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  1. I bought the ju 52 for IL2 BOM, having the game as standalone, while having IL2 BOS as Steam version. I see there's a bit in the custom planes page which says you can have a steam key on request for JU52. How do I get it/activate JU52 in Steam for BOS? Thanks.
  2. About those thread titles... Yes, I can see the problem. That was my mistake and will be rectified. All the best
  3. Bearcat, Thanks for that advice. Will do. FalkerEins, absolutely no offence taken. All the best to you. (edited cause I got your name wrong).
  4. Anyway, just tried BOS on low with antiailassing off and frame rate locked at 30, but most importantly, I think, cinematics turned off, and I have to say it's playable, I've not checked the frame rate, but either its a lot of little microstutters or just my eyes, but I'd say it was just under what I'd expect at 30. Can't see that much difference in graphics, really, so low it is and I'll keep up with it. It's a great looking sim (I recently tried the original IL2, which I got to run, surprisingly, and what I remembered as beautiful all those years ago was plain ugly. How far we've come). As for COD, just posting my surprise that my rig could play it - whether it was the upgrades to my PC or the upgrades from the devs, or maybe both, but just surprised. As to whether it makes me any friends, if I have to watch what I say to that extent (I didn't actually make any comment as to BOS in relation to COD), then, man, this place is not what I expected. Hopefully your warning is unjustified, as I assume other than a very few hot heads, this place is filled with like-mined souls who can discuss opinions without it turning into the last scene of Blazing saddles. Edit - sorry, I forgot to thank those individuals who suggestested the changes to the settings, which have made the game pllayable for me. All the best.
  5. First post. I leave it on about page two this morning with some frank, though I thought healthy discussion. I come back after a day out, and I find it's locked. Man, that was a tinderbox. Anyway, after having been given some suggestions on how to speed the game up a bit and get past the stutters and pauses, I thought I'd check it against IL2 COD, which I've not played for a long time - so long that since the last time, I've upgraded graphics card, ram (from 4g to 6), but also operating system, from Win 7 32bit to 64. JEEPERS. It actually flys really well. Looks beautiful, I have to say, and no stutters or pauses. I was taken aback by the reflections - the white out of the sun on the cockpit interior, and, mercy, the condensation on the inside of the Blenhem after going through cloud. Utterly stunning. Even got kills. That's all (my last post was me saying I'd get back to you after trying it again). I'm going in to try the various settings on IL2 BOS now to see how much difference the advice I was given makes. Let you know. All the best.
  6. I know my processor is old and as such, a problem, but like I said in the original post, in other games, given the ability, I can tend to find something which causes a problem and deactivate it while leaving other things running which make it look good. I think it's testament to my system and the old way of doing things that I can still get decent results on such an old system. Here, I'm pretty much stuck with these mysterious bag of presets which are doing what? Thanks for the HU on Sweetfx. I'll give it a go.
  7. Hi, I can't see any option to deactivate motion blur. All I get is resolution (which makes no difference play-wise what setting it's on), V-sync, frame rate, gamma and multi GPU (from memory). Mine is the Steam version. You're not going to tell me that the none steam version has more graphics options, are you?
  8. My specs are: Asus P5N-E SLI, Intel® Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750, M-Audi Audiophile 2496 soundcard, 6.2 GB DDR2 ram, win 7. It's an old machine, but you know, I can still play Battlefield 4 and farcry 3, and Bioshock Infinite, and, of course, Rise of Flight, perfectly well with some adjustment of the graphics. I can even get IL2 COD to run after a fashionl when there aren't that many planes in the air. In fact, I might have to go back to that to see how it compares with BOS. As I said before, though, I'd just like the option. All the other games I can think of give me the option. Why can't I have the option? I imagine it's a relatively simple thing to do. Again, my base point is, it's not a smart business descision. It's a key factor, and it's locked down, in my opinion, for no good reason.
  9. I've flown Rise of Flight, and though my system isn't the best, I've been able to tweak the graphics settings to get it to run well. This has made flying the sim a generally enjoyable experience. I was led to believe that if you could fly ROF, then that would be your benchmark for IL2. How wrong that turned out to be. I find I can get the thing to play, but only on the lowest setting and with the frame rate set at 30. That said, I still get stutters and pauses which mean I can't realistically hit a target to the point I can bring it down (they can hit me, of course. All in all it's just a frustrating experience that makes me rue the fact I spent all that money on it. I bought it off the back of my experience with ROF, which I found to be a joy to fly (once tweaked). I'm sure if it's the same engine, then the ability to tinker with various settings would make IL2 an exqually enjoyable experience. Makes me feel a bit like a kid who isn't trusted to fix his own bike by his dad. The thing which makes it doubley strange to me is that there's the potential there, probably, to get it to run smoothly on most people's machines (if their machines reach the spec). But without the ability to adjust individual settings (as in most games), folks will just be put off buying it (I certainly won't be recommending it). Can't quite see how that's a smart business decision. Ironic, also, that I have the option to tinker with just about every other setting (Well, except audio, of course). I can choose to assign whatever to control magnitos and flaps and brakes and all that, and yet probably the one most important setting to making the game a success - Graphics - is kept from me. Personally, I'm putting it down until I have the ability to smooth it out with the tools available in the ROF graphics options. Come on, Devs, let me fix my bike. All you have to do is give me the toolbox.
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