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  1. You can do anything you want to do. This is your world.
  2. I fly mostly online and can almost swear that when I'm flying in certain aircraft I can get hit once and the blooming thing feels like its made of tinfoil and just fails apart. Invariably I get taken down an awful lot from being 1 shot pilot killed (particularly flying in the 190). However, when I'm the one shooting back, I can convince myself that the enemy aircraft (Allied or Lufty) is soaking up tons of damage With regard to the P-47, having flown in it and also shot at it a fair few times purely from a personal view point in seems to soak up MG fire fairly well but it can't take too many Mk 108 hits and indeed should it, or any of the current aircraft, considering it's a bomber killer round? I personally think that the most effective gun platform currently is the P-51. it just seems to swat enemy aircraft down with relative ease.
  3. Flyable B-25 and B-26 and one day (if we get an engine upgrade) maybe some heavies?
  4. All the time, probably (Neck on a swivel and all that) I clearly never check enough considering how often I'm shot down
  5. Certainly hope that in the long run, we get to fly the B-25, B-26 and the C-47 with an essential inclusion of allied Paratroopers.
  6. Fantastic map and a fantastic plane set. I will be able to fulfil a dream and bomb my local fish and chip shop in the Me 410!
  7. Time for some traditional English folk music.
  8. Locking Target FPS to 60 has helped reduce stuttering to almost nil on my setup.
  9. It's probably going to be the PTO next but I genuinely hope that at some point that the Siege of Malta is featured.
  10. Where do they get the money from? It's a vicious circle, engine updates and work on AI takes hundreds (and hundreds....and hundreds) of work hours and therefore additional money. AI is being constantly worked on and improved, just like many other aspects of the game. Anyone who is invested in this game cannot say that constant improves are not being made because they are.
  11. Oh dear....You think that a company can stop generating revenue and continue to exist. If Nothing new is being created how does a company make money? Now go and take a chill pill have have a think about it
  12. New product generates new revenue. Without new revenue a company cannot pay it's staff or continue to be viable. With more revenue coming in this allows developers to then revisit the project and improve things. BOX has come along in leaps and bounds over the last 2+ years with many changes for the better. However, there are still things that need to be improved and every time someone invests in a new theater or collectors plane that is another chance for the project to be continued and improved.
  13. Two words....Hammer down. This turgid pile of claptrap is without doubt in my top 3 worst "mainstream" war movies of all time. The other 2 being the god awful Red Tails and that pathetic excuse of a film Fury.
  14. I have tried all sorts of graphics settings but unfortunately the only solution that I have found (that isn't a solution at all) is to reduce screen resolution right down when flying on servers with alternative visibility enabled. If I leave my monitor on its highest resolution with graphics maxed out aircraft will disappear as they get closer, there is also the "blinking" on and off reflections effect that become exaggerated and zoom is inverted. Unfortunately (for me) using a resolution higher that 1920 x 1080 is counter productive as no setting that I have tried really helps. I really appreciate all the work the developers have put into BOX but I find myself wishing for a return to how spotting use to be prior the major update. One thing that is also slightly concerning is that Multiplayer numbers definitely seem to be down recently. Edit: I know the developers don't currently have time to look at this issue but I really hope that they take a second look in the near future.
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