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  1. But to answer OP’s question. No there is no in game setting that can be changed and there is no mod for it. Whether it is modable or not I don’t know. You could ask in the ‘mod’ subforum perhaps.
  2. No, only a scripted campaign. It is the one item that is holding me back to buy TC.
  3. Glad you found your colution. I also know that in the past people had problems if they were using special characters in the name of their pilot. That dot is likely the cause indeed.
  4. Yep, got the same in my startup.cfg. Then I don't know what the problem is I am afraid. Although if you are using version 6 alpha 2 then that might be the problem. Check out that thread and see if that matches your problem.
  5. Hello Piranha, I think you have logging off. That is the default setting. Search for ‘start.cfg’ and turn logging on. This is done by switching 0 to 1. There are to log entries and I believe you need eventlog or some such. Not at pc so doing from memory.
  6. Great. I was afraid I would have to use the S audio or earbuds. Those never stay put. I read that normal headphones would conflict with the halo.
  7. Guys question. I have a good usb headphone that I use without problem with the rift. Would this also work with the Rift S?
  8. Hey Sublime. I haven’t but I take your word for it. The only night missions I ever had where with bomber squadrons. Nächtjäger squadrons are not bomber squadrons and you said you got intercept missions. So that is all in accordance with each other. Felt no need to check.
  9. Hey Sublime, is it a nightfighter campaign where you attack enemy bombers/attackers or are they jabo missions?
  10. Wel we are going a bit off topic. The nightbomber missions do not contain any enemy fighters what so ever. Thee only enemy you face are AAA and terrain.
  11. I agree. Night missions are not really fun. Level bombing is not possible (in VR at least) that leaves dive bombing as only option and that is hairy to because the target is hard to see.
  12. Hello Murleen, I haven't been able to try it but I like the idea.
  13. In SP career mode you do see barrage balloons over Moskou.
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