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  1. 6./ZG26_Custard

    Developer Diary 208 - Discussion

    That pilot model......
  2. 6./ZG26_Custard

    Would You Purchase?

    Spotter or medical evacuation would be great, I tend to agree though I'm not hopeful we'll see it. Meanwhile, we can watch Hermann Göring's stunt double take off in one.
  3. 6./ZG26_Custard

    Would You Purchase?

    The aircraft can land on a proverbial postage stamp and the landing gear has very large shocks, combine that with a low airspeed and less drag from smaller wheels, the tinny wheels worked fine. That, or they had a couple of wheel barrows going spare when they built it.
  4. 6./ZG26_Custard

    Would You Purchase?

    It's be said before but I'll say it again, I'm amazed that we still haven't see one of these in the series. Over 3000 flew on the eastern front alone. I really hope that at some point, we receive what in my view is an essential aircraft for Great Battles. It would be great to fly a 156 too, but one can dream.
  5. 6./ZG26_Custard

    American and British Voice "Actors" Needed ASAP!!

    Englishman here, London born. it seems that nearly all of the recordings of pilots from WWII RAF that I've heard speak with *pronounced" accents there are of course exceptions, but even commonwealth pilots and crew seemed to be extremely well spoken.
  6. 6./ZG26_Custard

    6./ZG26 Recruiting

    A very warm welcome to our new recruit 6./ZG26_BlueBunny.
  7. 6./ZG26_Custard

    Developer Diary 206 - Discussion

    I think it was interesting to note that in the last DD it was mentioned that tech will be available regarding damage to buildings: "Today we present you the almost final look of these buildings and later we'll show you the new tech we'll be using to simulate their partial destruction. Nearly all the latest tech available in our project have been used to create them" I'm not sure if this applies just to Tank Crews or all the modules. Looking at Stalingrad map, one can only assume that damage will be evident on the BOBP map? Could this mean that cities and towns will be damaged by bombing?
  8. 6./ZG26_Custard

    Looking for blue groundpounders (TAW)

    Give these chaps a try, maybe a better option for your time zone
  9. 6./ZG26_Custard

    6./ZG26 Recruiting

    Some online 111 shenanigans with Emil and I from a couple of years back.
  10. 6./ZG26_Custard

    Developer Diary 205 - Discussion

    Here we see the youthful looking 20 year old Soviet pilot Alexei preparing for his next mission. Maybe his likeness will be used as the new soviet pilot model in the future?
  11. 6./ZG26_Custard

    6./ZG26 Recruiting

    I ask myself that all the time, I'm usually reaching for a beer or other beverage thinking it'll be fine
  12. 6./ZG26_Custard

    Looking for blue groundpounders (TAW)

    Hi Bluebunny, we fly almost all ground pounders but predominantly LW, if you would like to have a fly with us sometime just PM me and I'll send you our TS details. You can find us on the fourm here.
  13. 6./ZG26_Custard

    Developer Diary 205 - Discussion

    Looks like 007 is suiting up to fly the P-51?
  14. 6./ZG26_Custard

    737-800 Crash Landing in Water in Micronesia

    Roll on de privatization of dem dey BBC
  15. 6./ZG26_Custard

    Developer Diary 205 - Discussion

    At last.......Oxygen masks! Everything else is wonderful too ;)