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  1. Thank you very much, LuseKofte! As 76IAP-Black said, this made more than just a day. Really looking forward to harass some troops with the Podwa. And I sincerely wish you a great time in the warm sun as well
  2. Sad to hear of you dropping out LuseKofte. I truly hope it is because of the good kind of being busy! On that occasion, also thank you very much for your generous offerings. I think I'll throw my hat in the ring for the Po-2.
  3. Yes. There are three spawnpoints for blue and red. The bomber spawnpoint provides air spawn for bombers and the WWI kites at high altitude (that's the one you picked most likely). The mudmover spawnpoint only allows you to pick planes with bomb loadout and you will spawn on the runway with running engine. The third spawn point will allow every plane with every loadout. Using this point you will spawn in parking position and have to taxi to the runway first. All those spawn points are relatively close to each other so you might want to zoom in on the map a little to make s
  4. Das liegt daran, dass ich meine fertige Frontlinie in einer Gruppe zusammengefasst habe. Um die Gruppe anzuwählen: rechtsklick auf die Gruppe (Name: FRONTLINE) und "Set Group as Working" anwählen. Dann klappt's auch mit dem anwählen der MCUs Bei den "Vierecken" handelt es sich um Icons. Du findest diese auf der rechten Seite des ME unter MCUs als "Translator:Icon". Ja, genau so funktioniert es.
  5. Ich hab' Dir mal eben ein Beispiel gebastelt: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2fv887x6z5k22s3/FrontlineExample.7z/file Hoffentlich bringt es was 😉
  6. @Johnny-Red, I'm glad you enjoy our server! When it comes to Mods .. we turned them on as we at SAS are Modders by heart, and because no other online server gave a platform to those who'd like to fly with Mods online yet. The FAC Server is the de-facto first and only permanent Mod Server of IL-2 Great Battles. Apart from that being said, there aren't any essential Mods you need to fly on the server. Of course in the meantime some of the regulars (including me) have accumulated their list of Mods that's always active when on the server, but that's a different chapte
  7. Hi Gentlemen, we, the Admins of the Flying Ass Clowns Server (Storebror & me), decided that we will switch our server to 'Normal' difficulty settings. We hope that this will make life easier for beginners. Now those who prefer 'Normal' settings have a place where they can fly online as well! Please note though that you will need to enable Mods in your game in order to see our server (You can find more info here). Best Regards SAS~Skylla
  8. You have contiunously ignored our server rules, namely rule #1 (the server rules are being described here and in the mission briefings). This was not only reported to the Admins by other players, we also had the chance to experience it ourselves a couple of times. Therefore we banned you from the server. Best Regards, SAS~Skylla
  9. Hello Gents! As you know, we could use a few logic operators for signal processing in the BoX ME (well, at least I do ). I have created a few groups that should be helpful with this. Included are a boolean switch a ten way switch AND gate OR gate NAND gate NOR gate XOR gate XNOR gate All these groups are based on a query principle. That means, incoming links set the status of a switch / gate and this state gets saved within the group. The outgoing signal only gets produced on request. This is due to the fact that
  10. The solution is so simple, that I feel veeery dumb now ... just run IL-2 as Administrator and it launches without problems... silly me, why haven't I tired that earlier... Best Regards, skylla
  11. Yep, that's excatly what I've been trying all the time. The Problem is that my system won't let me touch that file. There are some tricks you can look up in the web to go around that (neither of them worked for me before). Another problem I see and which is making me hesitate at the moment is: "KernelBase.dll" is a system file, and I don't know how a potential loss will affect my PC. As overwriting didn't work before, deleting the old one with a programm capable to do that would be an option, BUT: If this is an essential file for the OS, it may force the whole system to crash at the point when
  12. Yep, I'm on it Mike, I got your file (thanks for that again!) and currently trying the tricks you send me. However, my system still didn't let me touch that file. another thing making me hesitate is, that this file is a system file and I don't know what's going to happen during the replacing process. Best Regards, skylla
  13. Ok, you seem to have the very same Problem that I have. I'm on a solution, but it will take a while. If I find one, I'll post it here. Best Regards, skylla
  14. That does sound very similar to my problem; If you get this "Il-2 has stopped working" window, please click on the "Problem details" button (should be on the bottom left of the window in Win7), and tell me the Problem name and the Problem origin (sorry, I can't translate that properly, called "Problemereignisname" and "Fehlermodulname" in German), or send me a screenshot. Best Regards, skylla
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