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  1. @Oyster_KAI Thanks for the wonderful work on the cockpits but I think I may have found an issue in with the G-14 cockpit. If you do not select the Fug-16ZY modification you do not see a hole in the instrument panel. Modded version Un-modded version
  2. Hi mate, I'm at work at the moment but when I'm home I'll send you our TS detail and we can sort out a flight night.
  3. I have to say that some of the comments that have appeared on this forum particularly over the last few months have been absolutely appalling. We clearly have a very dedicated producer and development team who are trying to do the best for everyone in difficult, unprecedented circumstances. The level of vitriol and self entitlement from some in this forum is off the scale. The team doesn't have the the resources or staff levels of a company like Microsoft or any of the big multi-billion dollar software developers, but one thing that the developers have proved time and time again is they will strive to sort out all problems. They are extremely hard-working and I know they want the best for the whole community. As for the testing team, I can say without hesitation that they are an extremely dedicated bunch and none of them have their own agendas, whatever some may believe. I've been gaming for around 40 years and I have to say I don't think I've ever come across a better producer or development team then the folks working on this project.
  4. That is not entirely true. Many AMD users use 3rd party drivers as the official ones can be problematic with some games.
  5. I'm quoting you because I wasn't sure if the above statement was a generalisation or you were specifically replying to a point made ? If it was general reply to my first post on the thread then I did not say cannons shouldn't be heard I said that I didn't think that the sounds were realistic. I said wing mounted 50 cals couldn't be heard.
  6. I'm sure when firing cannons you would most certainly hear something and feel the vibration but I don't think it would be the sort of "rat tat tat" sound that we hear in game. As for wing mounted guns we shouldn't hear them at all. Originally the gun sounds were much lower in the game but eventually we're made louder. I understand that folks want that "special effects" sound but I personally would prefer a more subdued sound.
  7. Why anyone wouldn't want to fly the Hurricane is beyond me?
  8. I mentioned this before but my absolute favourite mission in the COD series is "All Ghillied Up" and I personally think that the first Modern Warfare has yet to be beaten in the series.
  9. Neither to be honest. talking to WWII pilot Joe Peterburs, he stated that the only thing heard from the cockpit was an extremely loud engine noise that drowned out everything else This was the case when firing all the guns on his P-51. Impacts from enemy fire were also never heard but larger rounds hitting did cause vibration though the airframe.
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