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  1. Oh boy, Alex kurtzman and his crew have been very busy. It's not the first time that he's been accused of copyright theft and plagiarism. Edit: Picard has fallen very very far from the glory days of Trek. It's just another sci-fi show and a poor one. It's something we are clearly not going to agree on so I hope you continue to enjoy Picard 😉
  2. It really isn't, Alex kurtzman and Co are becoming renowned for their plagiarisation. I'm sure they would call it a homage. "I'm commander Shepard and this is my favourite plagiarisation in the galaxy"
  3. Everything. It plays about with Canon, it's dystopian and wants us to believe that the values instilled by the federation over the other shows are not worth diddly-squat. The writing is diabolical. We have to suspend disbelief and accept that "United Federation of Planets" has become isolationist and is run by a bunch of swearing arse holes. We also have to suspend disbelief that the Romulan Star" Empire" which is huge, needs federation ships to evacuate Romulan refugees. They have introduced borg beaming technology that would make them unstoppable. It continually emasculates all the male characters including Picard. We have the "mysterious" Commodore Oh wearing shades just to let us know she is "mysterious" because Vulcans and Romulans don't need to wear sunglasses because of their Planets harsh conditions. The list goes on and on. Edit. It's a long video but I find red letter media breakdowns more entertaining than the Picard show and I've seen all Picard episodes to date.
  4. I've grown up watching Star Trek the original series, next generation and Deep Space Nine are the Pinnacle. I will most certainly be watching these. Picard isn't Star Trek, so I wouldn't recommend watching that. Farscape is worth a watch as is Firefly. I'm currently trawling through Fraser's 11 Seasons. Also probably watch the complete collection of Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes.
  5. We all have to be cautious and sensibly but we also have to look at things with some perspective. In 2017 approximately 80, 000 people in the USA died from flu. in 2015 29,000 people died of flu in the UK. Annual deaths from flu worldwide are estimated to be anywhere between 290,000 to 650,000 deaths that are recorded. The number is probably higher than this. COVID-19 is clearly a very serious virus and we won't know what the long term effects will be. One thing is for sure though, it is a huge economy smasher. Added to this the mass panic buying, stripping of supermarkets and lack of toilet roll is beyond believe. unfortunately, this has been fueled to a large degree by the mass media. In the meantime, I hope that we can look out for one another and try to keep calm and carry on. Edit: I have turned the news feeds off because its just been 24 - 7 for the last 2 weeks
  6. Not the "entire“ conning tower look at the picture you posted
  7. What's with all the over stylised oversized emblems emblazoned on all the U-boat conning towers?! "We are the bad guys" "No, we really are the bad guys!" "Eye of Sauron" "Big bad Wolf" Hollywood at it's best.......... That's better
  8. Probably already seen this mate? http://www.littlewars.se/spanish/dragoons.html
  9. That is pretty much what all the aircraft look like after I have finished flying them! 😉
  10. It's always a pleasure to see the sim being constantly worked on and improved. The soviet pilot looks fantastic but I'll just leave this here hopeful that the developers will be able to give us those pesky night witches at some point in the near future.
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