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  1. In the book The Ace Factor: Air Combat and the Role of Situational Awareness (1988) the author (Mike Spick) produced a chart for average spotting distances for pilots over the western front. Biplane, head on – range 1 to 2 miles Aircraft Banking – 2 to 4 miles Dogfight or a formation 4 -6 miles This was also dependent on weather/atmospheric conditions and the time of day etc.
  2. Unfortunately, alt visibility will in large part kill off bomber missions and reduce online play to "no tactics" furballs," it's already happening. And this is the problem, it seems resolution and hardware dependent. Ditto Ditto
  3. When it come to naval art, I really like Geoff Hunt.
  4. It maybe not what you are after, but unfortunately it is what we are getting. The problem is user experience . It's approximately a 50% split it at the moment. Standard visibility for some is great for others it's awful and vice versa. As you said, I hope there is some resolution to this in the near future. Edit: I don't envy server admins.
  5. It's because for some players it isn't better. In fact it's a whole lot worse and herein lies the problem. Alternate visibility is terrible on my setup. If it was better I'd use it. This is not about realism/or lack of, it seems to be about what setup/resolution and hardware is being used. This issue is causing divisions within our online community when we least need it. I don't think anyone "asked" for it but it now is possible to see targets from very unrealistic distances. I was flying on a WWI server the other day and the aircraft looked absolutely huge from a distance. This isn't making the game better, its making it worse for around 50% of the user base. Yes, it really is super easy to spot not only fighters but bombers now. They can be seen from an extreme distance. This will discourage an awful lot of casual bomber and ground attack pilots and we are ending up with mass furballs in the center of the map. I have already seen it happen, multiply times. I genuinely hope so.
  6. I can respond how I like, just like you can. I really don't see why you had to drag my comment out of a locked thread to be honest, as I'm not "spoiling the party" in this one. I have seen the "feelings" effect so many times in flight sims when something new is introduced. We can appreciate that there are many studies and video's showing modern day pilots taking excessive G but I have also seen them panic pulling 2 G (In the video I posted) and others G-LOC at 5. I had a good read of what the Lead Engineer (Andrey “Petrovich” Solomykin) said about Pilot Physiology and it makes for an interesting read. I'm sure you have read it. It seems that the research into programming it has been fairly in-depth. For those that haven't read it here is a link Edit: I also forgot to add that studies have shown some individuals can resist the effects of high G better than others and this is true even for super-fit modern day pilots.
  7. I'm not sure if this will be of use but it is from War Office Subsidy Trials, from April 1914. Edit: A Leyland is mentioned and it seems like the vehicles weighed up to 4 tons 10 cwt (gross) with a load of 3 tons and could reach a speed of about 16 mph.
  8. This is my main concern, we are probably going to end up with another situation like the spotting debacle. Pilot physiology is introduced, suddenly our online pilots are not getting the amount of kills that they used to, they also can't pull off highly unrealistic manoeuvres any more without an adverse effect taking place. The dev's will/could feel pressure to change something and some people will be happy and some people won't. If the developers have to revisit functions and features this will most likely slow things down, I'm fairly sure they probably don't have the time. IRL studies have shown that some individuals can tolerate G-Force better than others and there are many videos out there showing modern day pilots taking excessive amounts of G. There are of course other videos where pilots really do genuinely look like they're struggling at around 5 and one guy in this video starts panicking at 2 G I like the system very much, you have to think much more about how you fly. I'm really not that great of a virtual pilot but I am really enjoying the challenge the current system brings. It certainly brings a whole new dynamic to multiplayer. I genuinely don't know how accurate it is is because I've never flown at high speed or in combat in a WWII aircraft. As others pointed out, there is an "off" switch.
  9. I'll be honest, I think that both setting use scaling but using standard visibility on my setup is just so much better. If alternate visibility was the better option I'd use it all the time. This is where the problem is we are getting different results with what display or hardware we are using. As are you
  10. Reading through this thread clearly shows what a divisive issue the new alternative spotting has become. I am fully aware that there are real world studies available not only from WWII but also modern-day high-tech programs being developed regarding aircraft visual acquisition and identification. That is all great but unfortunately, we are not dealing with a real-world issue but a PC gaming one. The crux of it is the very different experience players are reporting with the different visibility settings. It seems we may have established that display resolution settings or the hardware being used seems to be the main cause of the varied user experience but I cannot be certain. On my setup I have been using a high-resolution monitor (3840 x 2160) and all graphics settings on maximum. Prior to the major update aircraft visibility past 10 km seemed impossible (on my system anyway). However, I didn’t notice disappearing aircraft at closer range. The zoom function worked as intended (to make up for 2D monitor deficiencies that the human eye doesn’t have). Alternative visibly Display setting: (3840 x 2160) With alternative visibly on my experience changed dramatically. I could spot 109’s from 40 Km away, they looked huge, I wasn’t keen on that at all. Unfortunately, what was worse is the aircraft got smaller the closer they got so I’m thinking WFT? When the aircraft got to around the 7-5 km mark, I also noticed them “disappearing” or they were getting so small I couldn’t see them. To compensate for this this by using zoom was completely useless as it was now inverted. I have tried various resolution settings on my monitor (2560 x 1440 -no good) and by turning down the resolution to 1920 x 1080 the alternative visibility is bearable. The aircraft still look huge at a long distance (Which I hate) but they scale much better as the approach. Also, zoom seems to work better. Standard visibility Display setting: (3840 x 2160) With this setting the 10 km bubble is gone and I can spot aircraft at much longer distance, 15-20 km. They also do not look out of scale. As aircraft approach they do not get smaller and I haven’t noticed them “disappear.” Turning my monitor down to lower resolution, 2560 x 1440 cause no issues. When set to (1920 x 1080) it does make spotting a little more challenging but the aircraft scale correctly and don’t “disappear.” In summary, standard visibly is miles better for me on my system. This is of course where we have a problem, user experience. From reading the forums, some VR users seem to have benefited greatly from using the new setting, this also seems the case for those using a lower resolution display. #not-all I genuinely hope that when time is available the devs will be able to look into this situation. This is very frustrating and unfortunately it has and will cause a divide in multiplayer. I really do not envy the server admins right now because whatever settings they use they are going to lose players from the server.
  11. looks like roughly a 5% difference at the moment. This is going to end up causing a split between the community (its already started) not because of elite settings or realism settings. The problem we have is that we are getting very different experiences on different setups. VR users seem to have benefited greatly, possibly because of the scaling and lower resolution? Players running lower resolutions seem to like the new setting also. A fair few players with higher resolution monitors or different settings/GPU's (myself included ) can't stand the alternative visibility. From a distance contacts look like the Goodyear blimp but at closer ranges the contacts get smaller or disappear. When trying to compensate for this by using zoom it only make it far worse because of the inverted effect. It seems as though the lower resolution the more you see. If I turn my monitor to low resolution it alleviates the problem to some degree (hardly a solution) by running my monitor at half or lower than its default resolution settings. What is rather ironic is that before alternative visibility was enable in the current build again spotting had definitely improved with no more 10 km bubble. It seems as though we have opened a bit of a Pandora's box which is going to be difficult to overcome because of the widely varying player experiences.
  12. Hello and welcome to MP. If you are into flying fighters , I would recommend defending ground targets to start with because at some point you are going to see action over the target. Look out for flak so you can zero in on incoming aircraft. It also gives you a smaller area to patrol. If you are into ground pounding, don't worry because it won't be very long before enemy aircraft find you. Personally speaking, I would definitely consider joining a squad at some point, as it really does make the multiplayer experience a lot more fun and interesting. Check out this section here. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/17-virtual-squadrons/
  13. Thanks for the suggestion but I have already tried that. Its very odd because I've never had the same issue on other servers.
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