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  1. 6./ZG26_Custard

    Alternative for Pacific Theatre after Bodenplatte

    I'd love to see the siege of Malta but I'm with Trooper, I think it will be Korea. Even the Shermans and T-34's could be ported over to the Korean conflict.
  2. 6./ZG26_Custard

    What was your first combat flight sim?

    Aviator by acornsoft, 1983. Created by Geoff Crammond . He was responsible for such classics as stunt car racer and the Grand Prix series. It was a spitfire simulator where you have to shoot down aliens. Ah those heady early days.
  3. 6./ZG26_Custard

    Bf-109 Defensive fight

    It does work against human opponents "if" they tend to follow you into the manoeuvre, of course the problem is experienced "human" pilots get wise to it. It doesn't matter how good AI gets you can't beat unpredictable human pilots.
  4. 6./ZG26_Custard

    Bf-109 Defensive fight

    If you get the spiral climb "just" right you will see that little Yak desperately trying to keep up with you and at the last moment has his nose drops you dive on and fill him full of cannon rounds.
  5. 6./ZG26_Custard

    Bf-109 Defensive fight

    Spiral climb.
  6. 6./ZG26_Custard

    DD today?

    I surrender!
  7. 6./ZG26_Custard

    Hype about ME262

    There will be more salt when the 51's get shot down by the Dora's protecting the airfields
  8. 6./ZG26_Custard

    DD today?

    2 hours,be sure.
  9. 6./ZG26_Custard

    Bodenplatte defense of the reich and bombers

    I can imagine the scenario, dumbed down flight models and AI to allow hoards of heavies to blot out the sun. The aftermath of that would likely be 15 pages of thread, telling us just how terrible it is that the FM is dumbed down and the AI is non-existent. I for one will be very happy if we end up with a flyable B-25. Saying that, a mosquito would be good too
  10. 6./ZG26_Custard

    American and British Voice "Actors" Needed ASAP!!

    @Jason_Williams Hi Jason, I have almost finished the audio recordings (For British). I'll send you a google link, hopefully tomorrow if that is convenient? Edit: All done, I have sent you a PM with a download link. Its weird listening to your own voice when recorded, I must say.
  11. 6./ZG26_Custard

    Graphic settings

    Or Korea?
  12. 6./ZG26_Custard

    rendering 50 bombers

    Again, resources money time and multiple AI operating at once. Tail gunner, top turret gunner, ball turret, 2 waist gunners, pilot, co pilot. Multiply that by 50. Engine management x4 multiply that by 50. I suppose if everyone had a Cray at home it would be easy to model all these complexities. I'm not sure if you seem to think that this is all rather easy to achieve? If so, then you have set you expectations rather high. If it was an easy thing to do it would of already been done.
  13. 6./ZG26_Custard

    rendering 50 bombers

    It's all been said before but, "resources, time and money." Furthermore, say you wanted to accurately model a B-24 you would need AI for 11 crew members. Then you would have to model turret technology etc. If you wanted 50 bombers that means you would have 550 independent AI working all at once and that is just for the crew. If it was an easy fix to introduce heavies into GB, I think the developers would have done it long ago.
  14. 6./ZG26_Custard

    DD today?

  15. 6./ZG26_Custard

    Stay alive in multiplayer

    You could always listen to Barry and the boys