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  1. [Pb]RedeyeStorm

    It was a long way

    I am feeling old now. Thanks! I started simming with Falcon. The wireframe variant where you could dogfight with Mig 21’s (up to three!). Attack a SAM or a bridge. The hole thing fitted on a 3,5” disk (a whopping 1,44 mb). On a green monochrome 14” screen.
  2. In my experience the AI prioritise AAA-targets and only after those are gone attack other targets.
  3. [Pb]RedeyeStorm

    How to get back in pilotsseat

    Hey Gordon. That is no longer necessry. F10 now also works in VR. Numpad 5 is for 2d. You have to assign a key to recenter VR view. I do not remember exactly where you will find that option.
  4. [Pb]RedeyeStorm

    Bomber formation

    For luftwaffe the even numbers are to the left of the leader, uneven on the right. Just finished a mission flying as number two.
  5. [Pb]RedeyeStorm

    Campaign now freezes

    Sounds like a problem on your end. No such issues here. Did you try to validate game files in steam?
  6. [Pb]RedeyeStorm

    Disappearing objects in VR

    That might be the case with airplanes because they dissapear right at the edge of my fov. I do not consider that much of on issue. Ground targets are a bigger problem because they are only visible in a limited forward arc, say 45 degrees (not sure of exact angle). Best seen with outside view. Just move the camera around your plane and it is obvious. That is definitly Il2.
  7. [Pb]RedeyeStorm

    Disappearing objects in VR

    Fraid so, but no solution has presented itself.
  8. [Pb]RedeyeStorm

    Disappearing objects in VR

    Yes there are two threads about this issue.
  9. [Pb]RedeyeStorm

    so why people prefer to turn left?

    Sorry Legioneod, European here. No Nascar. When watching motorsports I like to stay awake. Many corners both left and right is more interesting! 😎 😈
  10. [Pb]RedeyeStorm

    Guuner re-load/Fighter Bomb Selection

    For the Yak, check the info on the plane in the mission briefing (tab). I do believe the Yak can only drop the bombs in pairs. On the Pe2 do you mean the side gunners? All the other guns are beltfed and cannot reload.
  11. [Pb]RedeyeStorm

    Single player career mode Ships, Trains or Tanks?

    Hey Junkers. I believe there are no moving ships and trains. Recently I did get a mission were I had to attack a tank column. I didn't get to fly the mission because my pc crashed. But by the description it would be the same setup as the moving truck convoys I think.
  12. [Pb]RedeyeStorm

    Audio settings is minimalist - advance needed

    Can confirm Zami’s solution. Not only with 5.1 or perhaps 7.1 but also with Dolby surround (Corsair Void headset).
  13. [Pb]RedeyeStorm

    Cockpit/Engine noise way too loud

    I can confirm that the radio messages are better heard with headphones set to stereo. I have a Corsair Void and had set it to Dolby surround and that made the ingame speech unhearable (if that word doesn’t excist in english sorry). My problem is now which choice to make because the sound are much better in Dolby Surround!
  14. [Pb]RedeyeStorm

    No Warthog buttons working

    I have found that many switches on the Warthognthrottle can not be assigned in game. Like the toggle switches and three way switches. They can only be used by programming key presses in Target.
  15. [Pb]RedeyeStorm

    Audio settings is minimalist - advance needed

    +1 Yes the engine sound also completely overpowers the speech. I can barely make out that something is said. Germans, same problem even with the use of the german sound mod that makes speech louder. I recently flew the Pe2 and the engine sound is the same overpowering level and not tuned like two sources from the side.