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  1. This endlessly circling of the bomb target I have seen as well. Flying as lead will not have this because the AI follows you. When I fly as wing I have seen it but infrequently. It is not a specific mission but I have the impression it happens when the AI flightlead misses with his bombs. Not sure though. Will try to remember to post the _gen mission the next time.
  2. I use autopilot a lot on my way to and from the action. I quit enjoy watching the scenery or dogfights between AI. I also noticed that the AI pilot always has the brakes on during flight. This is especially noticeable in aircraft with stick rake like the Il2, Spits etc.
  3. Hoi @J2_NobiWan, I can rapport the same problem as: Also using Valve Index and en up beneath the plane as soon as VRNS activates. Great for searching for ground targets though!
  4. Well. I only have a C:drive and have it in it’s own folder. I simply dragged the map file in the zip onto the C:drive. I do not remember if I run it as an administrator. I’ll check that too. Got it working. I ran the compatability troubleshooter and it set it to windows 8 and it is now working. Odd but who cares, it works!
  5. Okay @J2_NobiWan, I tried it with manual but same thing happens. When I press the button I get a quick flicker. The difference is that sometimes I get no reaction at all. Verry inconsistant I am sorry to say. I am using a Warthog set and I generally use the target software. I tried it also with and without the target software. No difference. I am baffled as to the why. Because version 1.2 worked beutifully.
  6. Hi all, I tried your suggestions. Went back to non-beta SteamVR No joy. Reset my position in SteamVR and combined center VR view and the reset button in VRNS, no joy. It is working to some degree because when I turn my head in either direction I see rapidly flashing images. They are flashing so fast I can't make out the image itself. I do wonder if it mayby is my videocarddriver? I am running a 3080 on 461.09?
  7. I do not have a lot of experience with this tool. I tried out version 1.2 and it was great. However version 1.6 and SteamVR beta 1.16.2 is giving me problems. At first when I ran version 1.6 it automatically started steamVR but that crashed. When I first startup steamVR, ll2 and than Necksaver no crashing. I am using autorotate (lack of buttons). Have it set at 35 degrees angle, start at 90, end at 80. All I get when Necksaver activates in the cockpit is some flickering images but no shifted view. At a loss here. Any tips welcome.
  8. Weird, same issue. Files is 0 bytes, no error reported on download?? Window Home issue? Solved it. I am using firefox. Press CTR+J this opens a separate download history window. VRNeckSafer has for me an exlcamation mark. Right click on the file and I can select ' Permit download'. And Bob's your uncle.
  9. True they have but you have more then one torpedo and you don’t sink if one fails. In TC it is game over and start again. The first I can live with the second creates a game I am not going to waste my time on because I have to restart the mission repeatedly until I get a tank that performs well throughout the mission. I wouldn’t mind it if the failure could be fixed in mission but that would be unrealistic too. I do not know if engine swaps in the field where done in WO II but it would take a couple of hours to do. I don’t think anyone of us is going to sit behind the screen for hours
  10. I only play ‘full real’ and so strictly off line! MP is for noobs! 🤨 😜
  11. No but to be able to have another crewman taking over might be helpful. Gunner dead, tank commander takes over, driver dead, radioman takes over.
  12. @dburne, In my BOM campaign fighting against F2's and F4's I have no such issues. When I fly my Mig3 I regulairy see 109's let up in hard manouvres. I can not know for sure off course but is does happen after some serious manvoures and do represent what I do myself when fatigue strikes me. I ease up on a turn.
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