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  1. Thank you Varibraun ! I will try the new version.
  2. Hi Pat, I've encountered an error in the first mission of my campaign with Esc 103 in march 1918. In my mission, I've shot down 2 Albatros DVa. When I click on "submit report" after claiming the 2 victories I've got an error message. I send you the 2 files in the ErrorReport folder. Thank you again for your campaign generator. Best regards, Nicolas Pierre202011081311579.zip Pierre202011081311593.zip
  3. For the first answer, it's only an error in the text. In the Tab, "Plane lost" is written instead of "Notification of Victory". Ok, I understand for the second part. Thank you again for your hard work !
  4. Hi Pat, Thank you for the new version of your Campaing Generator. I've noticed the same bug about the new individual pilot victory screen ("Plane Lost" written). In the Advanced Configs, the mission spacing seems to have disappeared.
  5. I confirm that it only happens in FC. Pat, no problem, take your time to resolve this issue. To go through this issue, I return to the desktop and I click on the undifined objects window until it disappears.
  6. Hello, First of all, thank you Pat for your wonderful Campaign Generator for Rise of Flight and Il2 series ! I've got the same problem here. I've got some undifined objects pup ups. Best regards, Nicolas
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