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  1. @-332FG-Magic_Zach and @=VARP=Ribbon I never suffered the issues you guys describe. I never read much about it either and I believe if a lot of people suffered from it, the forum would be filled with it. I would follow @dburne’s advice and check your pc’s.
  2. something to report with the After action report. In several flights I get the report 'A...was destroyed..' So no identification on what exactly was destroyed but the where ground targets. Tempest202005282205326.zip
  3. Welll not to sound whiney or something Jason. I am highly impressed with your teams efforts. Using Index here but honestly I prefer the old VR zoom. Never used Migoto zoom. The new one makes me dizzy (mayby it will grow on me) but I find the old zoom much easier to maintain SA. My vote for two settings one for the old, one for the new VR-zoom. Will play the game no matter what.
  4. could that be a fuel based trigger? In standard campaigns the Free hunt mission is usually a long mission and very often my wingmen run out of fuel, call bingo and RTB. If this is the case then the solution may be to reduce fuel load on AI-birds. (I usually fly as a standard crewdog and I noticed that the mission template does not use a lot of fuel)
  5. You still can disable automatic download in Steam. Go to properties then there is a setting like where you can select the option that it will detect the update but not install it. I am away from pc so the exact spot I can’t check. I have this selected for Il2 so I can disable mods before updating. I do not know if it allows you to play the game though.
  6. The mission was a standard sp campaign mission. The airbase was Volkel.
  7. Hmm must have been a glitch because after having flown several more missions the AI taxi's as usual.
  8. Hello, Last night I flew a single sp career mission in the Spit IX and I noticed that my AI wingmates did a full stop on the runway and switched off there engine. Shortly there after they vanished. Anyone else noticed this? I hope it was a glitch because having the AI taxi back after landing is great for the immersion. I loved sitting in my parked plane and listening to the sound of taxiing planes. while I am at it. I would also like to keep the dead pilots and crewmates in there planes. Especially the gunners. I find this vanishing into the white light very disturbing somehow.
  9. This command was added specifically for the bombers when you are flight commander. It was added to make sure your entire formation would drop their bombs at the same time as you, the flight leader. If you do NOT issue that command there is the possibility that you alone are dropping bombs. I have also used this command when flying a fighter to make sure my wingmen wouldn’t fly off to chase some target when on a escort mission. When you give this command they will stay in formation when you run into other fighters. It does nothing if you issue it when your wingmen are already breaking off to engage though. When I wan’t to let them go there own way I issue the ‘rejoin and resume mission’.
  10. @vonGraf, this behaviour I have seen it a lot. I am flying both a Ju88 and Pe2 campaign on Moskou and I prefer to fly as wingman.
  11. This is correct. But my pc is not to powerfull for playing IL2 in VR. I have to choose if I want the cloud mod OR the 4k pit skins. It is the combination that is to great a drain on my system.
  12. Some feedback from a VR user. I have the Valve Index and my PC is a bit long in the tooth (6850k, 4.3 Hz, 16 Gb Ram, GTX1070) as a result I do not see much difference between the standard and 4k pits. I also use @rowdyb00t cloud mod (v9.1). I can fly the sim with a robust 45fps and I am happy. I noticed that in overcast or heavy clouds I lose 15fps due to the 4k skins because my fps drops to 30. In clear or lightly clouded sky I have a steady 45 fps. No complaints as it is to be expected I presume but as VR players are looking to squeeze some more fps out of there PC’s this info might help someone.
  13. Nonsense. If the plane is leaking coolant it will go down. The only time it does not if a friendly airbase is near and they can land in time before running out of coolant. In the new dm coolant and fuel leaks or not one size fits all. Now there are small and big leaks. See patch notes. Further more I regularly see AI-planes try to break off and return home when damaged. They will continue to manoeuvre when they feel threatened by enemy planes (did not see a difference in behavior for AI-planes or player).
  14. I don’t think it can because the 3dMigoto app is not recognized as a mod by the game. It works fully on your pc and works regardless whether you have mods on or off in the game.
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