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  1. Since I bought the Oculus Rift I have almost exclusively played VR games. There are a few games without VR I play at times but staring at a screen just doens’t have a wow factor no matter how beautiful the game is. I had a friend try out Il2 with VR and he had to stop after he managed to spin his plane! He got sick and turned white. No better ‘realism’ possible. All though I sometimes regret that the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach is now gone for good after hours of playing Il2 in VR. No VR, no buy! Period.
  2. Yes that is what I had in mind. WASD for driving with your left hand, arrow keys for turret rotation with your right hand. Switch to mouse for final aiming but mayby not possible like @BraveSirRobin indicated.
  3. Speed and accuracy where never things I experienced in TC. Hope you find a work around. Witte muizen!
  4. Well you can never please everyone. I hated the old mouse control. Took me ages to get my gun on target. I hated it so badly I stopped playing TC. Mayby if I had persevered I would have gotten the hang of it. Still haven’t played since the update but the discussion made me wonder why not use keyboard for rough control and then fine tune your aim with mouse?
  5. OP A point you should check is your IPD. A lot of sets like the Reverb have a fixed IPD around 63. In my case my IPD is 70 and that would make for a bad experience. It is why I chose the Index because it has a mechanical slider that allows you to change the distance between the lenses in the headset to your personal needs. Just something to consider.
  6. Agree, it is a pain in the ***. I hope also that they give us turret control through a joystick and separate the keybindings. Other then the solution you found there is none that Imam aware of.
  7. In the regular campaign you do not have to give any orders to attack ground targets when you are flightleader. They will attack on there own. Have you tried that?
  8. Hello Patrick, Just had an escort mission. The 15th fighter regiment got orders to escort Pe2s35's. Kuban map flying Lagg3. Frontline runs east-west with friendly area south. The Pe2's were ordered to bomb a target in the sea to the south. Once we got there there was just empty waters. VVS1202008151408586.zip VVS1 MissionAnalysis.txt
  9. Hmm. I fly the stock campaigns also but the smoke fades in and out as well.
  10. Understand, no problem. If all my wishes where dollars I would have the time to do it myself 😏. I admit not having played your campaign for some time. Enjoying myself jets until that bugfest drives me up the wall again. I noticed that artillery was placed in line and not abreast. Maybe Murleen fixed that as well. I used the game career mode as an easy example of what I ment. Never considered the possibility that you never played it. It is not like you made your own campaign system 😏🤪 or something.
  11. Hey Patrick, I mean with better ground targets a more realistic appearing template. Like artillery behind sandbags, trucks in attendance, defensive positions with AT-guns, tanks and such. I am aware of the issues of positioning so I do not mean that aspect of ground targets. Just not the the series af artyguns parked in line. The standard setup in career-missions is my example.
  12. My wish, better groundtargets like in the careermissions and more flak at targets for level bombers (like home base).
  13. Any news on a dynamic campaign?
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