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  1. Another Friday night and more missions to fly. Thanks very much to @[CPT]milopugdog @[N.O.G.F]Leon_Portier and friends for popping on Discord to say hello. Thanks also to AikidoMike79 for providing cover. Hope to see you all again soon.
  2. The Soviets were sorely outnumbered when we arrived on Finnish VirtualPilots last night. @6./ZG26_Gielowwas flying somewhere over Brazil, @6./ZG26_Klaus_Mann was preparing his sea-legs and @6./ZG26_5tukawas soon to travel to work, so @6./ZG26_Loke, @6./ZG26_Saker andCustard decided to strike fear into the Luftwaffe and take the fight directly to them, in the guise of fearsome soviet women! The Mid-afternoon Witches took to the skies!
  3. The Luftwaffe when the Mk XIV turns up.
  4. Yep, we are also still Recruiting.
  5. There is always an open invitation for folks to come and have a fly with us. We normally gather on Fridays Here:- Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War- around 19:30- 20:00 GMT. We have TS, Discord and use SRS in-game, so just give any of us a nudge and we can sort you out details for joining our Comms Edit: When we are not flying we have other interests too! We still love our 110's!
  6. They appear to be bad at creating aerodynamic loss/drag not killing engines, pilots or knocking wings off. I'm not sure what real world (or simulated) data could be used to assess scientifically, what level of drag or loss of speed would be created by a dozen holes spread across a wing surface I'm sure there is a method out there. I'm not sure what mix the pilots were using? was it Incendiary M1 mixed with M1 or M8 because by 1944 the M8 seemed overwhelmingly to be the standard load out. Compared to what? I have never flown in a WWII aircraft being shot up by HE o
  7. There have been numerous posts claiming that the M2 .50 cal is completely useless (many of those posts have now been deleted) that is half the problem. The complaints have been spread across the forum in multiple threads and most have been unhelpful, ridiculous or abusive. People are still posting video stating that the 50's are complete garbage. I posted mine in order to play adovcatus diaboli. I'm fully aware of what the intent is. However, disparity between HE and AP is something that has occurred before. People were complaining that AP was far too efficient and HE was borke
  8. No, because API isn't modeled. We should probably expect something more like this.
  9. The internals were shredded and the engine and other systems were damaged , and not let's not forget not every round struck the target but the G-14 in all instances was knocked out in fairly short order. If you are so inclined you can download the tracks and check through them yourself .
  10. I understand perfectly well. Unfortunately this complaint has been spread across so many sections of the forum that it's ranged from the .50 cals are utterly useless and completely ineffective to the .50 cal AP have absolutely no determinable effect on aerodynamics/drag. People are free to download the tracks above and come to their own conclusions.
  11. What do you make of these videos? If you would like the tracks I have posted a link here: -
  12. Testing tracks for the .50 cal Here are are a short series of tracks with P-47 AI firing at a G-14. It doesn't show the tech tips and info in the video but almost immediately that the G-14 is hit systems internal damage is taking place. For those interested the tracks are here :- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Lmjni-7SQvbFPUxydwM0upRXVKT0iRSv/view?usp=sharing You are free to make your own minds up from the videos posted here.
  13. When reviewing gun camera footage or reading pilot anecdotes, they are not always the best source of information or scientific study. However, when reviewing the hundreds of gun camera footage videos fitted to American aircraft from 1944/45 that are available online, one of the most observable situations that happens is fire, lots of fire, with ammunition explosions and more fires. I think it's important to ask the question and to understand why that by 1944 most United States aircraft were loaded almost exclusively with API, if standard AP was so effective? I can understand why people w
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