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  1. Hey Patrick, I started a new Thunderbolt campaign with 6.3.0. After flying my second mission I am no longer able to generate a mission. In number two mission I got shot down and severly injured for 75 days. I requested Leave but 75 days of leave gave an error. Had to first take leave for 30 days and then 45 days. Subquently PWCG refused to generate a mission. Error log and campaign appended. PWCGErrorLog.txt Thunderbolt.rar
  2. Hello all, Tonight I played Tank Crew in VR for the first time. Sure love the models but I am having a serious view issue. I am using the Oculus Rift. The problem is that vehicles are only rendered in, what I estimate to be 45 degrees left and right from the front. When I am in the commanders position all vehicle, arty etc objects disapear as soon as I look more then 45 degrees left or right. This makes playing Tank crew in VR verry difficult but the commanders position is now all but useless. Is anyone else having this problem? If not and if it is on my end does anybody have any idea what could cause this? Thanks
  3. LukeFF, that you have an empty cockpit with no one behind the controls is not by design, not at 1500 meters at least. Slumping yes the vanishing act not.
  4. Description: killed pilot/crew dissapears. I noticed while flying a career on BOM that pilots and crew slump and then dissapear when killed. I have noticed this with the mig3, top gunner he-111-h6 and my own gunner in a bf110E.
  5. Verry weird. I had nine missions with only one having enemy contact. Have six fighter flights set with up to 48 planes per side.
  6. The F10 key can also be pressed in VR. Just move your body/head in the desired position and press F10. If necessary repeat pressing F10 untill okay. Welcome to the wonderfull world off VR flying!
  7. Hi Patrick, For me I can only say that no encounter missions make those where you do run into enemies more exciting. I await your changes. As far as the AAA is concerned it is noticable because there are only mg-AAA on the airfield while the randomly placed AAA are larger calibre and do fire. The standard career airfield attack mission always have a lot of parked planes and lots of AAA. Those planes when destoyed get reported as 'parked'. I can't tel whether they are static or not.
  8. Hello Patrick, I am now in my seventh missions in a P47 campaign and, off course, no issues now with mission generation. Unfortunatly it is a bit boring because of the six missions flown I had only one where we had a fight. I had three intercept missions where there was nothing to intercept. Just my flight of P47's and one friendly flight of Spits. I had one ground attack mission, an airfield attack. Noticed a couple of issues. One was with the escorts who all collided and only the flight lead survived. Also noticed this in the two aborted campaigns. Second problem at enemy airfield there were only three mg positions and no other AAA or other targets for that matter. Those MG's didn't engage at all even with me flying low over the airbase. Third problem was that my wingmen only attacked those MG positions and nothing else. Fourth I dropped my bombs on static planes on the airfield but nothing was recorded. Fith problem the static planes could not be destroyed by strafing. I wil continue with this campaign to see if I get the mission generation error again.
  9. Hey Patrick, In frustration I deleted the campaign I'm afraid. Shouldn't be to hard to reproduce as I started two campaings and both got the same problem after 1 or 2 missions. So I will start a new one and mail you that one when it fails. For now I can only tell you that both where a P47 campaign starting at the standard start date of 01-08-1944. the 362 squadron based at Gilze. The second was 352 squadron at Grimbergen. The first gave the error but I could work around it by closing PWCG and restarting. The second failed and no matter of work around worked. I tried leave and transfer to another squadron but no cigar. Oh I remember a detail that may be of use. The last mission was a Scramble mission but I encountered no enemy aircraft. I have spectator on and always use F2 to look at the planes in action.
  10. Hi Patrick, I am having some issues with mission generation. Getting an error when I click 'mission'. This is PWCG 6.1.5. Log attached. It is a P47 campaign flying out of Gilze-Rijen. PWCGErrorLog.txt
  11. Brief description: Autopilot linkes turbo and throttle Detailed description: Every time you activate the autopilot (press A) and you then deactivate the autopilot, the Turbolever and throttle stay linkes. Pressing the unlink key does nothing. Proppelor RPM link no longer functions. When flying manual all the time or just using the leveler everyting works as advertised. Replicate: Fly P47 and activate autopilot then deactivate it happens. Time interval is irrelevant.
  12. I found that the ai only circle fights at low altitude. When higher up the use far more vertical manouvers. Started a pwcg kuban campaign flying the p39. The ai 109 g4 and 6's kept their energy well and were using b&z tactics. This was at 3 to 40000 meters. Not saying that the ai couldn't be improved but itis already better then before.
  13. @PatrickAWlson, Restarted my P39 campaign on Kubanmap with version 6.0.0. Have flown three ground attack missions. I scrubbed every non ground attack mission. On all three flights there where no escorts for my flight. On two missions there was one friendly fighter flight but I did not get the radio message 'flight in combat zone', which to me indicates escort. On all three missions there where no enemy fighters around. On the first two missions there where friendly Il2's and (once) Pe2. All those flights flew to the vicinity of our last waypoint before landing and started circling. All flights had full external ordnance. The enemy had ground attack flights up, mostly Stuka's and once a flight of He111's. No escorts off course. Odds of escort is set at 50. They didn't attack any targets. I really love the cold starts and landing sequence. So much better then Standard. Real cudo's there. The positioning of ground targets are off putting. Artillery in the forrests and lakes. This I must admit is much better in the standard career. Escpecially the ambiance of a artillery battery with protective cover and supply trucks etc. I noticed that enemy and friendly ground objects are often intermingeld. Further more the vehicles used are still early war types. I haven't flown the official career in Kuban yet so I don't know if there are more modern (aka 1943) types available. Going to put escort odds to 100 and see what happens. For youre information, I have the following set for mission limits as per picture. Then there is an issue with 'Agoy' airfield. Planes that land from the Northeast or take off in that direction crash on the mountains. Probebly not something you or Murleen can do about, but thought I mention it. I'll keep testing. Thanks for your work.
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