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  1. There has been no official confirmation of what will be next, after Normandy as of yet.
  2. He really doesn't. We have been flying online as a group for 5 years with most of our pilots flying in IL2 from day one. The best events that we have flown in to date were the in the very early days of the original Friday night bomber flights. This had mass formations of human controlled bombers. He is not referring to organised events. You rarely see massed formations of bombers in public servers. It doesn't help that many of the public servers are set up in such a way that they end up being extremely fighter friendly. Is this because you cannot get mass formations of bombers with human pilots? Flown in it multiply times. No Thad, it points to the fact I fly with a group of human players on comms. It is much more of a fun experience than flying against AI. I want a challenge but there is nothing egotistical about flying 30 plus minutes to a target in a Ju 87 and your escort left you after 10 minutes, only to be shot down by hordes of fighters. I want to do everything I can to avoid enemy contact. I'll leave the ego to the fighter jocks. Amen to that.
  3. Thad, it has nothing to do with ego, the squad I'm in get little enjoyment from flying fighters. One of the rewards from flying bombers is that most of the time the ground pounders are the ones winning the maps in MP.
  4. Most servers end up being fighter centric. It is rare these days (but not impossible) to see mass bomber formations and if you are just randomly flying on servers that don't have organised events it can be difficult to find fighter jocks who will willing escort you to the target and back without them getting bored half way through and flying off to do something else. Even the famous Friday night bomber flights which originally promoted bombers and bombing missions ended up as somewhat of a a fighter pilots playground. I remember some of the very first missions we flew were in formation with 10 to 15 He 111's and it was amazing.
  5. Malta. Great aircraft set, carriers, naval combat. Also adding Italian faction. One the most strategically important battles in the MTO.
  6. I think that a crumb of comfort (albeit a cold one for some) is that two issues that have bugged the community have been or will be addressed, Spotting and G-modelling. It would be very disingenuous to say that we have silent developers who don't listen and never reply, particularly when we have a whole host of updates and improvements and 260 Developer Diaries. Being a customer, I also feel frustrated at times when a particular aspect of the project seems wrong and you feel as though your issues are being ignored. Having said that, I try to look objectively at what is going on. I am not a software engineer or a project manager so I don't know what sort of challenges and difficulties are faced when adding changes to say, something like damage modelling and what fundamental effects that will have on the project overall. I would assume you change one thing you can effect many other variables along the way. I think posting endless comments of things like " we need learn to aim" and constant berating can be as counter productive as silence from the developers. Because after awhile some will see this as just toxic individuals s**t posting, even if their issue is a valid one.
  7. I should have rephrased what I typed originally. There is an incredible level of technical skill involved in producing this kind of "art", perhaps without a true artist flair.
  8. Why don't you incorporate his machine into your paintings and see what you can achieve? If you don't want to do that you could have a read of this? https://medium.com/@joshgans/10-reasons-to-doubt-tims-vermeer-c183bb3ce7a2
  9. Take a photograph and paint it to an exacting standard. When you can fool the viewer with a painting to think its real you are a very good artist.
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