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  1. I am having an issue with the template. I downloaded it twice (from the official link) and I can only see the 'readme'layer clearly. The rest is grey and pink. I can see the outline of the 109. I openend the PSD in Gimp. Doesn't it work with Gimp or am I doing something wrong? Never mind found it. Well I found it. It appears that the layer '4k weathering' is corrupt or something. When I disable this layer I get the camo colors back.
  2. Funny, all those complaints and I have a totally differnt experience. Yesterday I flew a career mission in a 110 on moskow. Mission was to attack an artillery battery in overcast with snow. Mig 3 where in the neighbourhood. Unsure wether or not they were on CAP or the escort of an Il2 flight. My wingmates started to dogfight with the Migs. The fight went up and down through the clouds. It was very clear that AI lost sight of each other all the time. I flew on attacked the arty and so, eventually did my wingmen. Lost two 110 in the dogfight. After delivering my bombs and a couple strafing runs I decided not to push my luck and head home. Spotted a few migs on the way back. My gunner even fired on one but I was not none pursued. In my experience I find that the AI rarely pursues me all the way home. Factors wheter or not they do seem to be: - are you the last friendly plane in sight. - distance to your base. When your home is close to the frontline there is a greater change that they follow you. - are they faster then you. If so it is more likely they pursue. Before the last patch to many planes augered in due to blackouts. Haven't played enough with the new patch to see if this has improved. The circling fights happen but only down low on the deck. With higher altitudes I haven't seen it much. Further more I have found that if you give the oponent some space by going lag pursuit that he will try to break out of the cirle. Does the AI need improving? Off course but it is not rubbish in my opinion. It is all ready so much better then the BOS only period. And compaired to DCS it has a working AI. Because uf you want to talk about rubish AI it is there. I am having a great time with the career system. I am playing with moderate difilculty and dense setting. I enjoy watching the planes from the outside so I have external view enabled.
  3. Well I never gad any issues with the mods. I wonder if it had anything to do with my skin. I modified one with Gimp but I hardly know thag programm at all. We will see.
  4. hmm weird. I'll check the file integrety then.
  5. I am also hoping for some form of autogenerating missions if not a real campaign but I am aware that the title was only sold with two scripted campaigns.
  6. Hi all. Recently I flew a Bf110 mission with overcast and it was raining. I did have static water effects along the window edges but no animated rain effects like water drops on the windshield or water running over the windscreen. I do fly in VR Rift CV1 and use Steam VR. I am using mods so I tried the same mission with mods disabled but forgot to try it with mods off. Anyone with the same issues or perhaps a solution?
  7. But not always. In my experience you have more contacts with a fight then a ‘dead’ mission.
  8. Well neither have bom, bos and bok any representations of historical battles. I was born in Arnhem so I now a lot about Market Garden and the general geography of the area. So do alot of people here I guess. So the absence of towns and battles stand out. My knowledge about the geography of the eastern front is quit poor and so is knowledge of a lot of important battles there. Therefor I don't miss this. Might be more a perception thing.
  9. +1 It makes VR play impossible because you only see targets that are 45 degres in front of the tank. It forces you to use the gunsight for spotting. I love everything that got wings on it but tankcrew is a bit of a dissapointment.
  10. It sounds you have more use of a swivel chair.
  11. Oculus user. Didn't have that problem with ASW off. Would like proper props b back as well.
  12. Great fps saver by the way and also helps with spotting. Have it at 0.7 myself.
  13. Hey Patrick, I started a new Thunderbolt campaign with 6.3.0. After flying my second mission I am no longer able to generate a mission. In number two mission I got shot down and severly injured for 75 days. I requested Leave but 75 days of leave gave an error. Had to first take leave for 30 days and then 45 days. Subquently PWCG refused to generate a mission. Error log and campaign appended. PWCGErrorLog.txt Thunderbolt.rar
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