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  1. What I am interested in whether or not ‘Tobruk’ has a mission generator like the career mode of the Great Battles series? I really do not like scripted missions.
  2. Disable ‘motion smoothing’ it should solve/help the issue.
  3. Well I am very greatfull that this issue is solved. I do have one other issue when using the binoculars or zoom in gunsight. The issue is that I can not get a stable image even when standing still. With the view continuously moving about it makes for difficult aiming. Anyone having this issue?
  4. And I suggest you test with the P38. Last night I killed 4 Bf109-g6’s and all four went down in flames (SP, not that good of a pilot). By using the P38 you eliminate the problem of not shooting at convergence. My experience with the P47 and P51 are limited.
  5. Kuban is not a tank map so it is not optimized for tank play. And you did not pay for it. Tank crew comes with the Proka..dinges map. If you find errors like that you’d be right. Allthough the game is still in Early acces.
  6. It defiantly works for me. I don’t have to press shf t. It works right from the start for me.
  7. An M2 with Russian crew in a PzIII.
  8. For spotting I always found blurred landscape with sharpen on, the best. The planes have more contrast that way. The price you pay is some shimmering. The rest depends on your rig and mine is on the bottom of the middle these days. I am flying in VR.
  9. when you are the commander sticking your head out of the cupola? I know it nestles you to the gunsight of a gunner.
  10. How are you dealing with the issue that when you like left or right from external or commanders unbuttoned view all objects dissapear? Unplayeble is a bit harsh but it is severely annoying not to be able to see anything outside 45 degrees from where your mouse is pointing or have objects disappear when you turn your head.
  11. Always that way. You can see to the sides by swiping your mouse around. The mouse determines what you see. Very unplayable in VR because of it.
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