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  1. Most pilots didn't even see the aircraft that shot them down. I think that there is sometimes a misconception that long protracted "balletic" air to air duels took place in WWII. In reality it was normally the pilot who had the best eyesight or more luck than the poor soul that fell to their guns. We have to remember that many of our "top" sim pilots would not have made it very far in WWII because the real pilots had just one life, lose it and that was it. Most pilots were "very" cautious and many flew dozens of sorties where they saw no action. Sim pilots do not in any real way accurately represent those brave individuals in WWII. They can constantly respawn for one thing. I think the G modelling is about the best we are going to get with the current technology. I know that a massive amount of research and work went into it. I have always wanted the most realistic experience possible when it comes to flight sims. The rub is that the only way we will ever get something that is 100% realistic or accurate is if we went back in time machine and found ourselves strapped into a WWII aircraft probably moments before getting shot.
  2. That train is definitely going to be late...... permanently.
  3. I'm going to stick my neck out and say the Hurricane is by far my favourite collectiors plane. A superb job from all concerned. Many thanks to the team.
  4. Welcome back Log onto your account here: https://il2sturmovik.com/ You can view your license keys in your account and you can also download the software to install the game here. If you have forgotten your account login etc you will have to contact customer support . https://il2sturmovik.com/support/request/nologin/
  5. Gentlemen start your engines! A very warm welcome to our newest member 6./ZG26_Saker
  6. Hi Leifr, you would be most welcome. We tend to get together on a Friday to fly on the Finnish server, we can sort out some other days too. I'll send you our TS details over PM and we can have a chat and sort out some flights. Best regards Custard
  7. It is probable that most of the Hurricane aircraft that the soviets received were very tired and had been used heavily previously. Quality of fuel may have also been an issue. Added to the Soviet doctrine of kicking the tires, lighting the the fires and away you go, one would assume that running them into the ground wouldn't take very long at all. Many Soviet pilots didn't think much of Spitfires either, whilst the RAF seemed to get on with them just fine. The Spitfire always gets the glory but the real workhorse during the Battle of Britain was the Hurricane. This is one old girl that I have waited years for. Not the best looking or particularly a high performance aircraft but historically very important one.
  8. Hi Folks, Like many squads, we have been around for a while now and also like many squads, we've had squad members come and go. We started out as a UK-based squad but over the years we have had members from Brazil, America and from the European Union. Many of our initial squad members came from JG 5 and others came from other online squadrons. We have predominantly flown ground attack in Great Battles for 5 plus years and most of those missions would be in the Bf-110, however, we have never been adverse to flying allied or different aircraft types, particularly if the numbers online are not balanced. Inevitably, over the years, people move onto different things, and also a number of our younger members grow up and move forward into the workplace so we have now found ourselves flying online with diminishing numbers in our squad. Moving forward, we would like to try and rebuild our squad numbers again, particularly with the Me 410 and the Mosquito just around the corner (well, next year ) Regardless of that, we would also like to propose an open invitation to anyone who would be interested in online squad flying. Experience isn't necessary and if you need to know the basics, we would be happy to help. If, however you not been interested in joining a squad until now or are unsure but would just like to give flying online a go, why not give it a try? For public servers we tend to try and get together on a Friday evening regularly on the Finnish VirtualPilots server at around 20:00 UK time or sometimes a little earlier and again, you would be welcome to come and have a fly with us. We have our own TS server that we use for our squad predominantly, but we would also be happy to use SRS. This is also an open invitation to other bomber squads or ground attack squads that will sometimes lack the numbers online to do some organised ground pounding or bomber flights flying on public servers. So, if you have a passion for flying group attack or bomber missions and would like to fly as a larger group, let us know in the comments below or PM me for details of joining our TS server etc. I'll see you in the skies but to be honest you will probably see me in your gun sight. Best Regards Custard
  9. I think what is important to consider is that modern pilots have a much better training system for withstanding G than the average WWII pilot. Adding to this lifestyle in the 1940 was different to what it's like in the 21st century. Many pilots smoked and drank and you would also have war stress and lack of sleep etc, particularly for late war German pilots. After having tested the new model for a number of days now I would have to say that this is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive and complex G modelling systems that has been undertaken for any flight sim to date. Many thanks to @AnPetrovich for his incredibly hard work on this.
  10. Call it what you will, we are just going round in circles once again. We have had World War II pilots (a primary source) on video state of they can take out tiger tanks by bouncing 50 cals underneath, do we believe that this is possible ? To clarify my position "once again" , unless API is modelled correctly or the developers revisit the DM we have nothing but 16 pages of back and forth.
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