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  1. It's a complex issue but the clue is in in the name "National socialism" as to why some historians have opined the view rightly (or wrongly) that they were "socialists" on a national level with the solidarity of the volk and state replacing the international solidarity of the workers. The differences between far right or far left ideology can be paper thin at times. Edit: On that note, I'm dropping out because we are way off topic. I think the faux symbol should be removed and the tail left blank
  2. https://www.flighthelmet.com/product/25125.html
  3. Major Cain had his trousers blown off but still managed to win the VC.
  4. I really enjoyed the single player campaign missions in COD 4 MW for 2004. For me, this title really was the pinnacle of the series and after this its was pretty much a downward slide All Ghillied Up was an amazing section of the game. I really hope they don't The YPJ has had lots of support from the west, saying that, they are reported to have or have had links to the Kurdistan Workers' Party and other Communist organisations which many countries including the USA have designated as a terrorist group. Unfortunately it seems to have crept into most things (film , television and entertainment) theses days mate.
  5. I'm Your Huckleberry For me, probably Val Kilmer's best role. Two hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money. We're gonna have to earn it. Blood Fountain Quite an experience to live in fear, isn’t it? That’s what it is to be a slave. I drink your milkshake. Daniel Day Lewis created one of the most hideous human beings in cinema history, in a tour de force performance.
  6. Add some throttle or check video I posted above.
  7. Hi folks just a short video showing engine start-up with and without assists. Hopefully some of you will find it of use.
  8. You have to watch the gas temperatures very carefully if the aircraft is not fitted with the fuel regulating value. Very small throttle increases until you get within a decent gas temperature range. Too much input on restart and the engines will just catch on fire.
  9. No, if you look in the key binding settings you will see an option for ignition switch in engine section (I think default is Shift E?) set it to whatever your preference is and if the engine flame outs, hold the ignition switch and the engines will hopefully restart.
  10. If you have a flame out, hit the ignition switches and the engines will hopefully restart
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