Company fighting it out below me in Bastogne! And the atmosphere in those early morning and stormy missions will bring a tear to your eye. Elwood Blue.... lol, was Jake in a different squadron?
  5. Brings a tear to my eye. Yet another campaign to sink our teeth into.... Thank you!
  6. Absolutely. I got the Ryzen 7 1800X as soon as it came out, but was unsatisfied with VR performance. A year later I switched to the i7-8700K and was blown away.
  7. I'm surprised that so many people are still using the CV1. It had its good points including awesome sound and OLED display, but the visual clarity by today's standards is atrocious.
  8. Hurricane. Been so long since I flew a Hurricane!
  9. What was the previously listed price for Canada?
  10. Unfortunately, doesn't help. The red peg shows regardless of how much my flaps are deployed. EDIT: OK, I see one click of the flaps button will automatically move to combat flaps, and you need to hold the button to go further.
  11. Strange, but it works. Thanks! Any idea how I can monitor flaps angle from inside the cockpit of the P-38? How do I know when I'm at 50%?
  12. Thanks, saw that and it's a great start. I'm still not clear on how I can monitor flaps angle.
  13. I've assigned joystick buttons to rudder and elevator trim for the P-38, but they have no effect. If I use the keyboard binding, I see CTRL Z and X change the rudder trim, and I can use an axis to change elevator trim but buttons that are assigned to these do not work. Is this a known issue?
  14. So many questions about the Lightning! I'd like to know more about complex engine management, and basic things like where to find the gear and flaps indicators.
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